Quitting Your Job Without a Backup Plan to Making an Difference in the World #74

Quitting Your Job Without a Backup Plan to Making an Difference in the World #74

From quitting Your Job Without a Backup Plan to “Making a difference matters at any scale” by Chris Bello #74

An incredible story from a wonderful guy. Chris Bello echoes a life so similar to my own. Chris initially gave up his job for his first stint in entrepreneurship. He had no backup plan and was met with some tough challenges and truths. Post this, Chris jumped into real estate, similar to myself along with starting a podcast to help impact and empower people. Furthermore, Chris has gone on a similar personal development journey to myself too. He now sees himself as someone able to advise and help people overcome their mindset. He does this via his social media and also adds value via his productivity hacks. Ps there is a free download for this!

A conversation I thoroughly enjoyed with a genuine guy. I also felt better about some past decisions I’ve made in my life that I often roll my eyes up at. Yet the one thing we both have in common more than just our job titles, is our true desire to serve and impact more people. We want to help people find their voice. We also recongise that making a difference matters at any scale. Regardless of whether its 1 person or 1 million and this is a mantra we both live by. A great individual who I highly recommend you follow post this show. I also encourage you to check out his freebies & subscribe to his podcast:

Key timestamps:

[03:35] Chris’ Story with no back up plan

[07:10] Importance of consistency in Podcasting

[13:15] Some daily habits Chris uses

[20:00] The benefits of failures / mistakes

[27:00] Chris legacy

Key Quotes by Chris:

“Making a difference matters at any scale, regardless of whether its 1 person or 1 million”

“Consistency over time and continuing to plant seeds, that will result in improving the world overall”

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Can anyone else relate to Quitting Your Job Without a Backup Plan? Or perhaps to wanting to make a difference? Let me know and make sure you let Chris know too.

Pippa Transcript (may not be 100% accurate):

