Becoming a Better You with Damien Rider #70

Becoming a Better You with Damien Rider #70

Tips on becoming a better you, “Heart of the Sea” by Damien Rider #70

Wow, what an episode. As you can see from the thumbnail this was an incredibly enjoyable episode. But the great man behind it has had some tremendous battles he has had to overcome. It was for that reason this was the most difficult podcast episode I had to title. I could have been titled so many things, due to the insights and knowledge Damien dropped. His tag line reads: ‘Triumph over adversity’, overcoming PTSD, trauma and adversity is something Damien does as good as most. An incredible individual focused on surpassing his own mental and physical capabilities each and every day. A TedX speaker, an author, an ultra athlete world record holder. But more importantly, at least in my eyes, a true humanitarian.

An individual who has experienced trauma via child abuse in his younger days, his story has dark moments. But Damien has turned his life around in the most inspiring way. He now helps others cope. He is also not someone who hashtags key phrases, to gain attention. Instead, he spends his own time daily to make an impact. To support survivors and those he can. A truly delightful experience for myself, to have connected with someone like Damien. Damien also shows me that there is so much more potential amongst all of us. We can truly overcome any adversity life throws at us. We can also achieve anything we desire, if we execute properly. If we focus on improving and being better, the world is ours. It is his tips on becoming a better you, I truly believe will help you all.

The YouTube Video is also live, although the sound waves of the oceans and horses in the background may distract you. Or on second thoughts they may even inspire you!

Key timestamps:

[05:15] Damien Story of overcoming Child Abuse

[08:45] Humanitarian acts of making a difference, for Child abuse awareness

[11:20] Tips on how to achieve your goals or overcome your adversity

[16:20] Everybody has their ups & downs

[21:15] Fun Part of the Show

[24:30] Damiens Final Message

Key Quotes by Damien:

“Test yourself daily”

I loved this quote and I encourage you all to use this as a mantra to become a better you.

“People forget the challenges that they have gone through life..”

This is so often the case for us all. I am sure we all fail to give ourselves credit for the things that we have been through.

“I have taken away the words, try, fail & impossible and replaced them with do, learn & possible”

This hack alone has single handedly made me rethink my days. It has encouraged a positive outlook and manifested more opportunities in my life. Try it!

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These tips on becoming a better you are from experience and real life execution. Damien lives and breathes everything he preaches. This is why I feel this episode has so much value for all find your voice listeners. If you found it useful, do not forget to tag Damien in and let him know. Also give us a shout out too and let us know if you enjoyed it 🙂

Have an awesome day.

