Why you need to unlearn

Why you need to unlearn

Why you need to unlearn. One of the great things with life is, it teaches us wisdom. Now whether we choose to listen to podcasts, read books or learn from those who have walked the path before us, wisdom can immensely help your journey to finding your own voice and achieving your own successes

But half of true wisdom in my eyes is learning to UNLEARN the things that are not true and we have been told throughout the majority of our lives.

So in this short video (if you’re on YouTube) or podcast if you’re listening there, I am going to run through some things we must 100% start to unlearn starting NOW!

1. You Must Stay Happy

This is so dangerous because we are on this constant pursuit of happiness, almost as if there is a time or place where we will only ever experience bliss.

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news and drop a spoiler here but that is not possible.

Also more importantly there’s nothing wrong with you if you feel angry, sad, jealous, anxious or any other emotions other than happy.

Emotions don’t define you.

2. Being Alone Is Same As Being Lonely

Spending time alone is one of the best things you can do for your life and your wellbeing. It will give you time and the environment to plan and reflect on your life.

Don’t miss the solo meetings with yourself and recognise its not the same as loneliness. I have also done a crucial video on how to solve loneliness on the channel if you are experiencing that so check it out. 

3. Your skill set and potential is predetermined

The most important thing I can ever tell you, is that you can achieve and become great at anything you truly want, over a long enough period of time if you are willing to work at it and level up.

So make sure you jump back to some book recommendation videos or check the description for some books that truly changed my life. Carol Dweck mindset, Outwitting the Devil Napoleon hill and breaking the habit of being yourself, Dr Joe dispense!

4. Money Is…

For some of us, we feel money is everything and the answer to all suffering in life.

If only we just had enough than we would be happy and successful..

But then we have the reverse this to this which is, money is the root of all evil. And that intrinsically stops us ever really attracting or striving to earn more.

What I will say is these beliefs need to be unlearned asap. Neither will serve you.

Money will enhance your personality, it will allow you to create more opportunities for you and others and it is only the love of money that is evil.

Please dont think happiness comes with money. Happiness is a state of mind and can be manifested at anytime if you allow yourself to do so.

5. Failure is a bad thing

Growing up failure was the worst word in the world. N

If you fail a test at school, its not the test you failed, its almost like you are the failure yourself.

Failure throughout the rest of your life should be done with the same enthusiasm and awareness that it is a teachable moment to one day help you succeed.

6. Success Is The Finishing Line

The pursuit of success never ends. There are no destinations that you will ever be satisfied with.

As you reach one milestone, your goals and dreams will shift towards another, and then another and then another.

There is nothing wrong with this, but it is dangerous if you do not recognise this.

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So anyway, this thing called success in life.

We must recognise that Life is a journey, a game, and we have control of how we play it. But don’t just fixate your mind on the final level, and miss out all the fun along the way!

The relationships, the adversities you can add to your wisdom, your wins and of course the growth across all your life!

7. Obstacles Ruin Your Life

You dont need me to tell you my views on adversity.

They can be our biggest gifts, our best teachers and builders of traits you cant get from simply reading a book or watching someone else!

8. Listening too everything you’re told

Remember people tell you what they usually think they know. A person speaking with certainty or confidence does not always mean a person speaking facts, or the truth. So sometimes, people can tell you the wrong advice.

Only take advice, from someone you are willing to trade places with, for that particular advice.

Episode on forgiveness:

Episode on forgiveness:

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