Why happiness is a choice #34

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Why happiness is a choice – Find Your Voice Episode #34

"The Hopeless, Homeless Hero" by Dave Heffernan #34 

Tagline: “Control the controllables”

Why happiness is a choice by Aren Deu & Dave Heffernan. Whether we believe it or not, we always have a choice. Dave Heffernan has such an inspiring story where he demonstrates his own choices in the midst of consistent adversities. If you only take 1 thing from this episode it is the choice is always your decision. It is in your power.

From the age of 5 his life has been about indirect selfless service linked so closely to adversity. It has seen him, become used to death at such a young age. Dave has had to, cope with grief, death, homelessness and violence. Yet amongst all this, what Dave shows the best is that we all have a choice. One of the key takeaways Dave stated from this era of his life is the ability to listen. We so often undervalue listening as a means of supporting, connecting or helping people. Those with mental health illnesses sometimes just want to be listened too. Dave does this better than most people.

In the midst of adversity, Dave always chooses gratitude, positivity and happiness. Dave has a perspective and mindset that we can all benefit from to truly improve our own mental health and well-being. He has become so in control of his thoughts, that mindfulness and meditation is a daily practice for him. This is something we could all benefit from.

Mental health and wellness

Now a pioneer for mental health and wellness, Dave is making a larger impact on the world and it was a privilege to have him on the Find Your Voice Podcast. He is truly sharing his voice. Dave and I also spoke, briefly in this episode but more so prior to it about his health conditions too. He will inevitably (as told by medical professions) become paralysed. Yet when he was hit with this his reaction was inspiring. At that moment he found a silver lining in his fate and made a choice. Dave now pushes further to help serve as many people as he possibly can, ensuring he wastes no time. This show is about people like Dave. This episode is a blueprint for what Find Your Voice is all about.

I urge you all to follow his story below:

Some key discussion points:

  1. Making peace with your decisions
  2. Finding the positives in adversity
  3. How to control the controllables
  4. The importance of listening
  5. Improving our Mental health

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