Pippa transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode of find your voice my name is are on as always I am the host of the show so we are a week into twenty twenty and hopefully you’ll still sticking to your goals and you have an already given up on your new year’s resolutions or your goals are you dreams or all of those things that you be thinking about that you were gonna do you in the final weeks of two thousand and nineteen I just think case you walk on and (subscribe to find your voice) wobbling a little bit what I’ve got for you today is an absolutely incredible episode but it was one that was actually very very difficult to add it simply because Damien rider who joins us (subscribe to find your voice) today was casually showing off I’m just joking he was recorded this episode with myself but as I said in my office with a green screen behind me David Hyde palm trees at if it’s on the beautiful ocean behind it because he has created the life that he’s wanted and although he may not have a we sit in self doing the things that he’s doing he’s not currently doing that and he’s doing it with a few easy as a wave that smile and he just give it back so much so very briefly what would do is just run through some of he’s credentials because is absolutely phenomenal but never really got a chance to kind of put our order the stuff because obviously the attitude was very difficult because it was like elephants running around in the background and there’s a few moments for you probably gonna know is that we’ve got to chop and change a few of the audio thing solo debut ride that is an author he’s a multiple world record (subscribe to find your voice) trade venture athlete I sit him on the Australian men’s health magazine god knows walls the cannot dot he’s a great out of the one breath meditation he has been recognized for his international humanitarian work I had some incredible physical fees that he still doing any still tested himself to this day on the long side that he’s just a bit of Ted talks all over the road Selway it’s an incredible stories one that really inspired me was great of C. connect with them there is a you tube video available but I’m probably just going to throw a few clips that because a gain the elephants were trying to get involved and obviously they want to they say on the find your voice episode but more important I just wanna quickly say David circumstances it’s not somebody who is just showing you now the glory he was a victim of child abuse and that’s why some of his messages are really really important because you show you that yes it may have to give that a four years to really overcome that parties over call me and you can literally do or achieve or be anything that you want to be this is not a cliche this is somebody living proof of that so as it is not a period of awareness for child abuse from the fast to the twelfth of January I felt this episode is really important and is something obviously wants to bring to anyone he may have suffered with this or may be suffering with that or know somebody who has as well but if you do you get a chance obviously check out David’s social media handles after the show I’m sure going to enjoy this very very short episode of thank you once again for the ball behoff everyone who is now on the find your voice JD for twenty twenty so without further ado let’s get this interview on the way okay so I I’m delighted to have to welcome Damien right on today’s episode of find your voice who is in a much much more luxurious place the myself as I can see him now I he seems to be love in life that the sons I I and you can just hit the ocean in the background is also Damien face the welcome to the show how you doing today yeah I’m cry yeah (subscribe to find your voice) yes I’m just you know Salvador a place called (subscribe to find your voice) Masada point at the moment and (subscribe to find your voice) this is ground biased and (subscribe to find your voice) yes so just work out of this beautiful heights challenges from their traits from me moment fantastic while I was that you did a bit of research obviously before you come on the show I’m one of the things I find difficult I suppose when I was going through research in yourself was how amazing your CV was I mean I was looking at some of the stuff that you’ve done some of the not just physical but also mental achievements that you’ve been through and is almost kind of large job done a supposed to try and extract as much information as I can in this very short amount of time for my listeners so find your voice initially when it started I suppose in the first year was kind of people just overcoming the first hurdle not be of just over commentary and so I ease that imposter syndrome or any so if it is one of the things I really loved about your file was that you said that you want to test yourself and challenge yourself physically and mentally to see what’s possible and that’s why I thought you were a perfect guests for the show and now I’d like to obviously hundred over to yourself if you could just let the list is all about yourself the things that you’ve been doing in your crap I mean obviously they gonna reset you after this book might walk race so far thanks yes (subscribe to find your voice) look United I guess it’ll just started from from from a childhood and yeah I was a little bit rough went through been child abuse and that and that sort of stuck with me for a long time at all to Sean fondle so it’s wise to to deal with the PTSD from that and I you know I like to travel the world are done sports and had relationships I’ve had success with businesses but also live in our funding not finding that piece at all wanted to end until I decide to do this arrow of five of five hundred miles down the east coast of Australia and (subscribe to find your voice) you know it changed my life along the why you know twenty one shocking John is so I need drownings what’s