Why men should talk mens mental health #66

Why men should talk mens mental health episode by Kev Dillon #66

“Take care of yourselves and more importantly of each other. May your god bless you and if you don’t believe in god, believe in yourself because someone who doesn’t believe in anything, will always be lost”

Kev Dillon

Kev Dillon is one of the greatest human beings I have the pleasure to call my friend. A man refusing to be defied by his disability of only having 7% vision, he spends his waking hours not only battling with his own thoughts and mind, but even more inspiringly he helps others as much as he can.

He is a coach, helping children as young as 7, a loving father and husband and just a genuine soul who refuses to let the adversities life has thrown at him keep him down. A boxing lover, he uses the analogy of getting back up when life hits him and coming back for one more round.

But why Kev came on today, was just as important for me as it was for him. Kev has helped me out of a dark place recently, but he has also helped 100s of others with a new venture he has started. The Black Country Blokes Podcast. Why men should talk, is a huge underlying theme behind this podcast.

Black Country Blokes Podcast

This is something I have the privilege of being a part of, with 2 other amazing guys Lee Cadman and Craig Pinches. But Kevs work on this is second to none. Having found his voice he is now receiving heart felt messages from people all over saying how the episodes have truly changed and helped them so much.

Someone who’s actions match his words and only who ever preaches what he is too willing to do himself. A friend, a brother, a father, a husband, a coach and just an overall great man who is now making a dent in the self-help mental health space with real life experience and raw and honest truths.

The Black Country Podcast links are below and I urge you all to follow these, men and women!

Remember, it should never be a taboo subject to wonder or ask why men should talk. They simply should, just like everyone else in this world.