the title of my book would be making a difference matters at any scale whether you’re impacting one person you’re impacting a million that still improving the world for the better welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode of find your voice my name is iron and as always I am the host of the show so today I bring on someone from the other side of the road in Houston Texas who in my opinion husband lived a life solo so similar to myself so Chris bellow he joins us today on find your voice she has an incredible story for example one of the things that Chris did very early on having recognized that he wasn’t really making the impact in the way that he was doing was he quit his job with no backup plan dot so most me in a not show and (subscribe to find your voice) he actually had similar experiences as a result of that which you’re going to hear in this episode but more so now he’s going to find these fee and as he says he’s found his voice and he’s found his voice via real estate and he’s part casting and a lot of that has come through a lot of self development and also through traveling as well and if you follow any of my stories maybe on Instagram or some my personal life traveling has been a massive massive thing for me which is really opened my eyes but this episode is gonna help you guys possibly not make the same mistake someone soften Chris made and also he’s going to drop some incredible knowledge bombs in terms of productivity hawks and also to help you with your mind set because this Jenny it’s not as appealing as sometimes you may see on Instagram or on you cheap (subscribe to find your voice) entrepreneur has because it is quite a lonely road is sometimes you think that you may have an incredible idea and everything just going to be okay if you just press the go button and then you hit with the reality the reality really hits home when you’re not making money or you’re losing money your your (subscribe to find your voice) thought start to take over your day to day life so so hopefully find this interesting I urge you all to follow Chris he’s such a genuine soul I mean we spoke for a minutes prior to this episode Ricardo speak it afterwards as well and also check I he’s podcast as well because it’s growing incredibly especially if you are looking to get into the entrepreneurial space and also because I am going to feature on the very very soon as well so without further ado let’s get this interview on the way okay so I’d like to welcome Chris on today’s episode of find your voice and we just been having that conversation and I was getting all of these in sight so they’re going to be a lot of interesting stuff for everyone listening today including productivity hawks on mindset so Chris before all I keep rambling on if for my listeners you wouldn’t mind maybe given us a little bit about you who is Chris where have you come from to get yourself to where you are today if you wouldn’t mind please yeah I think so much Erin for having me on the show first of all and I have been just like you you know if we didn’t hit record we could have used an hour before we got to the actual podcast absolutely so a little bit about me I tell people that my story really kind of starts after university because prior to that point I was just plugged into the the system you know going through the motions I was going to school the end goal was to go to high school graduate what a college graduate and then get a job right and then stay there forever that was the plan absolutely and does most people’s plans until they realize a few years and like I can’t do this forever this isn’t this isn’t making me excited to wake up every morning and I’m not really making a difference in the world and even if I am I don’t even know if it’s a positive difference because of course I worked in the oil and gas industry being honest in in a lot of people argue that that’s some of the the techniques that they use is not very good (subscribe to find your voice) are not very good for the planet like fracking and stuff to get oil out of the ground so I started looking at other ideas in long story short I came up with an invention with a friend I filed a patent on it this is my first venture into the entrepreneurial space and I just quit my job with no back up plan whatsoever and it was it wasn’t too long before I basically ran out of money and had to give it into something else which is how I fell into real estate where I’m a real estate agent and investor now here in the Houston Texas area in the United States so I hope that’s a good summary of kind of where I’ve come from and where I’m at now yeah absolutely well it’s interesting because you say this before we started the podcast I love that is similar to almost my journey so you’re almost like a USA version of our in all not a bad looking at hopefully more successful so your story started off to university you recognize that this was in you in that actually you were making the difference that intently you kind of felt that you needed to make you them when and quit your job with no back upon I’ve done exactly the same I just literally though Hey I’m quit on Monday and I can absolutely I did the same thing and then finally enough I went into real estate as well because that was kind of my thing up thinking actually in property I know that most millionaires come for property I’ve seen my family do I’ve seen other people do it I believe if I just hard enough I can get it done so that’s really interesting and so real estate is where you’re working on now I is not exclusive just to the American audience or is that something that anyone from the world could potentially invest in America I mean what’s the legislation like for real estate yes I’d say something that anyone can invest in of course (subscribe to find your voice) we’ve got a lot of investors foreign investors coming in with money from different places that are looking to put their money into real estate because like like you just said I know that so many wealthy people get that wealth through acquiring properties through appreciation over the years you hear some of the families and stuff whose for generations they’ve own parts of the city or the state and it’s just insane to see how quickly that grows so I would definitely recommend that you can educate yourself every wherever it is that you want to invest I would learn a little bit more about the market and sometimes there are opportunities to invest with a company that sold league goes out to find an improved properties so that way you can be a little more