Why you should never feel ashamed of mental health #38

Why you should never feel ashamed of mental health #38

“The girl who lived” #37 by El Formosa

mental health and shame find your voice podcast

Tagline: “Break the stigma”. El Formosa discusses Why you should never feel ashamed of mental health. An episode of someone who continues to try to break the stigma daily. Her Instagram is definitely one of hope, honesty & vulnerability.

El Formosa, is an incredibly beautiful soul. A proud mother, a blogger, a mental health advocate and a writer. She speaks her truth and opens up to all her vulnerabilities of the adversities she suffers. Having tragically seen her nan and best friend die from cancer, El has had her fair share of struggles and pain throughout her life. Also, due to something out of her control she also found herself diving deep into anxiety which led to depression and ill mental health.

Now trying to break the stigma, and overcome the dark side to anxiety, El shares her story. This is an honest raw account. Her vulnerable story discusses her overcoming the shame she initially had attached to anxiety. She also speaks about what she believes people can do if they are ever struggling. Furthermore, she kindly opens herself up to speak with anyone who may need someone to talk too.

I can describe El in a few words, that all give you a warm feeling: Kind, vulnerable, honest and thought provoking.

Key talking points in this episode:

  1. Overcoming shame of mental health
  2. Dealing with the adversity of death
  3. Finding your passion and voice through your own medium
  4. What to do when you are going through anxiety
  5. The fear of relapsing with mental health

I sincerely hope this episode provides you genuine value. I also urge you to follow El’s journey if it resonated with you, or if you enjoyed this.

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