Thanks for listening

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Pippa Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode of find your voice my name is iron on as always I am the host of the show so we are not eleven months in to find your voice and as the fast Li approaching Christmas I thought it would be really a good time to bring on one of our office as a guest well actually he was office guest an office guest on find your voice was one of my great friends calve Dylan who spoke about living with seven percent vision and having these dreams crushed as a young child and going through adversity and finding himself dealing with also so the motions with which range from anger to frustration to ins I eat to depression and I just thought it would be a great time to bring it on to the show as we are approaching a very kind of beat season now lies in terms of Christmas but at the same time depression a mental house still exist so what we’re gonna do is have a very very quick episode day minutes conversation we’re gonna talk about men’s mental health but more importantly I also want to take this moment to promote the black country blokes podcast so for some of you who follow me over on Instagram you know it’s not all I also share another podcast another passion project of mine the I. D. with calve Dylan and I’m not going to ramble on too much about it right now because of this the cavs gonna without plugin but what I want you to do is if you are a male and you are struggling through these winter months old moving forward into twenty twenty or if you’re a female and you can see the mails around you struggling them please do check out that part cast but we’re gonna try and do is put as many resources as possible within that as many tangible takeaways to really try and help you and make sure that you feel that you’re not alone because we as men we all go through our situations and if you fail what if you see somebody who seems to have it all together I promise you they don’t most of the time it’s always a facade and what we try to do is bring role authentic true true stories and ourselves into everything that we do in the hope that you can see our vulnerabilities and after was a know that you are broken and that you are great within yourself so I’m gonna start rumbling now on the jump straight into this one we all on you cheap as well so please do check this out when you choose a game is an edited I apologize also if there are few dips in the audio because I’m trying to figure out these microphones I’ve got three in front of me now and I’ll get there I would definitely work out how to work out with this technology but for now the message that kept portrays in this episode is absolutely fantastic and I hope you enjoy and if you don’t union until after Christmas I hope you have an amazing Christmas and get everything that you wish for so today I have a very very special episode because as many of you are aware especially those of you who joined us for episode one find your voice I interviewed one of my very very good friends can’t deal and I and I am very grateful to have him here today on what we like to call or Catholic school can’t miss and is actually he’s birthday as well but more importantly will want to bring him on the show a game is because a lot of our listeners have come across recently and some of the older episodes may have gotten lost in translation at the same time I like to believe and I like to think that my interview skills a slightly better we have a best sign system and quality to deliver for you guys so Kevin thank you again for coming on to fund your voice how you doing today I’m saying thank you have so much trouble me on you’re welcome you’re welcome so you always going to be my first guest as I said before I start find your voice nothing is really important to get you on now is we kind of we started the year with your story and I we kind of ended because a lot of stuff is changed in the last twelve months we’ve done a lot of work on one of your podcast which you can explain shortly but just very briefly the last episode if somebody has a dysentery is episode one and cave speaks about his own pace of conditions okay if you could just very briefly just give a recap on the if you wouldn’t mind well on the head coach Nedlands boxing club which simple audio book when I was three years old I add volume enjoys his I need to rich may be employed on complete blood my left early and severely pasta sauce tomorrow it’s only eleven of seventy seven version so when I was growing up it was heartbreaking because of (subscribe to find your voice podcast) (subscribe to find your voice podcast) confirm a boxing found in a little box in what offended (subscribe to find your voice podcast) couldn’t compete it broke my Alton went off the rails and being an old two boys and then when I was eighteen or he wouldn’t coaching (subscribe to find your voice podcast) and even though I caught competing boxing of great so many boxes national champions people books Ringland but still then it was bright Mahal because well it’s Paul rose Beethoven lots of spotting we’ve sort of back off the rails and while Lois was having a bad temper hop phoning drinking over things to of compensation for my map they (subscribe to find your voice podcast) so if I’m a wife and we’ve been given I I II is marked the th all you’ve got little beautiful girl jasmine Dylan and (subscribe to find your voice podcast) die with the missing piece full make an end of of being seeing cancellous freight years and (subscribe to find your voice podcast) and (subscribe to find your voice podcast) P. practitioners and they well the journey started forgetting to what a winning to (subscribe to find your voice podcast) I added an interview with Hoult English on YouTube expanding mile ease in boxing and before then I’d never publicly told verdicts of phone again bullied and teased (subscribe to find your voice podcast) I had a reputation to uphold most of Friday’s can damage it and not give me the courage to talk openly and then briefly this time last year you invoice me on today’s podcast night on a total planned out you still think animal can be ridicule that I can tease me about that intimate active child and it was no fun (subscribe to find your voice podcast) there’s any price (subscribe to find your voice podcast) unnamed me Nick Davies who’s in an LP practitioner in the therapist in awe of coach revolt is going to write as taste in London men tried yeah I’m once again I talked and done with C. F. therapist abatement dream Keenan to regain any circled the whole page and I said what the