Your excuses are invalid #11

Your excuses are invalid #11
your excuses are invalid Michael Kalisperas find your voice podcast aren deu excuses

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Find your voice – Episode 11 – My Little Spartan – Michael V Kalisperas #11

Tagline: “Unleash your inner spartan…”



Firstly, I need to apologise. As with all things this was a teething issue I had no back up plan for, at the time. The sound quality on my end was very poor as we had to switch platforms. But in true spartan fashion we kept going. In fact, you can clearly understand the main star of the show, Michael so the episode is worth it just for that. I sound like I’m underwater but I guess that makes some light entertainment, and difference for the regular listeners.

Back to the topic

Michael Kalisperas life turned upside when his son was hit with a number of health conditions. What made things even worse, was that these complications arose due to the neglect of a midwife. Sadly his beautiful son’s life had changed and was never going to be ‘easy’. This as expected would then have a knock on effect to Michael and his family.

However, determined to not let this get him down, Michael continued to take action. He ensured his excuses were a thing of the past. Michael therefore changed his perspective.

Perspective shift

Michael knew the stuff he considered hard, or challenging were insignificant compared to the battles his son was facing. In fact, even Michael’s daughter faced harder daily challenges due to her disabilities. As a result of this, it gave Michael the boost to he ensure he crushed his goals.

Swiftly, Michael became a successful property investor. But then ventured out to becoming an author all whilst being an incredible father. In fact I actually recall the first time I heard Michaels story.

I remember it like it was yesterday

It wa sme who reached out personally to Michael, on route to a football match a few years ago. The reason I recall this moment, was because I had to sit in silence all the way to the football pitch. I didn’t want the episode to end before I could miss out on hearing Michaels details.

I needed these details to contact him. If your anything like me, If I had let it play and a new episode had come on, I knew I would have forgot. That’s why I remember it like it was yesterday. As soon as I had parked, I had about 5 minutes to spare, and I un-paused the podcast. I took down Michael’s information and sent him a message. I wanted to thank him for sharing his story and for inspiring me. At that moment I knew my excuses were invalid. It was also that moment that sprung to my head when I first designed this show. I knew he was perfect for the Find Your Voice Podcast.

I urge you all to listen to Michaels story.

Follow his journey too as his a genuinely authentic, likeable guy.

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