Should You Drop Out of College? #72

Should You Drop Out of College? #72

Should You Drop Out of College? A question I am sure many of us have asked ourselves.

“Live peacefully doing what you love” by Evan Bradley Johnson #72

Evan Bradley Johnson dropped out of college, when he recognised quickly the corporate life was not for him. He wanted to be an entrepreneur, and that he did. He took over from his mothers business and has not looked back since. A different perspective, for the listeners of find your voice. But I hope you find this useful. Finding Your Voice, or your way in life, can come through any avenue. Now I never want to prescribe something so matter of fact to you, without at least giving a balanced argument.

But the one thing I would strongly suggest you all do, moving forward in 2020, is to look at your life and see if its making you truly happy and fulfilled. If it is not, then you may need to reassess and look at where you need to go. Once you have this, I urge you to reverse engineer the process and find a way of becoming that person worthy and capable of living out those dreams.

Some great honest insights from an entrepreneur that aren’t often discussed. But for anyone at crossroads in their life, I hope this episode brings value. At the very least, it forces you to question whether you should drop out or attend college?

Other topics discussed included: Finding things that make you. recognising downtime is okay and the importance of mindset.

Key timestamps:

[05:00] Evan’s entrepreneurial start

[07:28] The Best & Worst thing about being an entrepreneur

[16:50] Never forget how far you have come

[17:10] Evan’s health problems

[25:40] Taking time for the things that you enjoy

Key Quotes by Evan:

“it’s okay to have goals and try to achieve, but try to remember to take a step back and remember that there is a life happening to you in this moment, and its okay to take a breathe and enjoy that”.

“Nothing is a perfectly great answer”

“Drop out of college”

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Pippa Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