L. Morgan demonte polities bodhi intellect see that too political yeah and then one of my friends a lot cooled them (subscribe to find your voice podcast) so naively who’s in them a navy submarine coal so listen to podcasts Mrs it was so refreshing to his move my neck of the woods Tolkien and soul what con (subscribe to find your voice podcast) do eight to may (subscribe to find your voice podcast) may cry PNG’s leak Codman and yourself Saudi sprinkled the black country blokes and the black country is apple to the west Midlands (subscribe to find your voice podcast) back in the day (subscribe to find your voice podcast) because so many marines and factories or this going was black from the smoke so that’s what we call the black country a blokes is a term for that man and beast in that district and chewing the fat is discussion so we called the black country blokes chewing the fat and they will start to rip says is I’ve been you this means have you been and when we finish Willis I tore be schoolboy so we’ve even though it’s not just for the black country wanted to be a worldwide thing with kept close to at our own dialect and you touched on this before saying to is what held you back from podcast was Hey you your dialect absolutely I’m see I think that was probably my biggest yeah a moan light limiting belief was my accent some waxing kind of falls into black country because that’s where I was born or so ago will Hampton accent is all I know is like he’s going to want to hear my voice is going to resonate with this and I think the feedback we’ve got from the black country box which is the Augusta you set up not one we get in a lot of people saying it’s nice to have somebody close to home well it’s nice to have somebody’s voice I recognize and I’m not just saying is exclusive to black country blokes but it’s nice to just show that community is all that you know we’re trying to do something positive I must also love for men’s mental health yeah we’ve (subscribe to find your voice podcast) we’ve talked bad mile east totally Codman who’s going to severely pearly daughter of Cartman then I’m Jurai syndrome which had a form that that seems left that brain damage and we’ve done these different still for them please put into Tosun fury and Ricky Hatton from prune of combat with mental illness however it’s not always the most easy to relate to the multi millionaires when these so what we’ve Tony’s get that next I’ve sold mentioned on who’s a therapist talking about life to battling kinds of IT and depression emerges working class heroes and these people it’s remarkable what they’ve been through head I’m much to put the socks on every day he had a can pull the self wife from not Dolph remote call it depression was cry calls at that motel that doll can dingy hotel motel and it’s just our experience is is real people talk about real things absolutely and I just wanna say I’d to that is also it’s been very I think all four of us would probably say in our own way very therapeutic as well for all four of his stuff come in because we’re all firefight and drop the week we’ve all got our own problems as everyone even listen to this house when we come there and we just put it or not there because it’s a safe place is safe for was I would not ring and we just kind of say this is obviously today this is what I’m going through and you feel so much better when you leave that place and I think that’s why when people listen to the episodes and they have people like yourself he’s you know train loads of national champions for example boxing coach at least on some boxing previously as well so you know from the exterior tough guys but she said in an insane yeah you know we can still be tough here but at the same time we struggle with probably the things that you guys struggle with you’re afraid to talk about what a member when we’ll talk with the Nick Davies I’m added a squatter boxes in there from super advised super floodlights they sent what you’ll fall in love the same can hurt can seek spoilers injections flown in this environment yeah we would put you main when it will drop again that ring allies want to beat them all Oahu a withdrawal of the US could get a nice who a withdrawal of the and read this piece of paper in front of everyone I never put the hand soap went so embarrassment can hold us back with something that we all go fruit wave you’ll see always of Lennox Lewis with yours always middle makes we all have the same emotions week we all want to be loft we don’t want to be teases of is a difference between getting conned curry okay how you might be self look like a Blanka too when you troll you best and the fear of being knocked back when you’ve genuinely trying and we’re all the same it is kind of silly and I think it’s also important to know is that so this part because of you started your idea you’ve kind of facilitate it for the men’s mental health and just trying to raise awareness of what it’s like him of how to express come on like Nick I’m available shade Evan abilities of our people come from the army we’ve had other experts in the field also want people to recognize that it’s not just a men’s podcast as well so the ladies of our life I yes is this our wives and mothers I think that is useful episodes within the black country blokes way you can maybe understand why V. all the way we all so sometimes we’ll say stuff for somebody to say something I’m not dot said and on the my wife to listen to that because it explains why my my act a certain way for example because as a mine we have a lot of the stores in a lot of these assumptions that we have to act in a certain way and sometimes it does dust parting on me this heavy that’s heavy on I had is have you on our on our shoulders and just having the flexibility of being I’d say I’m struggling a condo this school and sometimes you just said sometimes it’s easier to talk to a group of run P. is density damn you boy if today and shoot with your daughter having sometimes it’s easy to have a chat with these are the things that you want to say to those people so hopefully if you can listen to you think all that that resonates with me that most assumptions Molly who’s been the most soul and almost fall over and hopefully spring in big cars take not silly and (subscribe to find your voice podcast) just also with the abbot contributes podcast and so we’ve done well done mazing I mean we haven’t really publish much we only started Instagram videos that you this week hello over thousand listens do you’ve had some incredible feedback of people’s lives as changed what kind of what your golden I’ve not moving forward with that the next