of a passive investor if you don’t necessarily want to find properties in be the landlord like you said yeah I’m there’s different ways to go about it kind of like any investment just make sure you do a little bit to do diligence and get some references before you give anybody any money says that they will do something with it absolutely absolutely that’s great advice they on when you started this you mentioned something about recognizing that you went making the difference that maybe you want to make do you feel then in your way that you do today because you’re also part customers well and you’ve been going for a few years do you feel in your podcast in space and in your real estate space you’re able to non stop making the difference that you would be making I do I do feel that and it’s starting to grow kind of like you said with your podcast you’ve been surprised with the growth of the same here I started I had no idea who would download it who would listen early had any listens for six months and then I was so excited the first month I hate over a hundred downloads yes in this past month I actually just broke twenty six thousand monthly downloads are wow wow you are listening to this and I’m actually making a difference in their lives because people say mediums on Instagram Hey Chris keep up the good work I love the message I left on your podcast has been great in motivates me people have told me that they’ve quit their jobs to pursue with their passion about basically listening to my podcast on the way to the job that they hate it and so for better or worse I guess hopefully it’s a great decision for everyone who also takes the lead but I like to think that now I’m starting to make more of an impact kind of like what your your podcast talks about find your voice right I’m finding my voice and discoveries that lead to it is that I am and who it is that I want to be and I’m working towards getting better every single day and helping others crystal of the answer thank you for the find your voice plug that I love the name of that it’s true because you’re you’re everyone’s looking for their voice absolutely and for some people because some younger siblings but is it a singing part castles is nothing to do with it it’s more of a metaphor for finding your way in life and that’s kind of true in both of our stories where we would do is something something and I got said actually this isn’t for us and it’s just finding the next thing that is potentially going to enable us as individuals to have a purpose in the world to make a difference and then nothing is all second actually is congratulations on that because twenty six thousand dollars a month I can only imagine the amount of people starting your demands and obviously to be able to have that thank you that subsidy incredible may so best of luck and I was as people to oversee stop podcast ought to share their voice because I fail we’ve all got strength and power within us stories and what you’ve just shown there is assistance I consistency there was six months they were you thinking nobody’s listen to a podcast but you pace of it and you thought you had a message to share and authentic message you carried on any card on not hate you all he twenty six thousand so that’s kind of why I tried say with all your voice is always not necessarily blueprint for overnight success it literally takes a lot of where I can find your voice is the Jenny it’s not necessarily a destination and I’m trying to get back to myself each and every day so make (subscribe to find your voice) dusty do fantastic and the best of luck for twenty twenty as well hope he obviously grows tenfold so looking forward to it thank you yes for both of us absolutely one of my five year goals is to get up to a hundred thousand monthly downloads so I mean if we just keep on showing up every single week however frequently we post yeah I just update from one week to two weeks so I’m hoping that will help share more content spread the message and grow the audience right absolutely my friend so I know you focus on productivity hacks and the mindset element other some tips that maybe you could give the list is not just off the back that maybe they could implement in their lives because always wanna try to extract stuff from successful people like yourself that maybe somebody listening to this good thing Hey I want to just try something but I don’t know if I can do it yeah absolutely so I do have a free like download on productivity hacks for those who are interested in I’m basically going to go through the the high level birds eye view for you here and the first act that I like to talk about is learn during downtime by listening to podcasts or audiobooks this is a big one for anyone in the self help entrepreneurs space we can stumble into it because for years I never listen to podcasts I did read books outside of what was required for school but once you start enjoying books and reading by okay so you’re you’re actually interested in your mind set ships right and then you start to read as much and absorb as much information as possible so there’s a lot of time that we waste or not waste but a lot of downtime on can you commuting driving or if you’re in a train or waiting at an airport where instead of just sitting there listening to the crowd mumbling about whatever it is that they’re talking about why you’re waiting for your your bust your plane or whatever you could be listening to an audio book in learning something simultaneously while we may be working on something else that doesn’t require too much thought right sometimes were designing something online or making a graphic on can but you can listen to something and to do that at the same time right so you’re constantly learning and make sure to do that either at the gem or I like to do it when I’m driving Houston’s big everywhere I go to sleep at least a thirty minute drive and (subscribe to find your voice) by doing that I’ve listened to probably hundreds of audio books or podcasts now in the last few years just on that I literally feel like I’m talking to my twin from the opposite side of the road so one of the things I do actually and he could let you be and I’m sorry if any was he not but even when I’m on the toward a a quick people on a podcast for the best policy five or ten minutes just writer absorb something but I do when I drive is also I think anyone doing that jump on the audio jump on Chriss podcast as well and one of the facts as well which you probably do is all Chris is I start to increase the speed sol increase from one