Using exercise to help your Mental Health #22

Using exercise to help your Mental Health  #22
Using exercise to help your Mental Health

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Find your voice – Episode 21 “Using exercise to help your Mental Health” Michael Hayes #22

Tagline: “What’s for you, won’t pass you” – Michael Hayes

Using exercise to help with your mental health. Is this possible? Does it work? Can exercise help with your mental health?

Michael Hayes, is one of the most positive, infectious people I have been fortunate enough to have connected with. Podcasting is amazing as I meet amazing people but he truly made me smile and feel grateful throughout our conversation. Michael Hayes links exercise and mental health, how I believe it should always be linked. I am a firm believer that it is one of the best natural medicines we can get. I wish I could actually bottle up the feeling of exercise and hand it out for free. Sadly we all have to put in the work though, and this is where we struggle. But Michael has made exercising fun. Plus he lives in Australia so the weather definitely helps!


A genuine individual who focuses in his own time on promoting positive links between mental health and exercise. He is a keen believer that using exercise to help your mental health should be a focus for as many people as possible. His message is authentic, honest and tangible. He is now spreading this infectious movement through his social media platforms.

Michael does not do this for any monetary reasons which makes it all the better. He is simply promoting exercise to help you with your mental health. He has seen those close to him suffer with mental health which inspired something inside him. Michael made a choice to use his expertise in health and fitness to promote a positive link in mental health. He drives home the importance of enhancing not just your physical well-being through exercise but also improving your overall mental health.

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Michael is also our first Irish/Aussie on the show who proves that real messages and honest advice is the same across the world and if you want to ensure you get genuine advice his story is definitely worth following. Furthermore, Michael also admits to having suffered little adversity in his life. This is raw and honest as many people often pretend to wear battle scars. However when you finish this episode you would probably agree that even if he was, or had, he would still smile through it. He is not someone who suffers a victim mentality, and I truly believe any adversity he comes across, he would spin into a positive.

Michael is changing the game

Michaels passion is evident throughout this podcast and also via his Instagram. It is easy to see that he genuinely loves his life, because he is fulfilled through making a difference doing the things he loves.

I urge you all to follow Michael’s journey are below because it will make you smile. It will also give you tangible tips that can help with mental health.

I urge you all to follow his journey and support him on making a positive difference in the world of fitness and mental health.

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