the freedom water (subscribe to find your voice) sleeping on the beach at not seven dies from a self nice support bites or known on land supporting a long (subscribe to find your voice) yeah I was just (subscribe to find your voice) is greatest test that all have it on and that’s probably the greatest SO web into my life and it really set me up for so what I’m doing now I’m testing so I did read a little bit about your child abuse and the PTSD that you went through as well in your current circumstance now would you say that still affects your life (subscribe to find your voice) nine not at all now look I’ve got (subscribe to find your voice) of completely cured myself from the PDS they from it and (subscribe to find your voice) gone absolutely no emotional attachment to to what happened of course I still remember things that happened but yes the service now motional attachment anymore (subscribe to find your voice) which is something I’m proud off United that that sort of hung on my shoulders for thirty four years controlling my life and not getting triggered off every single diet with (subscribe to find your voice) different sought sin smells and and actions that people were doing so (subscribe to find your voice) so it’s good to be out sure right can free of fat and you have to move on and to be able to share this with other people as well absolutely absolutely I now you’re obviously troubling a loss in a lot of your social media stuff as well you do not speaking as well you’re also an author attend XP coming what’s the date to date like them for yourself because it seems quite entertaining I mean like I said I’m very jealous of them palm trees right behind you right now yeah look you know it’s funny I was out seven this morning and also can is gone from New York and he’s like you know what do you do well at the moment on here at this (subscribe to find your voice) beautiful retreat and nominal building they retreat programs for people to be out to come here and (subscribe to find your voice) and given that really that week why a way that I can experience more for themselves and rediscover themselves (subscribe to find your voice) you know and then in between that ought to talks as you said Ted talks about around the world and inspirational told from schools to corporates to also it’s really and then (subscribe to find your voice) covering the polka anchor at a form of meditation called one breath meditation (subscribe to find your voice) sets can publish at the moment and then (subscribe to find your voice) after the second book which is my memoirs which is I’m writing at the moment and then I’m working towards my next sort of challenges (subscribe to find your voice) fed twenty twenty twenty twenty one (subscribe to find your voice) during a taping a series with (subscribe to find your voice) eleven different stream challenges as well untested made just in case your CV isn’t enough you want to add to it which is obviously excited for all of us to all this is the one of the things I am I really ought you light so I’ve been into the physical fitness space for the best poverty is one of the things I love about fitness is it becomes a mental barrier the moment you can kind of surprised that initial feeling of title boredom or what have you going through yeah and I always try to tell people if you can just get past that fifty percent you’re almost a second to third or fourth wind and you can see so many amazing things but even more importantly than that was your humanitarian side unless in some of the way that you’re doing and you’re not somebody who just preaches you somebody who acts and I’m for that you know I can now did you for that thanks I’m on the if you wouldn’t mind if you could just share some of that with the list is because these are the kind of guess I want to being on the show not just people who just seem to have it all figured out doing the Instagram stuff you’re also doing stuff behind sees to make a real real impact on not to do you love that yeah I mean most of the stuff of today’s behind the saying on on actually that being on social media and I we have to do it just for people you have to say what we’re doing and not but (subscribe to find your voice) mates it’s more about behind the scenes and really just just living at and so the moment swearing child abuse to when this weight which guys from the first through the twelfth of January and this offense is now on different events that are going on the life of the world from Pat layouts to to Ron’s to walks (subscribe to find your voice) we’re doing a paddle out he tomorrow morning in now Salvador you know I saw really work on that and and that’s really not just about the awareness is by educating people on the important sauce of things but also educating people on the tolls reallocate moving forward you know I think this is too much a when this going on for a different issues whether it’s suicidal depression or domestic violence but not much is actually getting down about it sorry so I really spend a snake’s wait twelve dies just are just really giving people the the chart (subscribe to find your voice) few off the dole and statistics that’s what’s really happening the yeah besides that a man it’s it’s every die off wall off you know I have you know maybe two three hundred people reach out to me awake tell me this story since Sharon horrific stories for the first time in I mean I we talk about and what should the tools with them and (subscribe to find your voice) you know help them get through what I can you know its (subscribe to find your voice) yeah I (subscribe to find your voice) it’s it’s not it’s not something you’re all set out to do it to me today about this and to live this life but it’s (subscribe to find your voice) you know optimal paddle it’s sort of more than my Jenny was set for me and that’s just just how I am and because his arms like to society as authentic as I can sorry I make sure I’m