point five to two and then effectively your brain will start to get used to that quick speed I yeah your effectively having two books within the same amount of time to also try that as well if any was this then and more importantly this free download of hacks could you give us the address for that so maybe people can go Donald that please yes so the address for that if you go to my website Chris bellow that’s C. H. R. I. S. B. as in boy E. L. L. O. dot com slash productivity or Chris Bella dot com slash freak currently redirects to that link so you go there you can download this entire guide it’s like ten pages or something eighteen pages I guess I love it I love it thank you for sharing the and what we’ll do is for anyone if you’re still listening you know when to take notes right now you’re driving and you do not productivity hot that we just mentioned I’ll put it in the show notes so make sure you check that out and Donald dot because you’re gonna get a lot was than that so thank you for sharing that Chris I’m what’s your date today like the night because I feel like you’re saying a lot of the same things as myself in terms of where both in similar set as you do in these low life facts but I was fine my life my day today is a slot K. awesome days and are really kind of need to get more structuring some hoping you have a bit more structure in your day to day what’s a day like that yeah absolutely I was actually just listen to on your recent podcast episodes in you’re talking about how you feel little anxious if you don’t plan the the next day the night before which is a really great tips that I’ve been doing too because then you feel like you’re ready for the next day you don’t have to go to sleep worried about what’s going to come up so I’ve been doing that a lot and time walking is a huge one I know I’ve got some key tasks that define my goals very clearly for the year what activities I need to do in order to get them out deals done that I want to do and a lot of those things might be like you know text message a hundred homeowners to see if they might be interested in selling their home and do one hour of lead called follow up on leads that have come in through the internet and maybe even host an open house so I can sit there and generates more leads for people looking for homes on some of my listings so those are those are some of the activities that I really make sure to do when it comes to planning my day I do have a schedule on my phone that I try to follow like you know wake up at five thirty yeah take the dog out real quick and then I get started with my morning routine I do the one hour miracle morning if you’re familiar with that routine I am yeah so after I do that I basically feel like I’ve accomplished more in my morning than most people do he had about their entire day in terms of reading in terms of working out in terms of meditating all that good stuff and then I make sure to set time for appointments for networking grabbing coffee with a potential client or with a current client and (subscribe to find your voice) social media content I’m I try to post on every single platform including the dead and today if possible sometimes multiple times a day I love the I love that so everything you’re doing is intentional in terms of trying to be yourself forward toward your goals so yes the some great point is especially the social media platform is all because I try to encourage everyone to just share their voice I literally everything and that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be an audio or video we can let you just be a blog post we even commenting right somebody’s posts and maybe I did some element of value is something that so that’s something that I was in cause people to do and I think it’s funny when people see me do it because anyone in my private life knows I’m I’m quite introvert and I’m going to be the size person in almost every single room yeah I still trying to push the envelope and always still try to push myself just out of my comfort zone to try to give value through a table or education wherever I can so anyone listening to this if you have a goal or desire to become more would do you more whether it’s in real estate property or something else you have to just be on the present you have to be almost in as many people as all eyes and ears as possible so get out there and do some of these hacks and also the medical morning is fantastic as well so I don’t necessarily practiced up but I know what it is I kinda have my old regime in the morning so give yourself the IRA in the morning so that you can give the world the best of you moving forward so thank you for sharing that Chris does some great great insights there yeah you’re welcome absolutely thank you so Segway in ever so slightly then on something maybe a little bit more imho if or a little bit more serious I want to ask you about adversity so one of the things in the tagline off on your voice and the intro is it’s about overcoming your obstacles and levels of investing because I truly truly believe that in hindsight adversity can be one of our biggest grabs it could be one of our biggest gifts in terms of it teaches us resiliency teach this experience of ways that we can cope maybe if the adversity comes again or to just Berra quip ourselves moving forward so what we ask is if maybe you have this on set off the top of your head maybe take us back to a time where you suffered some level of investing your life how you handled it what the less is that you took from that way yes so I’d probably go back to that product that I mention in passing that I invented with a friend I had a great oil and gas jobs steady good pay good benefits and all that you’re in my marketing Houston and my friend and I invented this product we went spent a lot of money a lot of time designing it we were very excited this is our first idea our first stab at entrepreneurship really for me he he works in a family business so he’s already been involved with you know inventing products with his family and stuff that they sell online so we went down the path of spending money on the tooling in the patent and then we got a product that quite wasn’t quite what we were expecting it it’s not quite ready for manufacturing for putting out in selling into the world in the only answer was to spend more money so I guess for a fruit for the your U. K. listeners we spent about forty thousand US dollars I’m not sure what the exact conversion is on that but you pretty good amount of money and I had it at the time so I was like okay I’m willing