but around Valentine’s day of twenty nineteen so is actually coming up on your now also no no work out this extreme I’m domino and stomach pain and I wasn’t able to work from about February to July of this last year and that’s tough for you know one entrepreneur when you know it’s my business and it wasn’t at the point where I had a bunch of employees or whatever to work at like it was all me welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode off find your voice my name is are in and as always for all the episodes before hopefully with the episode moving forward I will be the host of the show so today’s an interesting episode and I was kind of playing around with what do I call it I’m not gonna go home with should you drop out of college not quite interesting question or at least for myself and one of the things I want to make sure is that this episode does not cause any problems in your hive sold and (subscribe to find your voice) so I do not get any hate mail from any parents out there but it was just an interesting question it was something that kind of was the theme behind this episode with Evan the I just hide and I fell it would be at least my responsibility to at least make you guys aware dot being an entrepreneur a old doing something slightly different are you coming out of college is okay I needs okay depending on the type of person you are and your goals in the kind of things that make you happy and the reason I say that is because I’ve done the degrees I’ve done the Jesus see the a levels the diplomas and I’ve also been must as well so I’m not saying has saying Hey you should just completely disregard that become an entrepreneur in fact I’m probably the least entrepreneur type of person or at least a was growing up so I’m not a self employed I now what for myself I’m not trying to Craig businesses and I’m not by any stretch of the imagination trying to say I’m extremely successful but what I recognize the margin is a property developer I and the best that is that you can learn a hell of a lot of things and you could really gain a new perspective a life and the things that make you happy and excited like really start to change it I don’t necessarily think I would be the person I am today how does state in corporate land so for me it’s definitely been a wise decision and I’m not somebody who I truly believed was a thoroughbred entrepreneur put the trace the discipline the hobbits a self development or about stuff I absolutely love and I’ve only really been able to grasp died lead so much of that on this JD so it’s a question of how many leave Hey I’m not gonna kind of job will waive or the other because I believe you from nine to five is what you believe in your heart of hearts makes you happy if a fellow that absolutely one hundred percent you should stay there but Evans interview today was very interested because he somebody who started his entrepreneurial Jenny as a high school student and we’re gonna jump the tree straight into it not because this intro is longer than normal and I don’t want to get in trouble before I even started a what you or to obviously listened to Evan on this episode because he just provides one perspective one perspective of an individual who recognize very very early on that he’s not set out for the corporate life you’ve got he wants to do something more entrepreneurial and another great point he mentioned as well and this is another theme behind this episode is that he does stuff that makes him happy so for anyone who is potentially thinking about going on the entrepreneurial route throughout life I think this episode’s gonna be very very important for you because there’s a few things that I wish I knew when I star eight four years ago because it would just help me so so much so without further ado you guys let’s get this interview on the way I want to get thank you so much for shooting it okay so I would like to stop by welcome in heaven to today’s episode off on your voice how we did today my friend I am doing good I’m catching up after the holidays but I am excited to be here I’m testing well it’s great to have you here so I was very honored to teach because I was able to jump onto your podcast aid you in the weeks of thank you for that and I thought having got to speak to you a little bit after the episode I thought you got a story as well the I think the listeners will find value from so if you wouldn’t mind in true find your voice start if you could maybe give the listeners a little bit about yourself lever by you Jenny what brings you here today I’m fine your voice so I I’m a business owner right now I’m an entrepreneur I am a part because producer I didn’t produce podcasts and also doing currently I started that business when I was in high school I was in junior high school and I saw everyone around me going and getting jobs at McDonalds and places like that you know being (subscribe to find your voice) waiters and that kind of stuff and I knew that that wasn’t really for me although I did want some extra money right so my mom actually she’s been involved in the online entrepreneur space for as long as I can remember she had a podcast and so she asked me if I wanted to take over her editing working she would you know she offered to pay for and I said okay sure you know she taught me how to do it I did it and eventually she was like Hey why don’t you do this for other people in charge of them as well and I was like I’m okay (subscribe to find your voice) absolutely so I (subscribe to find your voice) I went for it and you know then (subscribe to find your voice) it kind of started to gain momentum and (subscribe to find your voice) and only in the last about a year and a half to two years of a really really dive into it because it took me a long time to actually find my path as far as business and and my life anyway I tried to be working at Starbucks lasted for about one month and then I quit yeah because (subscribe to find your voice) nothing in Starbucks but it was just not fun and then I went to college for a little while but I’m actually dropped out of college not too long ago even though I had only about three or four months left to the wood finish the degree I decided to drop out because I didn’t really want a plan B. my business was my plan a at want a plan B. yeah but like any time I spent on college would be a waste of time because it wasn’t really helping are impacting