The best supplements to buy

I am sure you have all asked: “What are the best supplements to buy”. In fact, I have single handedly been asked by all my clients and supporters on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat the same question.

What are the best supplements to buy?

In my view supplements, on the whole, are extremely popular in the health and fitness industry but for all the wrong reasons. They are quick ways for companies, or individuals to sell a shoddy white label product for profit, rather than a meaningful purpose! This grinds my gears, but as I have no alternative (yet) I can only use what is readily available.

Disclaimer: Remember that supplements are just that, supplements! Now before you think “what kind of sentence is that” let me give you the definition of a supplement:

"a thing added to something else in order to complete or enhance it."

This is how I need you to see it. It is something that should not substitute or replace your actual diet. You should always aim to obtain your minerals and nutrients via food and drink. However, if this is not possible, or feasible then that is where supplements come in. Supplements should enter only to add, enhance or complete your diet.

Now, through trial and error, research and consistency trying these supplement outs, I have found some good options. Some are more cost effective than others, but I always try to look for something that does what it says it is going to do.

This list is not comprehensive but includes supplements we have either had, recommend or would endorse. In no particular order and with no affiliation to any companies the best supplements to buy:

1.     Whey Protein.

I urge you to check any intolerances before opting for a protein source. Off the top of our heads, there are pea proteins, soy proteins, vegan proteins, whey proteins, casein proteins, hemp proteins and brown rice protein powders.

Pretty huge list right?

Now our favourite right now is the :

Optimum nutrition Gold Standard Whey.

A reputable company with a high concentrate of protein which tastes great!


MyProtein (Cheap, cheerful & does the job!)

the best supplements to buy by aren deu whey protein

Bulk Powders (Maybe it was the taste, but I prefer ON and MyProtein. Although I would definitely utilise this if I had too).

the best supplements to buy whey protein powder

2.     Creatine monohydrate

One of the most researched supplements on the market, which can help you on your fitness journey. It can also be found in foods, such as red meat but a very cheap supplement that if you are serious about lifting weights would only benefit you.

Similar to the whey we opt for the same brand. If its not broke, we don’t intend on fixing anything. Plus this is also micronised and unflavoured, going unnoticed in smoothies and water.

Optimum nutrition creatine monohydrate

the best supplements to buy optimum nutrition creatine monohydrate

3.     Pre-workout

Now this list can extend for ages! You are ideally looking for some sort of caffeine hit although people do enjoy the beta-alanine effects too.

Personally I have side effects of the itch to the later, but you may benefit from it.

Coffee could work just as well here too. The best flavoured ones, we have used in 2018 are yes, you guessed it by Optimum Nutrition.

the best supplements to buy pre workout optimum nutrition

Optimum nutrition gold

4.     Zinc & Magnesium

One of the best supplements we have utilised for over 8 years now. The health benefits of both these supplements is a document worth writing in itself. But a quick note is that: Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Zinc is important as it activates enzymes that are responsible for the synthesis of certain proteins

The only thing we will say is that if you have these before you sleep, you may experience some of the greatest, vivid, dreams ever!

the best supplements to buy zma and zinc and magnesium

ZMA by Met-rx

5. Omega 3,6,9

As above these are crucial to overall health and wellness. Brain function, creativity, clarity, reducing cholesterol, blood pressure and improving heart health to name just a few!

Our choice, although we have done a fair bit of research into this particular product.

the best supplements to buy omega 3,6,9 3 6 9 omega

Omega 3,6,9

6.     Vitamin D

Another very important supplement recommended by GPs to many people due to the inadequate amount of quality sunlight we get access too.

Highly recommended for overall health benefits.

the best supplements to buy vitamin d3

Vitamin D

7.     Turmeric

Okay, so we manage to have the powder form and chug this down every morning. But for anyone who can’t handle that without getting nauseous then we recommend a tablet form.

Health benefits from this natural substance are through the roof, but from a health and fitness perspective they will help reduce inflammation. 

the best supplements to buy organic tumeric


8.     Vitamin C

A recent addition to my supplement stack, yet probably something many of you have implemented for so long. Remember Vitamin C works better when you have before you get ill, it is not as effective when it is used as a reactive cure. Vitamin C, is essential for the growth, development and repair of your body tissues. It also aids the absorption of iron, improves your immune system along with so many other benefits!

the best supplements to buy vitamin c

Vitamin C

9.     Probiotics

Your gut is about as important as your heart and brain. Sometimes considered your second brain it is crucial you monitor and look after your gut health. For this reason we strongly recommend getting a proper probiotic. We use the following two probiotics having checked their origin, ratio of cultures avoiding synthetic ingredients.

the best supplements to buy probiotics


Now everyone has their own needs for the overall health and wellness needs, but these are the best supplements to buy in my opinion that I have used. They allow me to focus on cardio, weight training and the general pressures and exhaustion of working as an “entrepreneur”. It allows me to keep my health in check, and the odds in my favour whilst ensuring busy days and nights don’t hinder my health.

The best supplements to buy will always be subjective but every single one of the above can be added to anyones diet to enhance it at some stage or in some way.

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