Surviving Cancer & thriving 365 days a year #14

Surviving Cancer & thriving 365 days a year #14
bep dhaliwall aren deu find your voice cancer survivor

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Find your voice – Episode 14 – “And still I rise” – Bep Dhaliwal #14

Tagline: “No matter what life threw at her, she felt the pain, she cried the tears, and then she chose to rise…”


The queen at finding the silver lining

The Queen at finding the Silver Lining, Bep Dhaliwal shares her incredible story. However, you may also recognise her from her fantastic movement, Thrive 365. Thrive 365 focuses on life coaching and empowering others.

This episode

In this episode however, Bep discusses her incredible perspective on life, having overcome cancer. She has seen the damage it has done to her family and friends and rose each time. From spending a large proportion of career in the Corporate world, Bep has now transitioned into something different. Bep’s new focus is now more self-fulfilling and purpose driven. It has become more personal.

As a result of cancer

As a result of cancer, Beps life has changed. Calling cancer the unwanted guest, Beps invite was not wanted but received nonetheless. However, this huge setback built Bep a mindset and resilience that she is now thankful for. Her levels of gratitude have increased, her perception towards the world daily has evolved. Her personality is vibrant, rather than sorryful. She is now truly thriving, daily.

In fact, her infectious and positive attitude is even more apparent now, with a higher drive to succeed.

For instance her unselfish focus on helping to empower others is what makes her so special via Thrive 365.

A truly emotional story, which resonated with me personally due to Cancer being a common theme in my own family. I am eternally grateful for Bep and her courage she showed in this episode.

Furthermore, I thank her for sharing her story and showcasing her strength in this episode.

Due to the sensitivity of the subject, it was a difficult episode to record for us both, but the messages remain clear. Aim to thrive each day, for it could genuinely be your last.

In conclusion

As a result, of the above I also encourage you all to follow her journey as she is someone who has so much to offer. Her words of wisdom, her perspective and her nature are what the world needs more of.

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Tags: Surviving Cancer with Bep Dhaliwal. Something she never wanted to be known for. But something that has now made her find her voice.

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