to take the risk but of course then I quit the job and so I didn’t really have the income to replace it and then that money quickly dried up so the lessons learned word too I used to tell people Hey go and burn the boats you know going on your passion but sometimes it’s better to not play it not necessarily play it safe but try to build up an income on the side first before you make any crazy decisions because it could be the difference between you thriving or surviving right which I I went into survival mode for a little bit there where I started putting stuff on credit cards and I shouldn’t have struggling scrambling to figure things out and putting myself in a little bit of a pickle so yeah I learned quite a bit of lessons there on being more patient instead of making decisions based on emotion if that makes sense absolutely I think that’s a fantastic concert obviously the patient’s element as well and hopefully somebody listening to this you may be thinking of doing something to get in a pay ten or trying a new venture just take that advice on board because I always believe that we can time clocks are (subscribe to find your voice) journey to make our lives a lot easier if we listen to people who have been there and done it Chris is been that and I’m not necessarily saying if somebody goes out there and spend forty thousand US dollars which I’m just quickly you would decrease is that you one thousand here in the U. K. which is a hell of a lot of money to just about a month absolutely and I don’t want anyone listen to this to just to kind of do that maybe get yourself stable first and I’m very fortunate my wife stayed in employment when I went on to this property venture and I was like I’m gonna do I’m to be financially free X. ones that and I had all these dreams and aspirations and I made a lot of mistakes and fortunately it wasn’t day one thousand pounds worth of mistakes but I did make a lot and looking back in hindsight yes I got to where I want to get to you and I’ll let a lot about myself but I reckon if I’d wait six months maybe even a yeah I could probably made a lot less survival mode and more of a kind of driving mode like you mentioned so I love the analogy there is also a great advice with up obviously before I’m sure you’ve got knives that level of wisdom and hopefully you will be making such losses and a lot more money hopefully moving forward yeah definitely in the thing too is that I every mistake that I’ve I’ve made every failure that I’ve made I’ve only gotten better and quicker at implementing like I try to even make an online course and sell it just to make money without helping people in the course wasn’t even that great yeah on flipping stuff on eBay or Amazon but I learned how to do email marketing I learned how to build sales finals I learned how to make a website I learned all these things as I made as I worked there different ideas so now that I got into real estate is just simply like (subscribe to find your voice) I already know how to do email is just give me the contacts from networking events yeah grab fifty business cards and I’m gonna be marketing so that I’m emailing them in a non sales the very organic way I love the I love I love the and says so you’d get a better from your mistakes of what you were doing was you almost finding the positives from every mistake saw well I I love that learning opportunity nothing anyone now who has maybe gone through adversity or struggled with something just have a step back and look at what went wrong because most likely that so we look kind to be kind of close the book and we never want to look at it again but maybe just for a moment for a few seconds just think what did I lead in this process watch the web about maybe that this conversation about and the second one did it so maybe you can take that as a lesson sewer that’s a great great tool I think many people can benefit from Chris so I gained thanks for that wisdom on Seguin ever so slightly again that with your mind set nice Arnold once it is quite a few of things you’ll fortes way you prosper when you do well it what’s your biggest fear right now right now my biggest fear I would say is I saw I saw a picture that really drove this home for me it said it employs biggest fear is losing their job in entrepreneurs biggest fear is going back to a job yes that’s probably my biggest fear right now because I’ve thought about the idea several times you know (subscribe to find your voice) would be great to have some stability I’ve met some people who are you in real estate they’re investing they’re doing great and they still have a really great high paying job with the benefits and everything so that allows them to operate more carefree instead of calculating every move because whether they eat next month or not doesn’t really matter to them because they’ve got the steady paycheck right absolutely so I’d say that’s probably my biggest fear is failing in in in failing is only when you give up right so I’m I’m I’m not I’m not giving up by any means but that’s my fear is what if it just gets so hard and I don’t see the success that I won as quickly as I want that I decide to throw in the towel that’s my biggest fear just hearing you enough to see research new fallen you I call it see you throwing in the towel off a lot you’re in such a good hazy night not silly I think you were in a place that you’re you’re almost doing a lot of the things I’m doing you you may be ahead of my journey in terms of self development but one thing I recognize is that over a long enough period of time if you just keep consistent and you just keep taking action to me for would you will be successful and obviously success is subjective but I feel that we both been free situations where we’ve we’ve struggled with made losses and that’s made a strong got IT sort about work ethic is all about trying to have these hacks and obviously you you’re the productivity hot king in terms of the order of the stuff you’re doing so best of wishes to you I don’t want to pray for you because I believe you’ll do anyway so I don’t feel you need that kind of wish thank you we’re gonna segue then into not well I called the fun Padishah so I’m not sure if you had any of my episode with guests before Chris on this now what would be for the next ninety seconds is just put you through your paces of just the most random questions I can think of okay whenever you’re ready what weight I’m says or one sentence only please okay we’re gonna go in three two one Chris what is your favorite hobby exercising who is your favorite music