Understanding your sexuality, happiness and being true to yourself #13

Understanding your sexuality, happiness and being true to yourself #13
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Click photo to listen to Nick Halls podcast. Where he speaks about understanding your sexuality, happiness and the importance of being true to yourself.

Title: Sexuality, happiness and being true to yourself #13

Tagline “I don’t want it to define me. I don’t think anyone should let it define them in life. I don’t want it to be “oh yeah Nick Hall who’s gay” ” …



I think the tag line says it all. Nick Hall does not want to be defined, by his sexuality or labelled and known for it. I am sure we can all relate to similar scenarios in our life. Illnesses, facial features, well-known problems, we often get labelled by society.

I mean I was always labelled the quiet kid, the shy guy who needed to talk more. Yet here I am, ignoring the naysayers podcasting for a living. Never let labels define you I say! We are much more than a label, or a circumstance.

But back to Nick

The actual star of this episode. Nick Hall, is more than someone who came out about his sexuality. Nick hall is a successful individual who has had a very colourful career. He has started and sold businesses, whilst finding his own way in life in search of true happiness.

However, claiming to have a comfortable upbringing, Nick still had his own trials. Overcoming and understanding himself growing up, Nick talks his sexuality and feeling different. He then proceeded to understand, recognise and embrace it. It was only when he became comfortable in himself that he was able to discover the true happiness in his life.

The key message behind this podcast in addition understanding your sexuality, is about being true to who you truly are.

Homes under the hammer

A fascinating individual, who sees the world in a unique and great way! A keen eye for property too, Nick has also made his own homes under the hammer renovations. To add, it was also during one of my renovations myself and Nick actually met. And the rest as they say is history!

But in all seriousness, Nick is genuinely an awesome guy, who I have a lot of time for because he helped me when I needed it. But also he is a great guy because of everything he stands for. As a result of this, I genuinely urge you all to follow his journey and let him know what you thought!

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