Timeless Wisdom from Chakra Coach & Healer Aditya Jaykumar #43

“Timeless Wisdom” #43 by Aditya Jaykumar (Aj)

“Through his books, projects & media Aditya demonstrated his ability to make timeless wisdom relevant & accessible for the modern mind to help with balancing emotions, thoughts & finding your individual potential & purpose.”

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Wow, where do we start. Aj is a man of true wisdom. Or as he refers to it a teacher of timeless wisdom. He is a chakra coach & healer, a conscious entrepreneur. Alongside this he is a top ranked podcaster with now over 3,000,000 downloads! But more fascinating than that, is the way he articulates his knowledge and experience.

We can all relate to adversity and feeling lost, as Aj explains this was the turning point in his transformational journey.

Change your network

Realising that his surroundings (networks) and lack of control over his thoughts and energy were not suiting him Aj made a conscious change. He made a concious shift to alter his life towards a future, greater version of himself. We speak about the importance of controlling our chattering mind. He does this via meditation. Alongside side this Aj also gives you all a quick tangible practice we can all incorporate on a daily basis.

But more prominent than anything throughout this episode, was that I realised I have such a long way to go. I guess that quote rings true. The more you learn, the more you realise how little you know. Well something like that anyway. But I am excited. I am so excited to learn much more. To become much more. And then teach you all much more!


But I am trying to practice what I learn and preach. Meditation is now something I try. Yes sometimes I wish I had started earlier, but just like my last podcast, I started! For that reason I urge you all to start too. Start to put the odds in your favour.

Some key topics moments in the episode:

[05:15] How to balance our thoughts & energy

[10:55] Understanding why we do what we do

[16:05] The 20/20/20 daily habit

[24:00] Changing your network

[38:18] Quick fire round of Q&A

I sincerely hope you found this podcast useful. I also encourage you to follow Ajs journey. Furthermore, his podcast teaches you how to transform your journey.

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