a bit worried that the spirit and said now it before I share with anyone else I’m sorry I love the message or wish more people did that and you touched on something interesting that so there’s a lot of courses in the road where people lost I can get and almost raising awareness and and I used it quite lightly because that isn’t going to change the situation we need action and this is something I’m trying to work towards this yes so the fish there was obviously building this podcast it grew a lot quicker than not you thought was going to grow but now it’s not just a matter of just write something and has take mental health let’s actually change the conversation let’s change the topic less less great stuff and I absolutely love that you’re doing that this puddle stuff but again it doesn’t surprise me some with some of the stuff that you’ve done and you’ve got will wreck chords in life physical stuff as well and you just seem to be testing the waters a suppose of your potential which is why I absolutely want from or the less this have you got any soft tips or any tricks or anything like that you could literally give not gonna know it’s quite an open ended question in the might not be an answer for it was somebody may be stuck in a rut because I find that a lot of people have the desire to want to be better and do better we can always twenty twenties and you Mason you yeah but there’s always something that’s quite common amongst people that they just seem to fall short I know I chili goal would achieve their goals or maybe overcome the trauma that they’ve been through is there any advice that maybe you could offer yeah definitely (subscribe to find your voice) I mean just test yourself daily on big and small testers challenges self just to be out to (subscribe to find your voice) yeah I held yourself accountable to be opted moving forward you know and it can be either I have to paddle five hundred mall so skateboard across countries audiology lock on do in the extreme why said people think you are walking around the block is inside bad you know I take the excuses out of people’s lives almost and given permission to out to test themselves tonight what do I do if able size impossible but a lot it’s possible (subscribe to find your voice) well then you know it I’ve been sought more doors from the people sign or just tell people just to test yourself little big whether it’s you know a chilly aiding contest thanking a cake for the first time you know you get yeah you pay bay on a brown going after Sir after the first one anything that’s first store that you’ve always wanted to very lock it it might be asking out that the person is searched you coffee every morning in your voice wanted say but you’ve always been too scared to not just just say you self little tests and (subscribe to find your voice) United doors just starting out after that you know I love the advice because so often I mean we’ll see somebody like yourself who is on the cover of magazines you board back cause but we forget that you did it one day just wake up and suddenly stops even board records because if they get the story behind it so I think if we can just action these very very small challenges on a daily basis I love a lot myself fifteen months ago I would have this conversation with you because I’d be too nervous and shy about having having a conversation with someone yeah only this yeah I’ve I’ve started offering the chance to do a video conversations all would like to just sit in a quiet room be very introverted in my nature but now I’m sitting here looking I’m I’m feeling comfortable I’m getting over it slowly so bear with me as I go through my own ideas well and this is what I would encourage people out I try to show my butt abilities and for me this is a big step speaking to somebody like yourself you seems an extra on on the xterra you’ve done some public speaking you doesn’t incredible things and I’m not trying to push my buyers and trying to give the best information I can give to my listeners is also for anyone listen it can be as small as the chili asking that person he’s giving you coffee in the morning or a simple as that you said baking a cake what does try something you ought to love that yeah I just come back on that point yeah look just testing itself is (subscribe to find your voice) it is so important and (subscribe to find your voice) just south pointing out what yeah who you are and just be proud of of every moment that you have been lost you know when it’s a people should get the challenges that they’ve gone through in life and the tests that build up their resilience to be out to get through to the next challenge and I that just stop and just happy to get through that tough Solomon Cape May being also to soften the price that’s what what’s (subscribe to find your voice) what’s really happened and how its strength in them to be out to get three and I went and the more we build that up is not that they’re more tools in our back pocket to take you through to the next challenge and you know what same mark major issues hi you know in a couple of weeks if we think about what we’ve gone through which is not same like anything at all I’m sorry I love that and I think that was one of the important messages I recognize this year was to do a self reflection on two thousand and nineteen I’m not just look at the good stuff but also look at the bad stuff as well because within those moments us we kind of find the resilience tools all the ways that we can overcome adversity so for anyone listening is maybe going through something have a look back at how far you’ve come in your Jenny on how well you’ve done is also I absolutely love that okay so just I’m not that may if I may just segue into a time of investing for yourself now I always ask this question because a gain on the cover now you look like you have it all figured out you live in a great life you get chased by elephants live in a podcast interview