The Wake Up Call by Jin Atwal #2

The Wake Up Call by Jin Atwal #2
The wake up call by jin atwal find your voice aren deu podcast dealing with loss and grief

Find your voice – Episode 2 – The Wake Up Call by Jin Atwal

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Jins life screams adversity. Yet you wouldn’t know that if you spoke to him. Someone I consider a very good friend of mine now, and a recent business partner Jin Atwal is as genuine as they come. A man broken throughout his life through many external forces, is now piecing himself back together. He is finding his voice, having had a moment of realisation. Something he calls “the wake up call”.

The loss of his uncle, father and sister within such a short space of time caused his life to spiral out of control. The word death links closely to Jin’s life as does the word alcohol abuse. A stigma perhaps in the Punjabi, Asian community Jin refused to let this be his story he wanted more. But his life really turned around when he tragically lost his sibling. Jin sadly lost his sister which rocked his world like no other.

Success was inevitable

Determined to succeed and not let his circumstances dictate his future he woke up and took control of his life. He started writing his own story. Jin is also in the process of writing his own book, “The Wake up call”. This is something I am extremely excited to read!

Alongside this, Jin is now looking to inspire others and help them cope with the grief he has suffered. He wants people to live a happier more fulfilled life. He wants people to not have to go through adversity, to truly wake up.

Furthermore, his mission to help children and ensure they struggle with less hardship in their lives is ongoing in the background! He is regularly, alongside myself attending toastmasters to perfect his skill set and execution. Plus if you think that’s not enough his also a successful property investor!

Follow his journey

I urge you all to follow his journey. He is transparent, authentic and inspiring. He documents his daily journey every single day without fail on social media. This is to hold himself accountable, but to also show people his true and real progress. He is not one who does it for the ‘gram’. He does it to show authenticity wins the real race, not the sprint.

“When you lose somebody, it’s always there. It never goes away.” – Jin Atwal

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