What Podcast equipment should I buy?

Ahhhh time to dust of the credit card and get ready to spend a few pounds. Only kidding. Podcasting can actually be a very cheap start up venture, although if like me, you are truly dedicated and see this as something you want to do forever, maybe a larger investment upfront will save your money down the road. I am fully aware that some of the equipment I use is more expensive than most, but at the same time I want the quality to reflect my guests and I want listeners to have the best possible experience on the Find Your Voice Podcast.

Okay, I’m ready…

So you’ve got your whole plan of the podcast, structure and formats ready right?


Well maybe firstly you should ready my blog “How to start a podcast” which has 10 steps on how to start a podcast, but also gives you the software you will need to start podcasting.

Got it. Now what?

So in terms of actual physical equipment you will at some stage need the following:
1. Your Voice – it helps, honestly trust me.
2. A Computer/Laptop – same thing really. Although recently I have heard through the grape-vine you can do it via your mobile phone!
3. Microphones.

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So the main thing here is a microphone, and yes I got a little excited! I currently use the Rode Nt-Usb which does not require a power adaptor and looks awesome! Plus the actual sound quality is very evident when I record my shows and stands out! So for me this investment was 100% worth it.

There are however alternatives out there for you:


Podcast Microphone – Find Your Voice Other top rated alternatives:
USB MICS Blue Microphones Snowball ice USB Microphone

£49.99 of Amazon

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

£119 of Amazon

Audio-Technica AT2020USB PLUS USB Microphone

£119 of Amazon

Now depending on how serious you are, you can look at mixers and condensers which the best priced and highest rated one I could find is:

I hope this helps and adds some value and gives you an idea of what podcast equipment you should buy. Until next time please check out my podcast too, Find Your Voice!

Please note these are amazon affiliate links, which cost you nothing extra but will give me a little cashback from time to time. That also ensures we become the best of friends, so if you want great products and a new best friend, definitely check them out.

Have an awesome day and #JustDeuIt !

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