The importance of: Bucket Lists, Adding Value & Travelling by Rob Smallbone #41

“Adding Value” #41 by Rob Smallbone

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Rob Smallbone is a friend of the show. He is a property entrepreneur, an amazon best-selling author & an advocate for adding value. Having been fortunate enough to have created a success in property, Rob has transformed his life. He has enjoyed travelling which he thanks for changing his perspective. Realising, how lucky we are to have first world problems, Rob speaks of his pursuit of chasing happiness and fulfilment.

Rob also discusses adversity. He speaks of a poor relationship in his life. Yet in hindsight taught him one of his biggest lessons in life. Rob is now an advocate for ticking off his bucket list. Furthermore, he is leaving nothing to chance.

Someone who has risen from debt, to success in property. Rob has gone from prioritising materialistic things to finding beauty in the smaller things. This has come through his travels. Rob has gone on a fascinating transformation journey.

I urge you all to follow his journey. Also let us both know what you thought about this episode!

Key talking points in this episode:

  1. The importance of adding value
  2. Ticking off your bucket list
  3. Why giving is better than receiving
  4. Learning from adversity
  5. The benefits and beauty of travelling

I sincerely hope after this episode you gain genuine value. Follow myself and Rob on our links below and let us know your thoughts:)

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Have an awesome day! Go out there and leave nothing to chance. Go out there and #FindYourVoice

P.s. I will be a guest on Rob’s podcast after this show. The launch for this is on the 7th October, if anyone is interested. I hope it adds value! It is a glimpse into certain areas of my journey to date.

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