my business and my life in a positive way so what I love about that is most of us especially a high school we’re kind of trying to avoid extra wick or at the very least if some of us do you need a job it’s normally or along those traditional Russes get S. sows assistant’s job you come away to rule just go to McDonald’s what I liked about your story that is you went into the entrepreneurial space which is something that I think I’m almost encourage more people to do you because I feel that what you can and if you are good enough find your way in that world it’s so much more satisfying and you learn so much more as opposed to just being a product of the system and this is kind of what I want to say to any listeners here who may be thinking a normal nine to five job or a corporate job isn’t for me maybe I need to take the jobs I want them to hate your story and see somebody who’s gone out there taking a bit of a risk and done it so on that note then what’s been the best thing and the worst thing about being an entrepreneur does a really good question well I guess we’ll start with the best thing yeah and to be honest the best thing to me about being an entrepreneur and the part that I hold above pretty much all other parts of of of my life as an entrepreneur is the fact that I can live by by I can live by this I don’t do anything the I don’t want to do right from when I wake up until one I go to bed at night every minute of my day is is my choice right I can sure I can choose to do certain things doesn’t mean that I am over the moon loving every aspect of business right (subscribe to find your voice) there are certain things I I want to outsource I’m not great at marketing right I don’t necessarily like doing it but I still do it right so you may think all why are you doing that if use live by saying I don’t do I don’t want to do right yeah well I know what I want I know what I need to do to make it happen I know what work I need to put in and so even though some of it is not my favorite right to do it still is my choice to do it and it’s all for me is not for somebody else (subscribe to find your voice) so that would be the best part right as opposed to you know if you’re in a corporate job every minute of your day is dictated by somebody else and everything you’re doing something you don’t want to do so that is for me that’s my favorite parts of my life is my own and I would say my least favorite part in a way it’s almost the same thing if that makes sense it’s kind of like a coin with two sides the other side of it is because my days all my own and everything is up to me everything is up to me right no one no one tells me what to do I house you’re working with a coach which has helped tremendously but especially right when you’re starting out and especially if you’re used to say if you’re in high school or you’re just in college if you’re used to everyone else telling you what to do right because when you’re in in school you you they tell you when your classes are a your teachers tell you what your homework is a spoon feed you all the information yeah and they give you the test right so all you have to focus on doing the stuff they tell you to do yeah when your business is completely different you hot the world is your oyster right that said people say your days all of your own so you could and I am very guilty of this you could just do nothing all day of course I have had days were really not feeling and I don’t end up getting to work until like five PM right so that I say will be my least favorite part is that all up to me so can be stressful trying to think okay what do I need to do to just start from nothing can grow a successful business right I can echo order those stores I’ve had those lines will not yes I love this because I live on my own tend to have a boss telling me what to do I have a going to sit there and if a pretty small but just sit there until five o’clock so I I recognize without at the same time I have some stuff in the day I just do not want to be doing like I love this conversation I love speaking with people but when it comes to edited now I know what a day but I know I’ll have to do because it Kay let yourself on all well we’re to go on a one way can you to pour in so again it’s kind of my choice I suppose and I always use them Tim Ferriss is the four hour workweek because I feel a lot of people got that confused when people read that because it is a really really popular book and everyone’s trying to find this for our Whitby where they would after waking while I take away from that and this is just my own perspective is actually what he’s trying to say is you should only have to work if you do everything right for I was in a week on things that you may not necessarily want to do like dot is awake and then the rest of the days are doing stuff that you actually love so I’m trying to get my week to our morning doom for I was of stuff that then maybe I don’t want to kind of do that makes it a bit of sense and destructive thing was really important as well so we don’t have a boss telling us what to do so is very very easy to sit there with a bag of Doritos watching Netflix what you want to SO two three four then all of a sudden it six o’clock in the evening and we have to kind of discipline ourselves on not so on that note then have been nobody around you to kind of facilitate your day and tell you what you should be doing how do you structure your day that from the moment you wake up well it’s taken some time to figure out a good structure and to really make that happen and it’s definitely still work in progress I mean everyone’s days or work in progress I feel like but I mean I don’t have the exact same structure every single day I’m differently still working this that’s one of my main things I’m working on right now as of right now I really just I wake up I make breakfast first thing and then I work for probably like two hours take some kind of break maybe a walk maybe some you know something else for lunch come back working under two hours you’re gonna break I usually just kind you two hours of work and then take a break or maybe one hour take a break on how I’m feeling and then not doc goes to work work day some days the main thing as well as some days I’ll have calls like this (subscribe to find your voice) and those days are more devoted to calls so one make the major I guess tip our how this far