The best way to motivate yourself #94

The best way to motivate yourself, may not require you to try something different. You see, motivation comes in dribs & drabs! In fact, it seems to elude us when we need it most & appear when we can’t use it as effectively. Ever get that moment of motivation after a few beers but know deep down you won’t execute there and then and even less likely too, in the morning with hangover? Then on the flip side you know you need to work out but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get your body and mind to adhere to your wishes and instead you excuse yourself, let yourself off the hook and tell yourself, you will do better tomorrow?

Well this is why I hope this short bite sized episode will help you at least find another resource to add to your tool kit and get yourself doing things, to execute your goals, overcome your adversity and be happier!

So as I wrote these show notes, I recognised my Morbid motivation videos are only on my Instagram profile. However, I will be uploaded a YouTube version in the upcoming weeks if you want more clarity on this. I spoke about this at Toastmasters too and it helped me win an award for the best speech. The best way to motivate yourself, may be different to morbid motivation but I hope this at least gives you another option.

If you enjoyed it or found it useful, let me know! Also drop by the YouTube channel as we have content everyday going out now to help you.

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another common question I get is how we saw more of it every single day well the truth is I’m not welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning in to another episode I’ll find your voice my name is already on as always I am the host of the show so one of the things I want to speak to you today about is what are we doing the moment we wake up because I’m a fan of them believe that those first few minutes or maybe even I was depending on how long you faced a bad can massively dictate the rest of your day it’s very very common for something to throw us off in the morning to that have a knock on effect for the rest of my day for example we may receive some bad news or one of our buses may email us something expected us to maybe work over or we forgot a deadline for example and all these things because it is I. E. they cause worry the course stress free at a level of dread for the future and a result of that tends to throw you off your course it kind of throws your center point and makes you think oh my god what else can go wrong with the day and the day is just started so I thought this would be a very very interesting topic of conversation because recently I’ve really start to develop my own kind of habits and I always ask the question to order my guess is you probably send it across the eighty or ninety interviews I’ve done of what people’s daily habits and I don’t just ask dot as a card to fill a question I actually asked that because I’m always trying to understand why people do what they do and I’m always looking at people success habits and I’m trying to take a call maybe adopt certain philosophies %HESITATION said habits that they do not have one of the things I used to do two years ago and actually still do it is cord morbid motivation how does that sound pretty grim well actually I did enough to sort of this so hopefully if you want to learn a little bit more about it I definitely recommend it because it’s something that has massively helped me because it’s one of the things that really said to me and grind me from the moment I wake up so just very quickly for anyone he’s new to the podcast morbid motivation is me waking up in the morning or actually using this throughout the day because it’s not something specifically just designed for morning routines but I do tend to use it more that I said that to be me thinking of what’s the worst that could happen so let the doctor pepper advent I sit there and I think of horrible things that could happen in my life and that’s not because I am a sadistic human being or I have all these crazy nasty thoughts in my head but it’s because I know what fuels me internally I know what gets me motivated and all I know that this actually says me so my morbid motivation in the morning is me thinking of my parents my siblings my wife my best friends in the vote I something bad happening to them something so bad that maybe is not reversible something that would leave me shattered absolute to a point of no return the feeling light the whole world has crumbled and the reason I do this for a few minutes is because I didn’t recognize thankfully the everything is okay my family are still with me my wife is still here my best friends are still my best friends my brother’s us though that my sisters are still there and as a result of this instantly I felt a sense of gratitude and a huge a huge relief of gratitude and then nothing else in the day is as important as that because in morbid motivation the whole idea behind it is that you think of the worst things that could happen any post stuff into perspective so you know how many of us go through adversity and is often the adversity that makes us wake up at least for the next week or so where life’s too short M. F. focusing on the things that really make us happy well these are my things that come into my morbid motivation so as a result of that when I did start the day knowing that everyone safe and everyone’s okay nothing that hits me can really shock me or throw me off my center as much as it probably nobody could and that’s a great feeling it’s a feeling of empowerment because if something goes wrong if for example one of my projects is just going ever so slightly haywire I sit there and I think well I have my family I have my health I have a roof over my head so this is just something I practice in a context played the importance of it so how are you or to sit they get depressed and thinking of all these horrible things but what I want you to do is know what inspires you what motivates you because another common question I get is how we saw more of it every single day well the truth is I’m not I I’m really motivated or the time I’m really motivate every single day to the same way I was the day before however I know what drives me I know the things that really fill me and really get me out of bed so for me my life is about purpose in giving for example the mobile ID by morbid motivation in the morning I then just come from a place of service because if god forbid something happened to me that day I’ve gone out of the world doing the things I love so most of the stuff I do are you creating video storytelling podcasting there are passion projects and the possible just because that’s how we want to live my life I wanna live my life doing the things I love to do no when the people are safer I me and knowing that I have enough I already have enough for the roof of my head in this microphone right in front of my face right now I have enough of my fridges for my health is fine so these are just my perspectives and these are just some of the things the all I do in the morning on top of the all I do you practice self talk not if any of you are self employed you’re gonna recognize and especially if you wreck a home after a while it’s pretty boring being by yourself so many of us an isolation may relate to this by the way and what you tend to do is you start talking to yourself you start dancing and singing and just saying things to yourself one of the things I try and do at least in those moments is positively reaffirm myself I try and say things that uplift me like you are great you are confident you’re going to absolutely smash this episode off on your voice for example and all these little things Intelli build my confidence and that’s why I guess sometimes when people see me they don’t necessarily know the I. I’m an introvert I am very shy and I suffer with anxiety almost on a daily basis but it helps all these little things all these local rep stomper in in the background there will help me be calm myself and truly find my voice so of course I’ve always spoken about or the techniques like Geno’s meditation exercise and nutrition but for today I just wanted to call and leave it there and maybe get you all practice in dis morbid motivational just recognizing what are the things that motivate you because a very very key thing around motivation is that it doesn’t last it’s impossible to be more of a twenty four hours a day however if you know what motivates you you can literally pick and choose when to use that motivation tool or muscle or however you want to kind of bracket so for example I know that I need motivation around more of a character and that’s quite difficult because sometimes we don’t always one of a kind but then every frame and I say if you work out for an hour a day that’s four percent of the day all you need to do is find the motivation to get your ass into gear a motivate yourself to do the work that is necessary for four percent of the day when you say four percent of the day fast not as overwhelming as almost got a need to exercise this is going to be very difficult because I do like to push myself when I exercise so that four percent becomes a lot easier and then it’s a matter of preparing myself for the exercise especially if I’m not doing it as soon as I get out of bed and that could just be like me saying okay what helps me get into the right frame of mind and sometimes it is as simple as music I can just put the right song on it and instantly I’m like okay let’s get ready I get morning trying this and I’m out the door well sometimes it can just be a by going back to that morbid motivation of thinking I need to be in the best possible house for my loved ones for myself first and foremost as well so whenever works use it know your body know your mind no the way that you work because that’s the only way we can truly start to put the odds in our favor start to make sure that we are moving forward in a positive way to suit us in our lives so hopefully you find this useful I just thought I’d be nice to connect with you guys because I’m getting quite a lot of emails now so thank you for every single person we cannot because it’s always nice to get your thoughts and your perspective as well because I learned of every single one of you so I’m not an expert here I’m just somebody going through my own journey of insight you just try to help you guys with little tips and tricks that I picked up along the way so once again I hope you all stay nice and safe I hope you’re all happy please be grateful for the things that you have in your life you have so much beauty especially if you have the facility just to listen to a podcast and of course thank you so so much for listening to this podcast have a great day guys and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

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