step is obviously turning kept missing two by calling he spoke about the area yeah but now we just wanted to reach as many people because the season just black control problem or (subscribe to find your voice podcast) in England problem it’s it’s a worldwide event and I’m told if he needs these lost souls event of taking a low eaves and all I would love it if (subscribe to find your voice podcast) this can help people I love these people can listen and go on not alone without a young man who’s come on who is (subscribe to find your voice podcast) groomed as a child yeah attended by his experiences for people who want talk about posttraumatic stress that from the traveling community that people come on and talk about the loss of that the Brotha and we just question service so what ever you will go in for a re someone at that if we can listen to podcasts going used to find help and sometimes if (subscribe to find your voice podcast) if devotional getting is invoice come falling someone beat and they’ll pay case in hypnotherapy whose (subscribe to find your voice podcast) sank you would have you gone to court you have go to the people that help but sometimes the cries form we can do is talking and even more to talking listen could just because you’re hearing something doesn’t mean you’re listening to east that’s all the intro isn’t it yeah I injuries I’ve been yeah this the blackened two blocks to in the fast they say Mendham tool however men all talking the notebook is listening and that attitude is because in my own experience of Troy to re taped in a vast and they’ve turned about chorus model get over it police have together and (subscribe to find your voice podcast) scene if you knock on the door sometimes no announces eventually stop knocking and is so raw we’ve we’ve asking for help don’t have these brush white comments what Mandel build a bridge and get over princess it’s some time to sit down listen if you don’t I dances sometimes you don’t need dancing you just need a friendly (subscribe to find your voice podcast) to talk to somebody just just being a sound board and I’ll say this (subscribe to find your voice podcast) plea on Hey you’ve been an amazing friend for me (subscribe to find your voice podcast) especially we’ve been friends for years but especially the last three or four months when our country dot sometimes you might not give me a solution at the end of it but just know you’re on the end of a phone call or the conversation that’s massively got me through the hardest for months I’ve had in my recent yes self a one fifty six thank you for that but I think the also shows the importance of if you’ve got a friend or you have somebody close to you that you can just listen I’m struggling now (subscribe to find your voice podcast) can I just put you in the wind when you have a support network and you sit back in hindsight you think you know a couple wife of got my good friends buy yourself a couple of family of gum health more right with so hold wintry night of crew and (subscribe to find your voice podcast) seems like depression okay darkroom you walking through a door and it’s tall can be on the dole it’s actually a nice and you still reigned in long here in that whole whose committee and if you look in of top that friend that looks one Sean’s operative for low heat you can call you back in that dot com single word that a bit aloof can bring you back to do and hopefully get a beat if you haven’t got the courage to accept the help that’s what he is this the cruise ship except the help yeah you can state in that the dies weeks and eventually lost in the madness so if you have got that that lonely flowing please have the courage to accept it because turn the day one isn’t strength all I can do is on my own because you need the courage to call made today no no I agree and and not something you do really well with the black country blokes is anyone who’s kind of reached out to the show said you know what you’ve not given me the courage to talk about my story because of head expresses story you just divide among with open arms with the somebody who has a story that’s worth sharing you know the platforms SO if you may feel that you don’t have that one person around you we got four blokes yeah and we don’t always (subscribe to find your voice podcast) ten up but you always there you got at least one to four of us that will always be then hop to listen to your story because the chances are like a cell phone your voice is nobody stories that one day without exclusive like the problems you go three other people are going to miss all the consent perspective so if we can just recognize that your story has power you’ll pay your vest has powers all in just by you Schering that help with the people is all that’s one logical to for the cemex a want to be like the podcast version of the Wu Tang clan yeah yeah you’ve got because some people might relate to may my experiences and that’s when right to you and to lay in a crate searched for different perspectives we’re all full blokes Lafferty’s but with what I different experiences who will bring you in for (subscribe to find your voice podcast) rice religion and live it all these different thing but what we have got he’s with full man who going through the same journey put in different money’s role playing the same game called over slightly different hands absolutely and one thing I actually like his are member office up so that it stays that you boxing gym yeah I was obviously used is quite polite because of this the role just wanted to get to know each other now it’s like if I look at the last two or three episodes sometimes the would just jump in and say well actually I don’t agree with that I’m not to be controversial justice my perspective or Craig was a some fan or all say something and I like that because it’s not just or less a source shot the same opinion you’re gonna get differences of opinions on this as we do in life and not stocks why would be always promote dice roll is authentic listen this is a form people’s opinions I just our opinions of what we’re going through life Optus Bective (subscribe to find your voice podcast) nothing I think that kind of helps to show grow some people see that real just not trying to be somebody that we’re not really is definitely role we filled with the record on the phone yeah you have a little camera not a little stand up on a boxing ring recent freezing and it really is very rule and on east you notice it it most wired in the result nice is just genuine people talking about general things and often it’s because we have no scripts we we sit then it just before the