as structuring would be if you do calls like this if you have any kind of meetings or things that take up your time like this that aren’t that isn’t just kind of you you know working on limit limit those to a couple days because it’s gonna break up your day and can be harder to get some of that work done when it’s just you so do like Thursday or Friday are days for calls for like podcast recording things like that and then Monday through Wednesday there are days for just productive work so I don’t know if that answers your question I’m not the greatest person to speak to the structure and the days but all I know is I I work for for blocks throughout the day take breaks in between so it’s not six PM and I have been working for not you know yeah all of the whole day and I feel horribly tired so that would be that would be my main thing I like tons of because it’s honest you’re not paying a picture that I think a lot of the M. entre is art that try to pay IT from off five or four o’clock and some of them are even making about three o’clock and then we can take caution yeah eighteen hours a day and I just don’t see the I mean I’m not saying that doesn’t exist but I think you’re literally talking the talk Hoffa present in the world that can do that but for the normal mortals like ourselves it is about it’s about trying to find our own structure and this is why I was just a question so simple things that you you said there was a few things on like which was trying to record a podcast on just the set few days or lack of just the before this court is hot three in a row because that I can just focus on delivering the best podcast experience and then the other days I can focus on my property work on my health and fitness stuff so I love that and I think people should be mindful of whether Reggie is because we lose flow very easily as humans so we need to make sure that we’re we’re in something with on it one hundred percent and also I love the the blocks B. as well because most of us were working blocks now with us in the morning over the word night owl we need to find where our energy is best served and we don’t need to be us also prefer not working eighteen hours a day it’s more about the cost of what that you do within those I was so that’s a great answer and again I’m sure in a year’s time similar to myself you’ll probably have a different structure something a little bit more tailored would just off as well I me do you exercise and do you do stuff like go saying a gratitude as well yes B. exercise is a little bit different as far as health and fitness I’m definitely not the standard as far as I can have a lot of health problems so that’s very very specifically tailored to me I haven’t been able to exercise a quite awhile actually but I’m gonna be reintroduced not soon (subscribe to find your voice) as far as gratitude I do yes it’s kind of like a an ongoing thing I suppose were throughout the day especially if I start to get maybe frustrated or anxious about wanting the things that I want right as everyone does I’ll try to take a step back and look around at what I have and be like okay well done I’m doing pretty good absolutely I’ve got a great life right now got a great apartment was my girlfriend is going really well (subscribe to find your voice) I I it doesn’t mean I need to take my foot off the gas right but I don’t need to feel so like incredibly urgent about getting about reaching like financial goals and things be nice I want it I’m working very hard for it yeah I don’t want to be this all consuming thing and then it makes me hate my wife Knox is not the life that I want to live right just does not make sense absolutely one hundred percent and I think this is one of the cases of being an entrepreneur is that you almost recognize that you have to be patient but at the same time we’re impatient as well and sometimes a very patient that can almost make you become dissatisfied and that’s almost a consuming overwhelming experience so you to be able to take that step back and just talk and have a look or the things that you’ve done it just be part of your achievements and your programs I think that’s a very very wise thing that anyone listen to the show can take on board so don’t get stuck in the cycle of being an entrepreneur and hustling hosting hosting that you forget the actually I’ve made a hell of a lot of programs here you can only have a seat at what we have to stop and reflect back so I’m guilty of that I’m glad you said that you recognize that very early within you Jenny so that’s a great point I’m you briefly mentioned that your health problems if you wouldn’t mind if you can maybe look at that as maybe you could your time of adversity because I know you said you you struggled with some health problems if you wouldn’t mind having sharing that with the orders but also what that tool even tens of even for the less is all the resilience that force you to build (subscribe to find your voice) just give us kind of a sharp bark on is exactly what happened it’s not something that’s kind of clear cut and I’m still not really sure exactly happened but around Valentine’s day of twenty nineteen so is actually coming up on your now also no no work out this extreme abdominal and stomach pain I ended up coming in and out of the ER about three times we did a bunch of tests and X. rays all you know all standard E. R. stuff and everything came out normal actually (subscribe to find your voice) it’s kind of funny one of the (subscribe to find your voice) the second as I went to the thought was just coming in and trying to like scan them for drugs all the they did all these tests and everything was fine right latest autos coming for narcotics but now is not the case yeah my mom actually how to fly out and come in with me like okay look I’m his mom I’m here with him he’s not trying to get drugs all the while he brings my absolutely so (subscribe to find your voice) ventrally (subscribe to find your voice) I went to a functional medicine doctor because all the normal doctor trying to do is give me some pills okay take these calls everything should be fine well spoiler alert that’s not how medicine works right out so I was not fine motor function medicine doctor got a lot of actual good tests done blood test things like that figured out that there is lots of different things like for a little item D. low white blood cell count blog hormone