An athletes mindset on conquering fear and depression #15

An athletes mindset on conquering fear and depression #15

An athletes mindset on fear and depression

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Find your voice – Episode 15 – “My Way” – Raj Sallan #15

Tagline: “The only person that should be proud of you, is yourself”


A humble being

Raj Sallan was the Fresh Prince, before he got shipped off to Bel-Air. His parents swiftly realised he was going to end up going down the wrong path if he stayed in Germany. As a result of this, he was sent to Birmingham, UK. Here he was forced to learn another language and a new way of life. He also had to conquer his own mind and develop his mindset. Having accustomed himself to his 3rd language, Raj utilised martial arts to further grow as a person. He learnt kick-boxing and boxing to channel his mind and develop his body. He found a passion that would see him travelling the world and proving all his doubters wrong.

A genuinely loving guy, whose energy is infectious. He explains his daily rituals that have helped him. These rituals have earnt him a reputation in the fight game. But they are also things that serve him outside of the ring. I did this interview face to face, and I truly felt I made a friend for life. Authenticity, humbleness, hard-working, grateful and strong. Those words and much more resonate with me when I see Raj. The world needs more people like him.

His mindset

I don’t know about you, but an athletes mindset always intrigues me. Raj explains that your mindset starts from the moment you wake up. He strengthened his perspective and mindset to help him through his life. It helped him handle not living with his parents for the majority of his childhood. It served him in learning English and fighting professionally in combat sports. Furthermore, realising that nothing is impossible Raj has overcome his own levels of depression and loneliness.

But since doing, so he has advocated his time to serving others. He now spends his hours helping world-class fighters, girls and boys of all ages in becoming fit and finding their own confidence.

A story of adversity, with no excuses. An individual who found his voice and continues to write his own story. An athletes mindset, combined with a genuinely incredible being, this episode was a privilege.

I urge you all to follow Raj Sallans journey. You will not be dissapointed.

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