Welcome to a free Property investing course unlike any other. This 100% FREE property investing course, has no up sales, no hidden agenda, no click funnels, mentorship grabs, or anything else you see from 99% of the industry “gurus”. It is designed solely to help you invest in property and achieve your goals.

So are you looking for Free Property investing course, that actually is FREE? Free with no up sales or pestering you to sign up to masterminds? Then you have come to the right place!

Having been able to spend time making YouTube videos, podcasting and spending most my days doing things I enjoy and avoiding the things I don’t it’s common for people to ask me how?

Well if you know me, I come from very very humble beginnings and I am by no means a multi-millionaire, or someone living a laptop lifestyle.

However, I have made some astute (not always though) property investments along with making some changes to my personal life that has allowed this. Now property for me, is something I believe anyone can get involved in but I do believe it is also something that requires:

  1. patience
  2. time
  3. money
  4. resources
  5. knowledge

Just to name a few. Now it was never my intention to do this, but over the years I have been getting sick and tired of fake gurus, and wealth creators offering people the opportunity to get rich quick with their sleazy, nlp, clickfunnels, sales (free webinar) pulls attracting people into their pits where they then sell them pipeline dreams.

I recognise this industry will always have newbies and for that, these con-artists will always have a way to make money of these people seeking to better their lives, knowing its far easier to teach someone about property than it is to make money from it. Plus I have also been duped and spent over £15,000+ myself so I feel the pain and my heart goes out to others who just want to make a positive change.

With that all in mind, I have decided to spend 6 months planning 50+ videos writing the content along with producing the evergreen videos to help you at the very least, save £15000 and not get taken in by these fake entreprenurs, who fabicrate their stories, purchase fake followers and often use psychology to get you into buying into their sales funnels. The rule still applies: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

So if you are serious about getting involved, I encourage you to stay tuned and check these videos out as I started to roll them out weekly holding your hand to understand property investment and ways to make money and also avoid money, for absolutely free.

I will not charge you for an additional course, I will not make you sit with me in facebook groups, or 1-2-1 mentorships. My days are already filled with things I enjoy and neither the above get me excited enough to part with my hours for some cash. However, what would make my day is you taking action to sit through these videos, ask me any questions about them if you need via: and become successful in accordance to your own goals.

So I hope you enjoy these videos and I will come back to edit this page bi-weekly with the latest updates.

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