pathways I’m not a doctor so I can’t like I’m not personal the jargon that he used but suffice it to say that there’s a lot of things that long and seven taking certain supplements and things to improve symptoms and to help actually fix those things are wrong so I can be functioning perfectly right and so and I wasn’t able to work from about February to July of this last year and yeah and so that’s tough for you know one entrepreneur when a no it’s my business not wasn’t at the point where I had a bunch of employees or whatever to work at like it was all me so this is pretty much was on hold for that time I’m constantly learning new things this whole experience isn’t quite behind me yet so I have a feeling the best lessons are still to come or they’re kind of currently being learned so I’m not really aware of it yet but to be honest one of the big things was mindset because one of the only things I could really do if I was like laying in bed in a bunch of pain like there wasn’t really anything I could do besides use my mind set to move past it and so when there’s resilience is coming from business and when there are things like that I use my mindset to to get pushed out a way to keep moving forward I only me think of it dream of successes that I want right and what my wife would look like if I was going to be healthy if I had the amount of money that I want and all that kind of stuff so eventually when you think about that so much is just what I came to believe was true and I don’t know I just I haven’t thought about failure or things like that in quite a long time because I never think about well what if I fail or well what if I’m sick forever right yeah I don’t think about that so I no longer really believe that the panel will last forever and I no longer believe that I can really fail a business so I don’t know if that answers your question but I would say for right now that’s one of the biggest you know lessons I’ve learned at least at this stage is is really the power of of mindset and all that one thing I live with that story was you recognize dot you couldn’t change your physical body you you couldn’t really make that any back so what you did you read on the one thing that you can control and I always say this to you many people are trying to practice what I preach as well is that we can control our physical and mental health we can’t control what people do we call control I boss is going to do or what I need is going to do or any external people we can control ourselves as much as possible so what you show that is by controlling what you can control the controllable because IT your mindset you’re not in a position where you’re not necessarily thinking about failures in you you’re visualizing success and your subconscious is almost be reprogrammed and that’s a lesson I want a lot of people to work on is that what are we saying to ourselves on a daily basis how do we speak to ourselves how do we look at ourselves when things go wrong and how we just change the perspective so I’d say ten fifteen years ago if I was in your situation I don’t know the full extent of your health problems but I probably feel sorry for myself from being noticed so I like throwing that it takes a long time to make that happen because you know of course I did feel sorry for myself anyone would you know what I mean it did take me a long time I mean it’s been almost a year now since I got sick it’s only in the recent couple of months I would say that I really really kind of really shook for my mindset and other health got better and things kind of fell into place as far as that goes so I wouldn’t beat yourself up if like rocky listen subcircular come to think positively make a dollar (subscribe to find your voice) and you still feel sorry for yourself like all I know I didn’t do it right it takes a long time to get there like that’s the hardest part you have to whenever that happens remind yourself (subscribe to find your voice) no I’m not gonna be sorry for myself gonna visualize my successes and eventually you won’t even think to feel sorry for yourself so it it does it does take time and I was definitely not had a perfect day one right (subscribe to find your voice) it takes a long time I love the I appreciate your honesty a tea with dot so I’ve done it myself well blend something off of that for me the greatest lesson anyone can teach me they’re not trying to implement it and the last two or three days and then I forget to do it then what happens is I beat myself up about not doing it so let’s not be ourselves up let’s just try and obvious the improvement as much as possible have you got any mindset tips that or are there any things that you do on a daily basis to help enhance your mind set is a lot of reading or is it by your coaching got me what what could you recommend to somebody not to say that they can I still have this mindset that people keep saying this wonderful would mind set well the first thing I would recommend would be to have a good support system around you because if it’s just you and if you’re alone and if the only person who’s gonna remind you to think positively is yourself then it will be a lot harder because you know if you forget then who’s got her mind you right (subscribe to find your voice) so have a good support system (subscribe to find your voice) coaches are incredible I live with my girlfriend and she was she really helped me through when I was really sick hoping to remind me like you know there is something happening to you but a lot of what you controls in your head and I was like you’re right you’re right you know I’m okay and so she’s like yeah you’re okay and then so that helped so have a good support system around you will be you have number one man (subscribe to find your voice) meditation is is a big one reading is a big one make sure to take time for things that you enjoy that’s really big as well like I mean like hobbies or you know just stuff that you like doing that may not be money making activities right make sure to come to do those roles and yeah I mean just it’s really just takes time it is very small steps and you keep taking the small steps every day and you’ll get theirs adjusters visualizing I mean there’s not really like a I temper trick or half or something that makes the mind set better it’s just time and its dedication and commitment to some extent absolutely that’s a burden on such a so always