with myself which is very excited but if you wouldn’t mind if you could just kind of give us maybe a story (subscribe to find your voice) scenario I mean it could be a year ago we could be back when you were a child when you went through something and just more importantly the lessons that you learned from it because I believe that we will go through similar stuff but very often we seem to think them problems are risky suggest to ourselves yet we all seem to go through hardship on a daily basis yeah I mean yeah as a sudden thought you know I walk a went through (subscribe to find your voice) pretty horrific child abuse (subscribe to find your voice) sexual mental emotional you know stuck with me for a long time and I really just controlled everything into chided how everything was in my life you know and just it really put a a white and it it made ever seen call every just simple toss just Samar a real major issue trying to get through so I for may and I after doing the paddle I mean Mel’s greatest challenge in my life and everything you know I’ve got three day it all learn a lot of tools one wipe it that’s not to say that just because of cured must offer PDS stay that lock is tightly rice you every single die you know (subscribe to find your voice) I’m not the deli Lammert old lawyer just you know I have my ups and downs like everyone else but the difference is that I’m ups and downs (subscribe to find your voice) fits it identifies issues that I bring a mile from the pasta anymore so that I build up and then when I do I just deal with them stride why and then in a wild guy one and nothing that’s important for people as well (subscribe to find your voice) United should suffice the problem says that they S. about I do it up and many you size strengthening your socks (subscribe to find your voice) learning a lot more about how to deal with issues and and how to treat your emotions during H. action and reaction that you do it I said it just suppressing it down yeah when we kids rate we do things in children flee large we land we explore including our emotions and (subscribe to find your voice) later on in life we so that we we get taken away from my intuition inside looking elsewhere for out for answers (subscribe to find your voice) there was supposed to be and how was supposed to act and you know we get told you have to be happy all the time on the nice a bronze Sean fund this happiness or what’s on it someone realistic and loses touch with papers (subscribe to find your voice) peoples in that cell because when they’re not happy I think the lost sorry but I’ll have a goal in their free can you like now that’s just normal just explore unite be happy be sad be angry be whatever it is you nine and the more that you do it the more yes explore and let it out and then process it off the woods then you know I when these emotions happen you know that’s right you know you’re not losing them all and why what and then some eight thank you for the I. nothing I love my dot times in my my life have been from suppressing my emotions and especially as a guy as well I think it’s only recently become a thing where guy started talking about you start a separate part costs just on men’s mental health getting guys to just talk about the silliest things the things that maybe we think about the I. wise or assist there’s enough but this might not know and it’s massively massively hot but does a brilliant thing you just mentioned that in terms of make today’s problems just today’s problems and kind of figure out there and then and not think about yesterday (subscribe to find your voice) tomorrow something that’s really really important even for four people so yeah thank you for sharing that and if I may ask then so you’ve got the tools now you’ve had a hell of a lot of challenges physically and mentally in this precise moment right now than what’s your biggest fear you know what my biggest fear is actually a physical challenge and the lotus feet out all right really go into anything we (subscribe to find your voice) we see a it’s just on now I need to know what’s going to test me right on now on H. prepare myself to be out to get through it but it’s it’s something that Tom you know I think about every Dino probably went through this challenge for (subscribe to find your voice) maybe eighteen months away from now but all on on preparing for now the pop from that you know I am I don’t know if I have too many the news as such are just (subscribe to find your voice) allowed laning and and I’ve taken a why the words try file any possible and all of this replace them with Jerry I learned and possible yeah and (subscribe to find your voice) you know if if the worst outcome that we can we get out of any situation is that we learn from it and it’s not so bad in our I think if people take that why it’s like that where the specially file out of their life I’m Dan instantly walls just calm down there and they’re more open to do things and I also succeed a little bit more you know about that I go into it thinking that they get a file yeah that is going to do it they gonna learn from and that’s it you know and and that’s (subscribe to find your voice) that’s how should baby can say there’s no such thing is by (subscribe to find your voice) you non should is filing and then if they ever ons this morning along with why you know it’s not meant to get things I think every single time arrest lock to be pretty boring thank you nice things about learning nice skills along the Y. and doing the right thing wrong thing that song society of Marley sound and year round your intentions are right (subscribe to find your voice) I think you’re on the right track I really got it wrong I love the answer and (subscribe to find your voice) dot you remind me randomly of what your tag lines I think it was on your website triumph over adversity is all about was something else that resonates as well and you can head out in the language