Finding Power in Empathy #65

Finding Power in Empathy #65

“Change 1 world every single day” by

Ally Salama

There is huge Power in empathy as Ally Salama states. Ally is a Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, Podcaster, Ex Pro Athlete shares. Recently he has also becoe a mental health ambassador. His work has stemmed from suffering with clinical depression himself. Something he openly admits to never understanding. Mental health is a common taboo subject.

For Ally it was too, until he was diagnosed with it. However, depression forced him to take a look at himself. Ally had to address his own motives and understand himself on a deeper level. Now Ally is focused on creating a huge movement and raising awareness in the Middle East for mental health. Ally’s message is sincere, authentic and powerful. He is changing the conversation around mental health. Too many people are suffering, that do not need to suffer. People like you, reading this now and Ally want to make a change. So let’s make it. Do you know someone who is suffering?


Ally has also had his fair share of adversity. He was stabbed at 15 to recognise the true gift and gratitude of life we all have today. He is now determined to never let that blessing of being alive become forgotten. Ally is actively now aiming to change 1 world every single day through empathy. He is a people person. We spoke for 2 hours and I could have carried on. Alongside this, similar to myself, preach empathy and compassion. We both advocate putting people first, over anything else. This will result in bigger rewards, higher fulfilment and more happiness.

Ally is now someone I am proud to now call a friend. I hope after this episode you can resonate with his message. His work is just getting started. So I urge you to follow his journey and show support. Let’s help him on his empowering movement. Together we can go further and make a larger impact. There is huge power in empathy. Let’s preach it, teach it and encourage it.

Also check out Ally over on Instagram where he is very active.

Key timestamps:

[04:45] Ex Pro Athlete with a Broken Mindset

[10:10] The Strongest People in the World, Have the Biggest Hearts

[21:40] Anxiety & Our Mobile Phones

[24:00] Happiness & Relationships + Stabbing Story

[30:00] Running 100 miles after a 3rd attempt

[41:30] Women Empowerment

Key Quotes by Ally

“he Strongest People in the World, Have the Biggest Hearts”

“Empathy Always wins”

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