taking notes as you were saying that and I was kind of relate it almost to my own life so I’m gonna just summarize because I think this is a new poll by the show the anyone listening take this away trying for the small steps in the small little things in your life so for example the support system that’s effectively your network the five people that you spend the most time with and the second one was your girlfriend desk almost like an accountability partner and I’ve got to tell my wife you sometimes if I’m not acting the way that I need to be active role in the best manner show kind of put me straight meditation not something that I do I tried it I couldn’t get a grasp on it and I probably need to go back to it but I use the gym as my kind of formal meditation reading gain self development the stuff we put into a my full food I. E. for nutrition is just as important to look at the stuff people into my head so I I do a lot of audio books so love dot point and then finally the last time was the best one in my opinion just because it’s something that I used to neglect and not taking time for things you enjoy so many of us listen to this we’re trying to improve our lives we’re trying to get to this next stage will try to find a voice of Ross story but what we have to do with those moments is B. forget to the things that we enjoy it is those things that we enjoy that that just help keep us going in this sometimes very lonely very difficult Jenny so I think that’s a fantastic point as well that you made that so what are the things that you enjoy that yeah that’s a good question (subscribe to find your voice) well one thing I’m doing recently is that (subscribe to find your voice) I also listen audio books by actually listen to audio books just like for fun ones not a like self improvement once like how a lot of business owners entrepreneurs might recommend because I have always always love reading I love reading fiction right now I’m listening through all of their Sherlock Holmes mysteries (subscribe to find your voice) audio book it’s absolutely incredible I would recommend that to anyone out there so the main thing for me is it just that it’s fun right I like it yes I’m songs for newer a lot of times you might think you well I’m doing this with my time how was it benefiting me yeah a perfectly good benefit and the only reason you really need a site like you know what I mean so I I know that sometimes I have a hard time doing something for it’s not like a self improvement things but no I like it and that’s all that matters is such a brilliant point because I’m so guilty of that so I think it’s about four years ago I read self employed on to this new venture I I felt so guilty if I was to do something now I didn’t feel was added value to you either my mind set or to my business and it’s only recently now (subscribe to find your voice) do stuff on a weekly basis I enjoys all paperwork three times because I just absolutely love football and I’m just trying to find these little things in my life that I’m not you know what yes it’s not gonna help me increase my mind set or my resilience as of the brought to the it’s just gonna make me happy everyone and that’s the whole point of progressing in business as well right me to be happy and do things you like what a difference that now so on that note then Evan what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna segue completely into well I like to call with the fun part of the show so you probably know this bit and this is going to be not you seconds of just very random questions one red eye and says ideally all one sentence only perfect balance to it okay so we’re gonna go in three two one other than reading what is your favorite hobby watch TV your favorite musical artist company see your favorite film the magnificent seven the old one your biggest mistake last year not trying to find a coach or mentor your proudest achievement find a coach a mentor our ability T. their power let you off your favorite motivational speaker to timing Ali your ideal podcast guest home we also stemming Ali actually if you had an extra hour a day how would you spend walking or outside the best lesson anyone has ever told you is a really good questions I don’t think I don’t think I can narrow it down to want to be completely honest everything that has to do with mindset if you could get the list this to practice one thing to benefit their lives started today what one thing would it be gratitude if you could abolish one thing in the world what would it be I mean up it’s probably pretty spike standard on a cop out answer but hatred I suppose yeah absolutely why are you secretly put out that nobody knows that’s a good one (subscribe to find your voice) poetry writing the ability to read minds or predict the future reminds Evan what would you like to be remembered for something artistic the number one thing that annoys you people rushing somebody else online just because other people are doing it and it’s cool and you jump to a snap judgment so your hating on someone and finally would you rather speak four languages we’ll be able to speak to animal speak all languages of it I’m read done so we kind of get into was and the showing us to just a few more questions if I may the next one is about reflection so I’m offend fed believe the obvious in hindsight we can learn ways to get to where we currently are quicker easier or less heartache at the same time I truly believe the Janie teaches a so much as well so what I want to know is with all your wisdom in all your non digital you experience to date know what you know knives and you could maybe go back to a younger self maybe where you weren’t so sure of what you were going in life I just whisper something in a younger ever there what would you say drop out of college loved up first thing don’t even go don’t even apply don’t even go that would be number one thing just in these for my life (subscribe to find your voice) something that could probably other people take more would be focus focus on one thing and commit to it yeah I guess is along the same lines for those people out there who may not be in college or already unfortunately or fortunately depending graduated college and as well I’d like to say that college education used to be the way because you couldn’t just go online to start a business whatever you wanted right you really had to go to college and get