The miracle man Anthony Bennett #57

The miracle man Anthony Bennett  #57

“I Am Ant Bennett” by Anthony Bennett AKA the Miracle Man #57

Resuscitated 12 Times, 10% Chance of Surviving, 3 Life Threatening Viral Infections is just part of his story. Anthony Bennet, did all that and is today doing so much more. So it was a great privilege to have the Miracle man himself, Anthony Bennett on Find Your Voice share his story. .

His Story

Operating as an Inspirational Speaker Anthony Bennett was a no brainer for featuring on the Find Your Voice podcast. A recommendation from our previous guest Winston Clements, who I thank Anthony shared one hell of a story. This was one of the most amazing insights into the mind of someone who faced death numerous times. His back story was incredible, but so is his current journey today.

It is rarely an episode goes over 40 minutes but here we have so so many nuggets of takeaways that you can implement today to help you change your voice. As a result of that I felt I couldn’t cut any of his interview out. His self reflection, his story, his resilience, his behaviour with himself and thought processes are something we can all take gratitude and lessons from.

You can also see more of Anthony’s work via his social media platforms. He is actively talking and inspiring many people and knowing his struggle and adversity, I wish him nothing but success. Sometimes life forces us to do things, we do not want to, or feel we were ever meant too. But public speaking, and Anthony Bennett go hand in hand.

Some time stamps of some key topics:

[03:00] A little about the Miracle man

[12:20] Recognising how ill he was

[18:30] Shout out to the Medical Professions

[25:00] Self awareness & Understanding Your Body

[33:40] Anthony’s biggest fear & Routine

[43:50] Anthony’s approach to meeting Role Models & Learn

[44:20] Knowing your self worth

[59:00] Importance of sharing your story

[61:00] Skepta’s 3 parts of life

[72:00] Fun Part of the show

[78:00] The most important conversation you can have

I urge you all to follow his amazing journey. Also please share this episode with anyone you think it will help and go out there and Find Your Voice.

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