woman took that out and then we will rock and roll from that absolutely and I just wanna critical but then serve right at the start of this be offices told a story and if you want a haircut story and my old full interview techniques on episode one do check out IP you mentioned something not I just want to bring it back up were you saying you’re going through life and I see what you were stressed you were going through there with anger but then when K. came along that was called you missing piece and the reason we’re going out of his you sent me you send me some viewpoints could you poetry as well and you said the letter that we have but now in the process of sending out and within that you wrote something about the feeling that you would be enough for somebody could you just elaborate not done reason why would I say that is because I feel a lot of people may not feel that their enough for their but in a way the if that makes sense well mine because of other than a disability I never full did someone would have won’t make clothes was broken and (subscribe to find your voice podcast) so again relationships and all you are never full they would settle with me as children with me or you want to be with me because I felt broken but the thing is you just want Paul to million left insight on not officially paid man I’m a man who looked to be visually impaired all I’m not just a boxing shocked I’m not just a podcast or not just allowed these are all different parts that Michael the bigger picture because you want just one thing you not just English you not just what if released don’t let one Paul few to fall in the hold of you and then when I when can I come into my life it it’s a filled me all of felt bride eva felt stronger when I was eight no we cannot you know if it’s a step out she held my hand and it was one them things such as like a step coming up cave to someone else it’s it’s no fee no they feel embarrassed because has kept a tight is but she she’s most helpful and she knows what makes me a better man and that’s what yes I’m gonna be upon you could be a best friend it could be whatever brief you can find nothing to feel she is wonderful but when I talked to Nick dive someone of apple custody of Denny said well all we old broken or not a moment’s don’t we feel that we’ve broken that one looks for a big nose one long X. I’m too fat to buy look because I’m too short and we’ll go for his mom’s a bit more exaggerated because of of Melissa voice so it’s more people of tool to count all could relate with that all you didn’t think I was able to find a boyfriend rose confronted go for because all felt ex I’m like mom was as is a bit more exaggerated but we all feel a lot that’s so real she wall great yeah you wall brilliance and never be shine is not arrogant to believe in yourself it’s it’s having that confidence top that call reach tough that confidence of that makes sense confidence is a must we way to show off call reach is having the ability to do it anyway one is a mosque one (subscribe to find your voice podcast) conference is a mask koreje is a sword yes I am for always and I am anxious I am nervous Gardella only to do it anyway absolutely and we’ve got to spoke out on one of our soldiers she’s putting in a combat just after Christmas on the black country blokes I need it made a lot of sense to me because all came home and said to the wife I go I feel like I’m being courageous pretty most of my life because the simplest things will get me anxious and nervous and even though when it comes down to it I can just make out the I’m confident and I’m fine but deep down the simplest things for most people I still struggle with them and also I try to WC sham whatever I can we do the opening on there I love that you just said that but not just one thing and I think we go through society where we’re defined by job titles but defined by how much money we have enough buying cool you know how many jobs have gone on estimate for example your sexuality absolutely if you ski India or use sports on my jock Olona gate on that you can be all of them yeah it doesn’t matter who read always your so many different things not forms you you are not just one single or multiple different things and that’s why you’re so special and brilliant absolutely and there was just one of the thing I try not to betray because I’ve got in my head all wanna say let’s see if I can bring it at night but you mentioned a Cape makes you obviously like about a month and that does run about for me so does the time would you like my coach you helping me box in which was like I said on the face of such as one of the best years of my life I was landing we spent a lot of time to get in on that a lot and was this into (subscribe to find your voice podcast) a podcast this morning at the gym finally enough and he was speaking it was a it was an eye for Toronto (subscribe to find your voice podcast) a basketball player and you say in the coach that he had had Papa profound effect on his life because he wasn’t just a great coach which is what you’ve been in boxing for four me another people he was also a better human being in terms of a person so he’s like he’s coaches goes ahead but as a person he was happy and the person interviewing was like why not because because even with yourself and are you doing the podcast what you do for the people it’s not just let me make you have that box I it’s let me make your Belmont and I love that because you’ve always come to translate that in just got less is that you’ve tried to teach people less is which now I’m great for you bring it on to the park I saw was preached to most people that I had to be stopped but because because I believe you will have a story to tell every single one of this if I can get on a seventy eight thousand people listen to my voice somebody with your experience and your knowledge of not just coaches so many different people but having the ability to make people about a man I just think that’s while I’m I’m excited that you started the podcast nothing and you were watching this may have the anxiety (subscribe to find your voice podcast) thinking should I stop forecast despite last week’s only started because I does tell people that some more story and then (subscribe to find your voice podcast) it it helped them so full is more human obligation to give that they because people see minnows cave Dylan (subscribe to find your voice podcast) the seed of the sea finish all school they do have been seen the joint of been on what we see an alcoholic in the street you don’t know what’s what’s in there you don’t know what Lawson Pinus com fruit stump so