it get it green things but in this economy I mean that piece of paper isn’t some magic piece of paper that gets you would drop me so maybe a low paying job but that’s about it so it’s not the same anymore it’s a low paid job with the big big big student as well as all my god yeah to just be mindful of that okay so before we carry on trashing the school system and the educational system let’s get it over to you the last question of the of the show so the last question I always ask is about legacy I if in a hundred fifty as time sized out to save us and all that exists is a book and this book is about you it’s about your life and all of the amazing things that you’ve done first of all want to know is what the title of the book would be and secondly what with the summary at the back tell us about you to entice the reader to pick it up wow that is that’s that’s a good and deep question I’ll tell the title would be something along the lines of something like live peacefully in simplicity or live peacefully doing what you love something along those lines and D. summary on the back will be summarizing my journey into self discovery and living a more peaceful and simplistic live while also pursuing certain goals and passions (subscribe to find your voice) and you know doing things I enjoy so I don’t know how all the answers your question but that would be that would be what I what can I what I could think of right now of course I love the I always believe as well is I think the odds was slowly change I think the core fundamentals in your core values are probably be the same but the party be a slight element of what you wanted to you because we get through life a perspective changes so B. as a twenty year old I probably want to and I have a lot of money for example is it that your order must they use nine dot living peacefully is simplicity do what I love that’s where we’re to be nice so I get that and I’m eager to kind of see where or how I would answer that question in ten fifteen years time so very interesting and just before we close the show give you a chance to oversee share your part cachet you awaken obviously connect with the audience are there any question that you wish maybe I had asked you today or is there anything else that you want to leave the list is with I can’t think of any questions I would have wanted you to ask necessarily as far as what I would want listeners to ten known to take away would be just it’s okay to and it’s good to have goals and actively work to achieve them but try to think and remember to take a step back and realize that you know there is a life happening to you right now in this very moment and so it’s okay to take a breath and enjoy that right you don’t feel bad for not doing somebody making activity every second of the day right (subscribe to find your voice) if you have a free hour like you said if there was an extra hour of the day you don’t have to feel like you’re you need to answer that by saying I would work on my business for I would build a new skill or something like that you can just say nothing nothing is a perfectly great answer and as we need to (subscribe to find your voice) one of my favorite favorite characters would say nothing is is my absolute favorite thing to do is have something along those lines I forget the quote but I love doing nothing and (subscribe to find your voice) it’s okay to like doing that so I’ll be something that I’d like to leave listeners that’s fantastic advice and almost bought let you say that to me personally because that’s one of the things I struggle with so so much is having not time dot down Tom a no I recently I’ve been trying to get into the football and do the things I enjoy but for four years I was probably the thing that I regret the most if there’s anyone going through these Jedi knight or on a path to finding your voice make sure that you just take those last few ways from Evan die he said so eloquently about just taking a step back and realize it is a life happening to you right now so it’s okay to take a breath I enjoy that so that’s absolutely fantastic and finally what is the best place then people can connect with you they can follow your podcasts or just maybe maybe there’s a podcast right there who need somebody who has to hop with production (subscribe to find your voice) any of the of the amazing things that you’re doing reckon they reach you my website is I podcast edit dot com my podcast is called passed to podcasts success I’m gonna most active on Facebook every broadly Johnson is is my profile on Facebook (subscribe to find your voice) and yeah now what I do is podcast production so if you have a podcast or if you want to start podcast I always offer one free podcast coaching session so you’re welcome to reach out to me via Facebook or or I know all my website has all my contact info if you had an idea (subscribe to find your voice) if you’ve been sitting on an idea if you have a pie crust that don’t really know what to do so yeah go head and reach out if you feel like it would help you absolutely I I love that so make sure because I’m always preaching to anyone that listens to this especially the listeners who listen to the end and I’ve really been support me a father with this movement I’m tellin every single person go out there and share your story do a podcast I know that everyone has a story and something within them that they need to share with the world because I feel a lot of value and even if it is just as boring ten people with his ten thousand people that’s still very very important back there’s nothing more fulfilling especially for myself when you get feedback from somebody because you’ve shared your story because most lightly rural going through the same part of things and it’s just about learning and growing with each of us so take advantage of that thank you for obviously offering that free coaching session I think people would definitely learned a hell of a lot from yourself and I just like to thank ever from the other side of the road for he’s time today and sharing he’s incredible knowledge of entrepreneurship and just finding happiness in life I’m for everyone else at home thanks for listening same here thank you because I really really really enjoyed you know our conversation right now on your podcast and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

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