artists Linkin park your biggest mistake last year not getting my real estate license sooner your proudest achievement taking the leap and pursue my dreams your favorite motivational speaker Jim Rohn your audio podcast guest in the result from the N. F. C. O. project love and obvious get tough on the on the show though because he may be due to really to route for me yeah but I gained it would be a fantastic then experience for myself so yeah thing is because he knows what this year or next year brings for yourself so yeah good luck with that if you had an extra hour a day how would you spend it planning the best lesson anyone as of a tool you patience if you could get rid of one thing in the world what would it be suffering what is your favorite book rich dad poor dad Chris why you secretly put out that nobody knows I’d say discipline but I think now that I’m finding my voice more more people are finding that out that I have that the ability to read minds will predict the future predict the future what would you like to be remembered for making an impact this is a funny question by the way what song best describes your life guys this is a tough also I’ll put at the end so it gives you a bit of time to think I don’t even know if I could put a song to it because my my song choices and preferences and John Rhys have really evolved over the years can I pick a Jonrowe possibly absolutely yes a right now it’s a very kind of like Bali vibes in you know meditating in very care free someone slashed my tires recently and I was just like okay cool let me see if I could take my girlfriend’s car no worries no harm was done so I’d say something like (subscribe to find your voice) Odessa is a band that I really like their music is very popular with travel videos and stuff something like that’s probably describes my feelings and emotions at this point in my life absolutely a lot I love dogs on I lived up respective is all about the ties beans last so I haven’t had my twice last but why did do is get punctures the tree like every single week at one point I had this BMW back in the day and it was just a nightmare that something was always going with it and what else I’d get into this person development space really working a mindset I remember once the tie went and these ties that went cheap our dad when I got the call the first thing I said was basically I’m very grateful that I have the ability to just obviously replace the ties sekali I’m grateful to have a call a deadly light light you said as well I’m great for nobody got heck because they pop does was driving so dot yeah spectating enough I love that you said that you run says well and this is something that we can all take forward is we can (subscribe to find your voice) controller hive we react to decisions or things that go wrong or right in our lives and not as a pilot that we might not think we have right now but we do have it we just gonna work on that muscle almost and just keep trying to change the perspective to the positive so fantastic consummate thank you just like you ten years ago I would have been upset it would run Hey but this time I didn’t even spend a single minute working about it because it was a non issue absolutely I agree with that because like I said make your your lot my twin so you probably have the same life is me ten years ago we were both days so yeah okay crystal dot suddenly does that you bring us to the last question and the last question always that’s my guess is about legacy so if in a hundred and fifty years time sign spells to save us and all that exists is a book and this book is about you it’s about your life and all the amazing things that you’ve done and achieved in your life first of all want to know is what the title of that book would be and secondly what with the summer at the back tell us about you the title of my book would be making a difference matters at any scale whether you’re impacting one person you’re impacting a million that still improving the world for the better and you start to notice that as you get contacted by even one person who was touched by a message that you spread it makes you feel so much better so of course you can do that at scale that is even better and you said what does the summary at the end what would it say yeah what would that tell us about you to entice the reader to pick it up okay so I’d say it would entice the reader to pick it up by saying that you know my consistency over time by continuing to plant seeds continuing to shake hands make friends that will result in improving the world overall because you can impact someone’s life so positively say a formative at a formative age of a young kid listens to my podcast yeah who knows what the trajectory of their life could have been if they had not gotten their money in the right place so I think that I’d entice people to pick up the book and understand that even the most seemingly insignificant things can make a huge difference like to the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world one hundred percent may I absolutely love the on site and you said something that really resonated with me which was about making a difference on any level so growing up I’ve been very fortunate to be in a very loving home where I seen first hand people just helping people because it was just the thing to do not expecting nothing back so ever since I was growing up and I remember at university if I could ever see anyone in need of help with something always trying to help a mole given the Honda if I to be a change or whatever I don’t often get hit with (subscribe to find your voice) there are gonna spend the on this or that are going to do this or whatever yeah my intentions are always pure and my tensions with just if I can help even just one person that’s enough for me and is the same last for fifteen years (subscribe to find your voice) minimum our podcast is that if I can just as by one person dies let’s see the greatest feeling in the world but when you get that D. M. without message from one person whether I get ten to one the feeling is still the same and this is something I encourage people is just try and focus on that one person the slowly up to see your message was spread so when you said that just resonated with me because often we feel that we have to be rich or we have to have influence over a million people to make a difference we don’t sometimes you just need to influence that one person who could then go on and potentially change the world in sparking nation so I love that about you and (subscribe to find your voice) dot