Your Weight should never define your happiness

your weight should never define your happiness fitness health fat loss diet aren deu

Now before you take this title the wrong way, I am not an advocate for people having larger waistlines than they naturally should have. However, I am also very conscious that peoples happiness is often linked to their weight. But your weight should never define your happiness.

“I eat when I’m sad, and when I eat I get fat, and when I get fat I get sad” Vicious circle!

Now let me help you…

I truly want people to be healthy and live as long as they possibly can. That is one of my goals in life. I also want people to be truly happy and fulfilled as my Podcast will often show you.

So it would be very unethical of me to tell you, not to worry about your waist line getting out of control and just do what makes you happy. I get it! I would absolutely love to be able to eat pancakes for breakfasts, KFC for lunch and a donor kebab every single dinner. But this isn’t going to serve us anything but a clogged up heart and a fast track to the graveyard!

I am also sure you know that being unnecessarily overweight puts your body at risk of major illnesses like diabetes too. In fact there’s so many bad diseases associated with just a larger waistline alone. So, I need you to recognise this, understand this and take it on board.

No excuses to make a change starting today..

Now fortunately for you, I have 100s of hours of blogs, vlogs, gym plans and information readily available online to help you achieve your fat loss goals. In fact Google searches alone will give you more information that you need to truly lose weight and get yourself healthier and fitter.

However, for the purpose of this post, I want to address another issue I believe we all need to be aware off and take time to reflect and understand. Your mental well-being, sanity and health when it comes to how you see yourself. More so, when you stand on the scales to weigh yourself!

healthy fat loss weight happiness mental health aren deu fitness personal trainer

So this message is about the link between your happiness and the number on the weighing scale. The actual number. Which if you are struggling and have stumbled across this blog you will probably remember off the top of your head.

Now on a macro level, your weight should not dictate your level of happiness. But I know you are thinking, “easy for you to say”. But I really need you to value yourself, see yourself as much more than that number.

Yes it may not be where you need it to be, but you know the beauty with weight? It can change! It can go up, or down depending on the things YOU can 100% control. Now that should light your eyes up for a start.

Plus it is also a nice place to state, I actually lost 42lbs myself in 7.5 weeks, so I know the feeling of feeling lethargic, clumpy, unhealthy and not liking my body image. But knowing it was possible, was the best thing I could ever have known before I started my fitness journey. It gave me the confidence to start and since then I have never looked back.

Body dysmorphia

Now I also want you to know that even healthy individuals see fluctuations in their weights daily. These fluctuations can be anything from 1-15lbs! Our bodies are unique, and some of us hold onto water more, some of us lose fat quicker, some of add fat quicker. So, it is about understanding how your body responds to your eating and activity habits! But let me tell you something, that may reassure you. I have trained or coached many people with 5-10% body fat who still felt they were a few lbs too heavy.

This is known as body dysmorphia and is a serious condition, but not one ill post about today. You see jumping on a scale (not literally I hope) can see you sacrificing your mental health and causing more complications. With the 150+ clients I have coached, so often they have let the guilt of a few lbs cause them to:

1. Starve themselves for extensive periods of time.

2. Excessively working out, putting the mind and body under too much undue stress and not allowing correct recovery through nutrition, sleep and rest.

3. Beating themselves up mentality.

4. Curse themselves

healthy fat loss weight happiness mental health aren deu fitness personal trainer

Now this has to stop!

You see all the above sets your body up for CHRONIC STRESS and will overtime cause the body to:

1. Down regulate and cause chronic cortisol levels!
2. Slowing down your metabolism!
3. Thyroid issues! Remember health can be achieved at many weights.

We don’t need to exist at a particular weight to be happy. Your body will find its optimal weight (homeostasis) if you let it!

It truly makes me sad seeing people attaching their levels of happiness to a number on a scale.

I need you to recognise are more than that number! You are able to change that, but your worth is so much more. Your personality, your gifts, your strengths, your nature are all superior to a number.

“Find a way to be happy, or just be happy whilst you find a way”

Have an awesome day and #JustDeuIt

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