Stop Being a Perfectionist #77

Stop Being a Perfectionist #77

“Perfect doesn’t exist” – Aren Deu #77 so Stop being a perfectionist!

Perfectionism is nothing to be proud of. Trust me, I used to wear it as a badge of honour daily. So the aim of this episode is to ensure you stop being a perfectionist. However, I have since realised it was just an excuse to not take action, to procrastinate and just delay my goals. So having had some recent feedback from listeners, who believed I had it all figured out, I felt it necessary to share the truth. (YouTube video, will be out tomorrow)

Also, it is my goal, to ensure the listeners of find your voice aren’t just talkers. Instead, I want you to be doers, to be action takers and be about it!! Finding your voice is about taking control of your life, overcoming your struggles and adversity and yes Finding Your Voice. So off the back of a few listeners, one in particular, thinking I had my anxiety shyness conquered, oh you are so wrong!

Remember I am about as normal as you can get and just like you all. I get stressed, worried, nervous and anxious. I get frustrated, angry overwhelmed too. To make matters worse, I know how to conquer many of these emotions, or at least control them. I have so much wisdom from my guests that I sometimes know the right thing to do, but even then I don’t always do it.

So listen, it’s okay to feel crappy, act crappy and be crappy on the odd occasion. Just remember not to make it a habit. The point is we just need to move forward from that, and we just need to try better next time. I guess that comes down to the right habits and discipline, executing and course correcting.

Please ensure you:

So whatever you have in your heart, feel it.

Whatever you have in your mind, speak it.

Whatever you want to do, just go out and do it please.

If one thing I learned this week is that life its just too bloody fragile.

I want to send my thoughts and condolences to the friends and family of those who lost someone in the tragic helicopter crash.

RIP to:

Ara Zobayan

Sarah Chester

Payton Chester

Christina Mauser

Keri Altobelli

John Altobelli

Alyssa Altobelli

GigI Bryant

& Kobe Bryant

I want to also leave you on a quote that I saw from twitter that I just hope will stop you procrastinating and take note of the important things in your life, cherish them and make the most of every single second you have in this beautiful world.

“Leaving your home and getting back safely is such an underrated blessing”


Thanks for listening.

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Transcript from Pippa (hosting website) Please note these may not be 100% accurate:

welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode of find your voice my name is iron on as always I am the host of the show so today I’m do something that’s going to push me out of my comfort zone I’m gonna be doing an episode live on you cheap and also live for you guys not listening that will not be edited it would not be edited one bit and obviously I was the title of this is about perfectionism I think that’s how it should be because it would be very ironic if I made an episode about perfection is and then all of a sudden I went back and I tried to make it pay for it if it doesn’t exist is elusive and I know this but yes sometimes I still spend three to four I was trying to make an episode sound absolutely incredible for you amazing listeners and the reason I suppose I do that is because I’m conscious of your time I know how fragile life is especially if the events of this week are going to teach us anything and that’s why I always say from the bottom of hot thank you so much for spending a few moments with me listen to this podcast because you could be doing anything in the day and you chose to share like a few minutes or a few hours with me listening to find your voice this into my amazing guests on the show just to try and help you move your life so for that I’m eternally grateful but also I had somebody reach out to me recently and we just had a conversation and he says it’s great higher March you overcame your resign E. I. your shyness and you’re speaking and I just wanna tell you that is sold so far from the truth because I I mess up on every single episode of fat I recorded it as a bit of a joke but there are so many outtakes on the stock of this and I want to do that just to kind of show you just in case somebody to do this episode without any mistakes I still make mistakes and no obvious mistakes these are the kind of mistakes I make let you on every episode sometimes with a Gaston have a brain fog sometimes want to say a word and I can’t think of the way that’s just life that is life if I had compared myself to a Tom B. U. R. and Marla I’d start my podcast would never have started to do not look at people who you think have it all figured out I promise you nobody has it all figured out do not look at people and think oh my god that’s so disciplined every day they’re amazing we are one amazing every day I had the most normal person you will ever meet I have one super power one sick how I’m very very very proud of that is I would very very hard that’s about it and when I do stuff with his idea when I do struggle I always try to just me forward even if it’s not one person always trying to say okay are you just going to be a little bit better than last time you just going to be a little bit stronger love it brave outlook the more courageous in this moment so that’s one of the things on before with because if you’re somebody who’d like me use perfection as a badge of honor for the majority of my life from being completely honest it limits you so so much it limits you from finding your voice it limits you from right in your own story it will make you procrastinate it will stop you from execution and making just worry about releasing things are saying things are doing things and I’m not with his I. E. you are a recipe for disaster and I was a recipe for disaster of a so so many years so I wholeheartedly want one of my list as of the show not to be people like I used to be not to be the tool crew the thing for the ideas personally to be an action take I want to move forward take yourself a cab is all make some mistakes you’re only going to get better when you make mistakes take your mistakes except up understand and then think how do I get a little bit bad next time how do I say less is in my sentence how do I take a deep breath and to compose myself to say the right answer robin say something all in a wishy washy direction then conical but to the point again so really trying self reflective not something all I’m really conscious of I really try and study people are really trying to make part custom craft something not I know that a bit like the gym if I were cut it more more I will get slowly back and back each and every day so that’s one of the main reason behind this try to get that word out there not sure what happened there but that’s a prime example of some of the stuff that happens from my mouth I’m online sometimes I feel like they’re not even connected sometimes a for life I’m Marty St insulting appraise thinking Hey Hey Hey slot on a second I’m vai service up but I’m just wanna let you know I’m as normal as they come all I get stressed worried nervous angry anxious and this is my journey as well find your voice is almost let me sometime just talking to myself having the therapeutic moment of where I’ve had something and that something and then I want to kind of teach you to you guys as well because I feel sometimes the something massively has a positive impact on my life I feel is that my G. to share that with the voters are and to share it with you very very loyal listeners who have supported the show and I want to touch on a briefly mentioned Ella is the tragic event that happened this week DOT made the world stand still and there are so many takeaways from doctor speak about it for now but I’m conscious of your time and I want to be doing that but he told me so much about legacy like the importance of legacy I mean to have the whole world stand out because you gave it your you literally left it all out there on the battlefield irrespective of your self doubt and you in secure ease dot is so inspiring and even from another aspect de father and daughter relationship that was absolutely emotional as well for me an incredible to see and I don’t have children but I hope that one day my daughter or my son could be the same way as well but I know that if I’m always chasing perfection in a way for the exact right time to do these at right things that’s never gonna happen and so many of you can resonate with died any walks of your life so just before I kind of close the show and hope that you guys appreciate me just being completely roll completely on edited a whole is still brings you value I really just want to encourage you after the show two just seriously whatever’s in your hot it’s telling you something feel it Bailey white lives in your mind speak it it’s there to be spoken whatever is you’ll goal for this year with this month of the state just go out there and do it just take one simple action to me for not promise you if you are unsure about what that first action should be reach out to me reach out to me on Instagram and I promise you I will respond to you within twenty four hours and give you at least a step just to help you move forward in whatever you’re doing and if I don’t know the answer I will find somebody who knows the answer will always spent a hell of a lot of time finding out for you and as a kind of close the show now I’m just want to say my thoughts and condolences go out to every single person who is affected in a helicopter crash I’m told the other tragedies in the world no one death should high rank any more superior than another one but this really did affect my week it really did hi all my emotions and my own personality so so rest in peace to you all right Sarah Hey ten Christina Kerry John Lisa Gigi and of course Kobe Bryant you did have an impact on my life I’m not basketball fans but in terms of work I think in terms of the way he conducts himself on days where he’s injured where he’s not feeling right I love dot dot is the stuff that helps me get to the gym is a federal fund is being you’re not how the hell are you going to the gym twice a day and you do that for twenty thirty days in a row is because I look at people like him I look at people like in key Johnson I have every Thomas in the back of my and I have all these people who inspired me like the rock for example nothing if you guys can do I’m sure I can do and you guys need to remember that as well the reason I bring these guests on the show is because I want that person to be your blueprint for you to think hold on a minute I’ve been through something in life the house hold me apart it’s it’s stripped me of all the things I wanted always really affected you but then I want to see that person is also had the same circumstances but then come out the other side as well and I’ve come out the other side of the turn the life around so that’s why I do the show is to show you and at the same time I express myself for anyone who is shy around just listen I just had a hundred thousand downloads hi I don’t know but I’m so so so grateful and if I was that person you just sat there and wait for this moment of where would be perfect I would be where I am today being able to speak to you award so I will leave you with a final call and this was a call is entrees not something all made up and it just resonated with me and had me and the wife repeat to each and every single day since two three times a day depending on how many times believe the highest the final call of this episode is leaving your home and get back safely is an underrated blessing and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

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