How to Overcome Adversity and Find Your Purpose

How to Overcome Adversity and Find Your Purpose

How to Overcome Adversity and Find Your Purpose, the author of The Empowerment Paradox Ben Woodward joins us today.

Ben Woodward has one of the most remarkable stories, and his ability to handle adversity is second to none. Someone who has been hit with obstacles throughout his growing life, he now shares his perspective, lessons and amazing journey. A truly amazing gentlmen, who is now an author of the incredible Empowerment Paradox book which looks at Seven Vital Virtues to Turn Struggle Into Strength Hardcover.


[05:15] Ben’s incredible perspective on adversity

[16:00] Ben’s experience of anxiety & patience

[20:08] Engage your imagination

[28:00] All or nothing thinking

[32:00] Finding purpose through suffering or service

[44:00] Ben’s message to his younger self

More information:

Ben Woodward has become a highly sought after authority on personal and corporate transformation, helping individuals and organizations alike navigate through the complex and often uncomfortable journey of meaningful, lasting, and positive change. 

As the author of the best selling book, The Empowerment Paradox, Ben is quickly becoming the go-to person for empowering others in their efforts to turn adversity, struggle and suffering into strength, meaning and purpose. 

In his training, workshops, and speaking assignments Ben is able to draw upon a wealth of business and life experiences to give unique insights. He speaks specifically to our ability to turn crisis into opportunity, the virtues and attributes of inspirational leadership, helping organizations fall in love with corporate vision and empowering teams to become their very best. His experience with growing multi-billion dollar organizations as well as stuck mature businesses, excited new start ups, and enthusiastic entrepreneurs ensures his message is one that is relevant for all audiences.

Critically, Ben’s own personal experience with adversity and his determination to understand it, overcome it and be empowered by it provides an emotional potency to his message that is undeniable. Incredibly, his knack for making the audience laugh at his entertaining stories and anecdotes ensures audience members are informed, inspired, encouraged and entertained. 

As a strategist and coach Ben helps people find hidden strength when confronting complex or chronic challenges. Importantly, he takes people beyond the surface of the symptomatology of suffering and empowers them to turn this new found personal strength into value, and from there, turn value and purpose into inspirational identity and meaning. His online courses utilize blended learning techniques to ensure personal growth and transformation for all participants.

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