Why Failure is Necessary? #75

Why Failure is Necessary? #75

“I was once the king of failing” – Aren Deu #75 but now I realise why failure is necessary.

We will all fail at things in our life. Or how I now like to say, we will all have many opportunities in our life to learn and grow from things that didn’t quite go according to plan. These opportunities are moments that we must acknowledge as important time stamps in our life that will help us level up. They will help us become wiser, gain invaluable experience and teach us so much about ourselves.

It is for this reason alone, I want to encourage you all to stretch your comfort zone and begin to embrace ‘failure’. Give yourselves the opportunities to become better by learning in the midst of obstacles and challenges that life will throw your way. The 3 points I discuss in this episode are shown below and I sincerely hope they add value.

3 reasons why failure is necessary

  1. Get a reward from your failures as Eric Thomas says. We often suffer lessons, or failure as I write in this post many times across our lives. But once we have “failed” why do we suddenly stop? Because it hurts or sucks? Well of course it does. But what use is having that experience if you are not going to capitalise and move forward from it? Get a reward from it!
  2. It gets easier next time. Every time you face a setback, or hurdle I promise you the next time it hurts less. it gets a little less painful and the resistance reduces bit by bit. But we have to keep moving forward. Recognise it won’t hurt as much, as you will be better from the experience.
  3. It builds character. One of the best things it will do is develop your character. It will build your resilience. It will build your work ethic. Strengthen your resolve and help you conquer future endeavours with confidence. Knowing you are capable of rising, each time you trip or fall.

Thanks for listening.

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Pippa transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode of find your voice my name is aren’t on as always I am the host of the show so today I want to talk about embracing Phalia I and if you listen to many of the previous episodes and even some of my post there is not really where the on light to use I like to use words like leading or experience (subscribe to the find your voice podcast) building resilience (subscribe to the find your voice podcast) character however I am very very aware that many of us especially when we start this personal development Jenny or even those of us just going through our day to day lives failure sadly is a word in our vocabulary so me completely ignoring that may confuse old D. rouse some people from the actual purpose of this episode so as a result of the I’m gonna use the word failure but just know it’s not a word I tend to use in my life it’s a where the I fail has negative connotations attached to it so I really don’t want to have those kind of with throwing around in my head in fact I do use like I mentioned earlier landing if something goes wrong Laura I found I almost going to say to myself well that was practice I and I’m leading not for the big show so just three point someone of very very quickly say in this episode that if you are going through something and you see as a failure if you see as a set back because the knobs the court does that adversity with in your life that hopefully these three points will help you maybe just re frame that ever so slightly and help you move forward in your life so number one is get a reward from it not as Eric Thomas you somebody that I actually at my more as a Paris and more so than he’s motivational stuff just in terms of his character and everything he says a burning coal and survive if you’re going through Hey you know (subscribe to the find your voice podcast) some level of trauma whatever is get a reward from it and effectively what he means by that is you’ve already gone through the shit you’ve already gone through the heartache the losing the money that tie in distress in order the blood sweat and tears I’ve come behind that now get a reward for it and if I tell you some of my life Bailey is an up with that in speech marks my god you would be shocked because I won’t play I was almost the king of failing however you might not have you thought process if that even makes sense I’m not sure the king of landing and that’s just so much more powerful to even say even as a said that now according to small to myself because now what I’m doing is leading ways of how not to do things and how to do things so I always say if you were ready going through that pain now is your chance to get a reward for me it would not save me for example me have a look at all these glasses off people (subscribe to the find your voice podcast) acting up or me losing money from deals (subscribe to the find your voice podcast) just having these kind of a vested in my life and then just kind of thing can do you know what I’m gonna call it a day you do not want to be doing that that is practice that is learning that is wisdom that you can then take forward and change the outcome and the circumstances so very quickly the loss is I’ve made on some my property deals I’ve made him back almost instantly on the next project because I knew what not to do and what to do so I’m not always saying that once you file once you’re always gonna be successful if about but what I’m saying is that you will get a lot better in terms of moving forward and you make a lot less of those easy a level one level T. mistakes and then you just kind of got to get used to make the level three level four mistakes which a gate might be more difficult maybe a little bit harder but if you listen to these episodes and you go back one of the things always stays in order to avoid those you need to level up you need to level up and you need to be around the right people so for anyone just thought and I make sure you got a reward for but he’s do not look back and think I filed here I’m gonna quit a day no you haven’t you just let you just let a new way so please keep has a very number two it becomes easy to handle so one of the things I will always say is in that moment of it vesti or failure your gonna really think this is the end of the road I’ve been there and you almost get so consumed and overwhelmed and even though sometimes I’ve done my pace of development I understand mine so I understand the warts emotions and actions I still call get out with the fog I’m stuck in this punk in a big how the bloody how do I get out of this but I promise you when a day or a week or a month passes it gets easier to handle and the beautiful thing is when a problem like that arises a second time one you have your experience in terms of how to handle it but to it just doesn’t feel as bad for example I’ve had billed as common lay on site in some my face projects and the enzyme E. I caught distress are they gonna turn up I have the run for my money I see all these crazy thoughts where is narrow when the bill does not on site it’s a simple matter of you give McCord you watch a maybe the next few days you just hold back a couple of payments we have the only conversation is a guys I appreciate we’re all busy bee would have realized but well I need you to do moving forward is to just be on time you know you’re employed by myself for this contract added to it so just little things like not really help me I make sure that I’m not as stressed as when not problem best initially arise in my life you’ll just get back manage in that situation a gain another example could be the gym the first time you pick up some weights that your body’s not used to you’re thinking bloody hell this is difficult but then the second maybe the dad maybe even the tenth time maybe it takes a little bit longer don’t worry that’s okay it gets easier it will get easier moving on to point number three it builds character I’m one of the great things I love and I admire from people is seeing that character not when they’re winning because everybody consult with the winning everyone because smaller dogs around really be and if you just take individual with the winning but what about when the chips are down how do people act dad and this is where you start to build how did this is where you will be that person who every time I’d vesti strikes you would either walk away (subscribe to the find your voice podcast) you stand and you will fight were you a stand and reflect to be able to fight the next day so make sure you almost kind of empower yourself and just know that okay this is really tough I’m struggling I mean or talk hole right now all I know come tomorrow come next week I’m gonna be in such a stronger place and I promise you this to save me so so well in the times of adversity when I’ve struggled and I’ve documented my Jenny which I’ve been doing for the past pove eight years people have warm to that people have gravitated towards the end is how life yes No business massively even just this week I have had conversations with investors and I’ve raced technically five and a thousand pounds in this is because I’ve just been honestly my Jenny and I haven’t said to somebody Hey look at me I’m a millionaire I’m trying to do this or I fabricate my results of said listen naturally this is me these are my values I have struggled a hell of a lot I have made this amount of failures but one thing if you recognize and you watch my Jenny is that every time I get a little bit back and at the same time provide enough values much than dot is a match made in heaven because they see an honest transparent individual I see somebody who has almost technologist and warm to the things that maybe some of us don’t want to share I. E. I. failures or the times where where in die without sows and simpering to know that actually it’s okay because you know what every single person files what should I say every single pasted leads so I’m not no I’m gonna leave the episode they are to make it not so sure but I just thought this is such a good topic to speak to yourselves about especially as we’re going into twenty twenty want this to be the greatest yet that you have a hard enough course around this time we tend to four to five new year’s resolutions are we tend to just have a little wobble and I don’t want you guys wobbling on me right now because we have so much more work to do we have so much more to give to the road and I’m so keen to get so many more of you finding your voice and sharing your story thanks for listening guys and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

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