something not you know I encourage everyone else to do I’m also just to prove that I still make mistakes and I messed up Chris I completely missed the question so if you if you don’t mind can I ask you one more question yeah let’s do it so I’m either going to edit this I or I might just leave and just to show people that look I’m not happy I’m still a gay landing still trying to find my voice again I’m away so Chris the final question and this is the final one will be on reflection and one of the things I I truly believe is that in hindsight we can think of ways to get to where we got two quick easy I’m less heartache but at the same time I believe the Janie teaches a so so much as well so what wanna know is with all of your wisdom in all your knowledge today if you could maybe go back to a younger Chris maybe when you had a victim mentality for example a whisper something in the younger Chris is what would you say I would go back to the younger Chris in say to put everything in perspective because kind of like we talked about the tires being slashed younger Chris would have been upset it would ruin his whole day you have posted the saddest complaining about it on social media and whined about it all day and so when you put things in perspective you realize that okay we have the opportunity to change our tires fine we have a car we have a we have a loving family to go home to other people are worrying about how they’re going to eat today how they’re going to survive and maybe I’ll tell younger Chris to travel more in earlier just so you can see so the younger Chris could see how good I really have a help center just so many parts of the world where people are struggling to survive every single day I think I’ve said traveling on so many of my pistols it completely changed my perspective to recognize that the things I thought I needed I. E. the fine see because (subscribe to find your voice) the design a gatt was a what I needed why needed was meaningful relationships I need you to be waking up every day and making a difference that I wanted to do in my heart of hearts not what other people want me to do so at I love the and send just on travel where is the best place that you’ve tried what have you been able to travel I have I have so actually when I quit the oil and gas job I did have some saving so I said Hey this is the first time I’ve had money and time so let me go ahead and go to Southeast Asia for a month as well as Japan so I’ve been to Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Japan do by Bali plenty of places and I would say the ball is probably one of my favorite trips it just happened this (subscribe to find your voice) this past year in twenty nineteen highly recommend very affordable lots of beauty lots of nature to hike through things like that so definitely get up their travel people absolutely absolutely and I was very very fortunate as well to you car will Thailand nothing can two thousand eighteen but Japan was on my bucket list since I was about six years old so we just came back from Japan and was about also estimate I was like a little kid in a candy shop so I was so inspired you seal the arcades in like the Pokemon and stuff it was amazing yeah it was incredible but again especially light hearted nothing because some of the peso when it was like a low at I’m social economic area I need to see and I am I said this on the part considerable people too much with it but when I used to see how people were living yet still smiling he just changed the whole world because I recognize that you don’t need a lot of genuinely be happy you just need that like peace of mind and making sure that you know you’re you’re living in accordance to convert your values and at the same time you’re growing you’re pushing yourself and stuff and definitely a great great today is everyone should travel so thanks for that Chris and before we cut to close the show and obviously get the list as a chance to connect with you with your social media how does is there any questions or are there any final messages that you wish I’d asked you what you want to leave the audience with I think you touched on everything pretty well from the story to the mind sets of the productivity to something that I would teach myself when I was younger so yeah great job on the interview yes a lot of great questions and I love some of the feedback that you left as well that last point you mentioned about the perspective of seeing people that are in poverty but are happy and genuinely having fun and you see the dog running around with its tail wagging it really does open your mind and realize that materialistic things aren’t what’s gonna make us happy it’s the relationships and the friendships in the family the things that we often take for granted so yeah I think you you did a great job and thank you so much again for having me on here I appreciate it my friend thank you so much for the call I read so on that note then the best places we’ve got your productivity hacks obviously earlier in the show up with those in the show knows where else can people follow you and be inspired by you and just watch with Jenny unfold yes so I definitely recommend people check out my podcast and of course you’re going to be on their here soon as well it’s called the entrepreneur motivation podcast and that’s available Spotify apple podcast all those places that you get podcasts on and then I most active on Instagram if you go to my handle is Chris bellow that’s C. H. R. I. S. B. E. L. L. O. zero nine that is where you can find me on Instagram of course I’m on linkedin and other platforms like that too fantastical but the links for the podcast link Dan and the Instagram is all anywhere I can find you may I will make sure that people put it on thank you and I know the obviously my podcast we don’t necessarily always focus on down to per Nerio side of it and that’s why I definitely recommend tools for that because that’s obviously more tailored towards that so make sure everyone listing please do check out that please do show Chris as much support as possible I would once again thank you from the other side of the road my good friend I who I feel to let you have the same life is me self a lot on the only story not Sydney may I feel like I I know you back then but we started this conversation so thank you again for taking time out of your day and for everyone else at home thank you for listening thank you Aren I appreciate it and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

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