that you use for yes also we need to remove these was like failure out of our allies because they’re not saving us the not moving us forward the crate limited Billy’s for allies or got city love dot and on that note what we’re gonna do Damon is move us to the fun part of the show so if you haven’t had this Paul the show what I do is just for the next sixty to ninety seconds I ask you a bunch of random questions where it’s a Walmart or a one sentence on some might so whenever you’re ready we’re gonna get started (subscribe to find your voice) I was ripping okay we’re going three to one okay your favorite quote will mantra I live life to the fullest your favorite film (subscribe to find your voice) stop by your proudest achievement my five hundred mile paddle your preferred genre of music if you had an extra hour a day how would you spend it (subscribe to find your voice) giving to others I love that the best less than anyone has ever taught you (subscribe to find your voice) so young shit at you so if you could get the listeners to practice one thing a day that would benefit them what would it be ask yourself if you could abolish one thing in the world what would it be child sex life what is your favorite book (subscribe to find your voice) besides the one all right (subscribe to find your voice) on an island that rate too many books okay be honest what what was the book that you wrote (subscribe to find your voice) so right we’ll go one breath meditations new form of meditation what are you secretly go dot not nobody knows probably counting okay okay the ability to read minds or predict the future made a lot alike to explore goal unknown in my office your biggest role model (subscribe to find your voice) my biggest role models (subscribe to find your voice) anyone who’s stepping out of my comfort zone love that day me what would you like to be remembered for just (subscribe to find your voice) just being a good likeness love that your biggest go for twenty twenty three days eleven challenges and not daughter fingers crossed my fingers crossed you stay safe and finally if you could sit with one person dead or alive for an hour who would it be (subscribe to find your voice) Johnny Depp I’m testing how did you find out yeah that was cool good stuff good stuff good stuff will best of luck for the eleven challenges and what I’m gonna do is well is your book I’ll put in the show notes at the end as well if anyone is interested because I think meditation has called on so many episodes and it’s something not even myself I’d be very interested in learning about as also thank you for sharing that is all echo now RG and if anyone wants to (subscribe to find your voice) get anymore product caging that it’s in this out a point in and now some little or I do (subscribe to find your voice) prop in houses as well once fantastic okay so we’re kind of coming to the end of the show in a day man and the last two questions are about reflection and legacy so (subscribe to find your voice) firstly I want to talk about reflection so hindsight is a wonderful thing as you know it teaches us ways to get to the way we all quick easy at over less heartache but at the same time I feel the J. any tea to so much as well and really makes us who we are today so knowing what you know now I with one of your tools and your mind set as it currently stands if you could maybe go back to a younger Damien maybe where you’re confuses a struggling with that specific area of your life and whisper something in your is what would you say are you get through it love it nice and simple yeah mmhm and finally then sold the final question a lot to ask is actually about a book so it’s about legacy and if in a hundred fifty as time by the way you call be your current book it has to be in your book if in a hundred fifty as time sign space to save us and all that exists is this one book and this book is about you it’s about your life and all the incredible amazing ups and downs that you’ve had firstly what would the title be and secondly what with the summary at the back tell us about you (subscribe to find your voice) the total be heart of the city and it will be about my paddle and what I discovered on the patio share with other people I love that I’m just before I close the showing give you a chance to obviously connect with the audience with your social media handles are there any questions or are there any messages that you want to leave the audience with today yeah I think we’ve covered all things as test yourself be proud of who you now that you can change (subscribe to find your voice) I’m and you can be whoever you want whenever you want and now so I want to thank you as well and congratulations on your part this super hard to do and (subscribe to find your voice) set it up for you to put them together and be dedicated committed to it it’s (subscribe to find your voice) yeah thank you I received I that means a lot coming from yourself and I will make sure all your links are in the show notes for everybody at home David this been absolute pleasure obviously you’ve had to relocate you three times where ever you are because of the noise well hopefully people of Hey Joe message because it’s true is authentic and there are just some things that in its simplest form all simple in terms of just trying to be yourself and removing send words about daily language that can really help us before but it will take us action so what I do encourage people obviously after this episode is the fault of yourself so hopefully you can get a few people may be starting to your D. M.’s I’m just asking for a little bit help and if you could obviously returned the favor of a beef and telegraph is all my friend yeah sure definitely thank you thank you well forever NASA home thanks for listening all right we did and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you Becoming a better you

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