judgmental because we we see that we see almost watching the grossest join one we didn’t see we start first listening to miles is the journey it’s not the end result is to June is the remarkable thing is pine flute related needs it’s the journey and that’s what we want to come out with it so what show more flaws in old Molly things in my twenties Martines never set our city to you as it passed queen (subscribe to find your voice podcast) Powell’s but never still being gone yeah (subscribe to find your voice podcast) (subscribe to find your voice podcast) struggle a struggle going downstairs a struggle he’s got me was gonna tax everywhere it’s pitch black in all the nobles and I’m puzzled to shadow so you’d mask people being a lazy gate yeah and and it got pretty okay but he was out or do you want to be able to call but now I’m faced six happily married got more by billion of I don’t really care what people think of the name so I want to create this William Kevin Dillon or jasmine if she had the struggles she can listen got a bloody L. casino confident courageous more dad was used forty but he’s he’s tough panic attacks used to some toys in Evans GA mode so in the setting of a belly full it’s it’s part of who we all the more we can be honest debate these with anyone who’s twenty four (subscribe to find your voice podcast) positive Hey guys I’m positive yeah yeah is nonsense it’s one to sell you something so we’ve got a real always we all feel this some more than office so I’m already better than office but we all have a very holy days not very low dice that’s a great point and one of the things just before we start this conversation because talk about Nick Davis who you’ve had on the black country drugs and I will bring in Amman to find your voice is all is when I tried it give you guys from the episodes yes we’ll talk talk about it as I ease (subscribe to find your voice podcast) struggles whatever you want to talk about on that day we want you guys to leave the episode with at least one thing that you could maybe take away so the episode we did with with Nick was fantastic because he gave us two or three things that we could physically do within the space of a minute that quote almost instantly reduce runs I eat because our my back he got us thinking about a situation that may become the ones you up for example and then within like three or four seconds we went from eight out of ten rage to four other people for the same into both set for nothing hopefully you guys find value from that as well so we’re not just sit in there just telling you I would troubles explains that but what you do is these are our troubles but like yourselves where on a journey were trying to figure out we’re trying to find a voice use the cliche and by doing that way we use in the steps from people you potentially have the answers for us I’m I have a life long the White definitely exists just lots of laugh and sometimes someone says something wrong good is that general Moyle you dear was twelve it then hello you sat in the conversation he put it on the back and you feel it the daily Ramones we have (subscribe to find your voice podcast) I John and you know (subscribe to find your voice podcast) that said (subscribe to find your voice podcast) Kevin was just like that when he was he’s agent so I hope you remind you of your own sins your own (subscribe to find your voice podcast) Grover’s and give give you believe in soul mates I box actually think yeah absolutely so it is a bit of a special episode like a mention of this at the beginning it’s something that’s really close to my heart I’m I’m looking around the corner from cat so recordings that ten minutes but before that was you know was traveling like an hour up and I will back and wouldn’t let me do that if I didn’t believe in the message for didn’t believe in the people behind it I think mental health is you know it’s it’s a serious thing but we have a lot of us are going through I think simply house take a mental health for example is not going to solve it and sometimes we need to to take action so whether that’s talking we’re listening we’re trying to provide the right guidance for the right people that’s what we’re going to try and do this but like has says we’re gonna try to find on the along the way is also have if there’s anything like maybe you want to say now to anyone listening any light plugs or anything just about the country just before we wrap up may I have a site phone does (subscribe to find your voice podcast) the black country blokes before some spotty folly all the tunes and never start recording and we just it off those recorded one give a guy (subscribe to find your voice podcast) a new jeep on you to see a moment on this or that yeah yeah please subscribe listen (subscribe to find your voice podcast) of I think the last one the last time was on and (subscribe to find your voice podcast) yeah and on the quote and see if I remember my you’ll god bless you and if you don’t believe in god the phone someone to believe in even if it’s just yourself because someone who does not Fife would always be lost to take care of yourselves just as important each of us absolutely and I love that quote and for those of you who have been original listeners I’ll find your voice of probably reference stock quote from what you said that at least I’d say eight or nine times because it’s such an important thing and just Alaska’s why not just only take care of yourself and I’ve done a lot of episodes and self love and self with and stuff but also of each other as well that doesn’t mean you’ve got to give everything to charity that’s where we go wrong which have to fill out on not doing enough on do what you can when you can because duh might yourself that twelve people do what you can when you can that’s enough absolutely thank you obviously for coming on again it’s nice to kind of stop this journey the chat with this often obviously and it with yourself any final words or should we just close Shona just have a wonderful Christmas take care of yourselves and you know I’ve I’ve fallen and enjoy it if you see so many struggling rejected in Dublin batteries to bad I might react because that’s what we did we push them why when all they want to be doing is drawing near yeah absolutely so thank you have you came out on your behalf they yell I appreciate that with all the three RD round the corner so that does useful and we’re thank everyone at home as well thank you so much for listening and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health Why men should talk mens mental health

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