Preparing for success does not make you late

Preparing for success, is something that can really play with our minds. You see there is a fine line between rushing without preparation (thinking your late) and taking too long and never get going (arriving late).

In fact, we so often see preparation as a bad thing. It isn’t. In fact, it is preparation that can allow you to come back with a bigger launch! But just as I mentioned above preparing for success can also cause you to do 2 things that serve little to no benefit. It can cause your conscious and behaviour to do the following:

  1. Compare with the progress of others or
  2. Procrastinate, (persuading ourselves we are perfectionists) and never getting started.

So before we break this down, I want you to check this photo off. I was unable to find out who produced this, so can’t credit it sadly.

preparing for success comparison is the thief of joy procrastination aren deu

1. Comparing yourself

The first thing we can often do when preparing for success is to compare ourselves with the jouneys of others. We look at people who have been on the journey longer than us. Those who started with more resources than us. Those who moved quicker than us (initially). This is a horrible place to maintain your thoughts and mindset as it will lead to inaction, self-destruction and affect your well-being.

After all, as the great quote states:

“Comparison is the thief joy”

Theodore Roosevelt

So most likely, this occurs because we are too busy following or watching other peoples highlight reels. Whether these exist on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or even personal face to face stories. It is then we feel inferior and doubt our own progress or ability to start.

Add to the fear that we are not currently enough it causes us to never operate from a place where we can achieve our true greatness.

2. Procrastinating

This is a common one. In fact, I was Mr Procrastinator right after I gave up the title of Mr Perfectionist. You see both of these have never really served. Yes the latter was a great response to interview competency based questions, but never truly worked in real life.

You see trying to always be perfect will do 1 of 2 things. It will stop you from ever trying the first attempt at the fear of not having it perfect. Whilst still subconsciously knowing perfect is subjective and not really possible.

And two, it will likely cause you to start later than you could have. You could miss out on so many learning experiences, opportunities or failures.

Did you just say failures?

Yes. Anything you want to achieve that is worthwhile in life requires you failing first. Remember:

Everyone starts at the bottom 10% before they rise towards the top 10%.

But if you use the analogy of start now, get better later you are giving yourself so many opportunities. So many ways to figure out what not to do and what to do.

We have to remember that is in failures, we learn the most. We learn how strong we can be. How resilient we can become. We also grow our skill-set which is invaluable irrespective of what sector you operate in.

End game

So the end game is simple, to achieve your results. Without getting into too much detail, depending on what you are preparing yourself for, it will require some inevitable things. Time, energy, consistency, perseverance, over coming failures and adjustments etc.

But if you see it as you not being late (i.e. not comparing with other peoples journeys) and not leaving it too late (i.e. procrastinating) you can propel yourself forward just like the photograph above for your bigger launch!

Have a great day and make it happen!

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