Why you should Renovate your body and mind

Why you should Renovate your body and mind
Renovate your body and mind mental health and property investing, real estate, aren deu health and fitness blog

Linking mental health with property is something I have been keen to do. It’s been difficult to sometimes get passionate or excited about property, but recently I’ve started to link the two somewhat and help not only myself but others in the property world. That brings me onto this blog on why you should renovate your body and mind, where renovating acts as metaphor. It is a metaphor for improving your body and mind and prioritising it above all else.

You see as a somewhat full-time Property investor, one of the things I noticed was the loneliness and long hours in the job. In fact, it was nothing like the show “homes under the hammer” or what the courses tended to showcase.

I spent my first few years, giving up corporate life, working every hour under the sun, even weekends! Yes estate agents were closed, but I would be doing networking meet ups, analysing deals and just trying to move this slow, slow business forward.

Health always came first

Now fast-forward a fair few years things are, on the up. But one of the things I am most proud of, having been hit with so many ups and downs and constant bouts of adversity in this game is that I maintained my health. You see its very easy, to get use to lattes, hot chocolates and breakfast lunches. It’s even easier to skip gym sessions and get lazy. So that brings me to the point of this post: To get you to truly renovate your body and mind.

Point of the post

So in property, one of the things, we all love to talk about is refurbishments. Refurbishments, or renovations as some people call them is where you typically aim to “add value” to houses, land & buildings.


Well as a property investor, or real estate investor we renovate for some the following reasons :

Renovate your body and mind mental health and property investing, real estate, aren deu health and fitness blog

1. It increases the overall value of the asset if done correctly which in turn provides more profit.

2. It creates equity, which in turn creates wealth.

3. It provides you monthly, or yearly income which gives you cash flow.

Plus alongside all of that there is a huge sense of achievement, when we actually look back 6,12,18 months later & see the progress of what we have accomplished.

But lets Segway for a moment.

Why don’t we take these same principles and apply it to ourselves?

After all, they will definitely spill over into our property or entrepreneurial journeys, if we allow them too.

Why don’t we focus on renovating our minds, bodies & mindset. I seriously urge you all to work on the following, and despite it being a property analogy, it can be applied to any entrepreneurial or work life situation:

Let’s put you first starting now…

1. Sort out your health people. None of these assets, or £££ on a monthly basis mean anything if you’re abusing your body daily. “If you don’t make time for health, then make time for illness”

2. Increase your skill set in your field. This can be done via joint ventures, learn & earn schemes, working alongside people or just the old-fashioned way our grand parents and ancestors did it, by reading books! (p.s Google is pretty cool too!)

3. Invest in yourself daily, through learning to work more efficiently (increase productivity/sales), outsource more effectively (focus on things your better at) and increase your overall knowledge (have more leverage in negotiations and see more opportunities)

4. Allow the same amount of time, 6/12/18 or even more months to see the value you have added. Most of us are happy to wait, 6+ months to see the value added in a project, yet we start this journey and suddenly want it… right here, right now, right here, right now (ahhh breaking into song. Only the 90’s kids will get that)

But seriously. Bad jokes aside, why are we trying to rush the process?

5. Think BIG. This isn’t a post to shoot your dreams down. Seriously, think as big as possible. If people have done it out there, so can you. But just try to be realistic and realise how they did it. There’s a story of struggle, tears, pitfalls, losses behind 99% of success stories.

Now 1 of the reasons I write this, is because I am frustrated and fed up.
Firstly, people often forget how far they’ve come and end up just looking at how far they have to go. I get that. It’s frustrating, I feel it too. But it’s unavoidable.

I am also fed up because I am sick of seeing people pretending to be something their not.

  • People are adding years to their experience.
  • Zeros to their net worths
  • “Ks” to their Instagram followings-Fancy titles to their bio


And for what? Perception?

Here’s a question.

How do you truly feel about yourself when you are by yourself?

Is it how you present yourself on social media?

If it’s not then maybe the superficial fabrication above needs to stop.

Maybe there’s a need for a proper renovation.

Seriously, try to use the analogy of renovating a house, and applying it to yourself.

Would you put quick fixes all over the house? Quick+ Cheap becomes expensive in the long run!

Would you hire cowboy builders, because they can ‘talk the talk’ to fix your asset? What a risk that would be!

Would you cover leaks, or old wiring with plasters?

Or would you get the right experience, knowledge & skills in place to effectively future proof the investment?

So why are you treating yourself different?

Why is your health, wellness and mental health not as important as an asset? I mean we all want this asset to be around forever while we can profit and live from it.

Why would you not want the same for your health and wellness?

Well the answer, as I am sure you are now hopefully agreeing with is that you should. Or at least I hope so. Prioritising our own self development, self care and self-love should always be number 1. Without doing this, all these fancy refurbishments or renovations you give to uplift an asset, will mean little when your health falls by the waist side.

There is no wealth without health – Aren Deu

The process

Renovate your body and mind mental health and property investing, real estate, aren deu health and fitness blog the process

Now, everything worthwhile takes time.

It takes 3-5 years to earn a degree. Nobody gets it sooner.

It can take 6+ months to get a six pac. Crunches in a day won’t sort it.

It can take 1000s failures to finally get it right. Or even more!

These are just some things that you have to keep persevering with to make them a success. But that’s okay. That’s called the process.

You can’t expect to just be successful instantly. In order to truly renovate your body and mind it will take time, not days but months and years.

It is in the process, you learn all the things that will serve you for the rest of your life. You will learn to handle failure. To cope with set backs. You’ll build resilience. You will become smarter and more knowledgeable at what not to do, and what to do. Your networks value should also increase too. I could go on. But these are just some things you will massively benefit from if you endure the process.

Now, as you can’t bypass the process, I can only recommend you find a way to enjoy it! Of course not 100% of it will be enjoyable but if you can see the bigger picture, and the beauty in the lessons along the way. You will definitely be happier and more fulfilled.

Chase greatness

Now, to conclude, I really urge you all to max out your potential. We are creatures designed to learn and adapt. As humans, we have an incredible ability to soak in information and skills like a sponge, over time. So why not see how far you can truly push yourself. How far you can truly go?

Why not chase greatness and do great things This requires a greater you. Which requires a larger renovation, more input and more time.

Don’t rush the process people. Don’t cheat yourself like a quick flip. You are worth more than bricks and mortar.

Also don’t buy into the stories the majority feed you. So many people are selling you quick fixes, yet they probably took years themselves. Or on the flip side too many people claim to have gone from 0-100, yet they probably lied about their inherited funds, or starting point.

Either way these 2 points should not dictate or influence your ability to go chase your greatness or renovate your body and mind.

Your story, is your story.

Your renovation, is your renovation.

Make it the best one you can!

Have an awesome day people!

Last minute calls to actions

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