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Starting with a Thank you

Towards the end of 2018 I was able to take the wife on an incredible SPA relaxation day, with body massages with all expenses paid for. This was nice, but before you start to think what the hell does my personal life have to do with role as a performance coach, then stay with me.

So this was a ‘thank you’ gift I received from a client of mine I had only been coaching for a while. Now I won’t pretend I haven’t received great gestures from clients in the past but being a more recent experience, I figured it would serve a good message for a blog.

Mental aspect to optimising our lives

Now we all know the quotes like “change your, your thoughts you change your world”. Or the importance of one’s ‘mindset’. And I can also honestly say the majority of my clients enjoyed the mental, motivation, inspiration and nuggets of insights I’d provide much more than the physical assistance.

This was interesting. Especially as I always equipped my clients to be able to manage their own diets, bodies and minds post 6-12 months – depending obviously on their initial skill set. Yet every single person would opt to hang around almost 3 x longer.

I digress

Back to this particular client however, our relationship was solely focusing on the mindset. This was a different experience for me because he was a high level footballer who was naturally fit and had the physical attributes. He also had very little fat loss to lose (one of my specialities) but struggled with some mental barriers. Now I helped him break these down which ill explain shortly, which incredibly enhanced so much of his physical attributes.

The base fitness levels

So as many of you know a footballer, footballers are generally fit and healthy! This client was no different. His physical and technical attributes were already evident. But my job was to extract more from him, not just physically but also mentally. I’m not happy with seeing people just coast and never grow. I am actually obsessed with seeing people grow and surpass their own perceived limits. I have done this for myself and with over 150+ clients, so this one was going to be no different. At least that’s what I told myself at that stage.

Mental Breakthroughs

Now enhancing this client’s strength, agility, speed funnily enough came sooner than I thought. But it came when I seemed to unlock his mental potential. You see it was evident, he had his own limiting beliefs and barriers on his potential. Not fully getting to where he wished in his football career, he had accepted a ceiling.

But I don’t accept ceilings. Not for me, not or others. So in true Aren fashion, I began to over deliver. I have always beleived I am the best performance coach out there, and with this I have an obligation to over deliver. I would speak outside of classes, and research further into the person to help them.

Fast forward the nitty gritty bits…

We finally had our biggest breakthroughs, and again it was the mind that allowed this to transform the body and mindset. We developed his confidence, resilience and a fitness. It was almost Rocky-esque. We began breaking personal bests week on week out, but more than anything, to simply see someones confidence in themselves grow, it was an incredibly fulfilling moment.

performance coach aren deu health fitness fat loss diet plans gym exercise

Unfortunately, our timetables clashed a few months after this. But the value I was able to provide was enough for them to surprise me with this incredible gift, i.e. my opening sentence! It was rewarding for me, because over delivering as a performance has always come easy.

I have always put a 100% into everything I do. Wait delete that. I have always tried my best to do 100% in everything I do. There is no sense of pride or fulfilment for me, knowing I left some energy, knowledge or assistance in the tank.

I want you all to do the same too. Whatever arena you operate in, maximise your own growth. You may think, you are just doing it for others (which is actually where true happiness and fulfilment arises by the way). But you will also be doing it for yourself. You will be growing with experience. With wisdom. With knowledge. And it is this growth that will make you a better individual in whatever aspect you operate in.


Now after attending the spa, I had an opportunity to reflect back at what I had achieved. I actually sat down to jot my own learning lessons and progress from my time as a performance coach. It had been 8 years and I had never really reflected. Now rather than bore you with all my findings, I’ll extract my findings from just this particular client. These are things I truly believe will help you, in your own journey:

1. Always over deliver.

Always give 100%. They deserve it but so do you. You should always seek to reach your potential and see how far you can grow as a person. Or how far you can grow as coach or mentor whilst also doing the same for your client. I believe one of the quickest ways to happiness and fulfilment is to serve others. I have done it most of my life, and ill continue to do it until my last breath.

2. Know your worth.

It got me over the fear of increasing my prices each year.  Remember If your good make sure price reflects this. So often I used to be scared to increase my prices and value my time at the fear of people not being able to afford it. I knew I was good. I believe in my performance coaching more than anything else. But I guess indirectly we all have limiting beliefs, or scenarios in our head that can inhibit us to maximise ourselves.

However, in the space of 8 years my price has gone up by 5 x and if I lived in a more affluent geographical area, it’d have gone up more. I recognise some of this is due to my own persona growth, but I also know it would have happened earlier, had I trusted myself sooner. So trust yourselves!

3. Gratitude

I am always grateful to have had some positive impact on someone’s life. There is no better feeling then occasionally meeting clients who have transformed themselves both mentality and physically. There are fewer words in the dictionary better than “you are the best coach I have ever had”. Or, “I will always be grateful for you”

4. Growth mindset

You have to adopt a growth mindset. No matter where you start, or how far you’ve come there is always scope to go further forward. I learnt just as much with clients as they learn and take from me. Every day is an opportunity to grow, become better and learn something new. Remember this could be good or bad.

performance coach over delevering aren deu fitness fat loss diet plan gym

5. I enjoy spa days

Spa days rock & I now need to go more often. By the way this is not a hint to more of my clients, but they really are great. We are sometimes so deep in the heart of it all, we don’t take time out to reflect and enjoy our hard work. It is important in whatever line of work you do, that you take time to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. Not just for your physical health but also your mental health too.

Remember all these lessons can be utilised in any field of work. I am a performance coach, but I also do it in my podcasting, my property investing and other ventures I operate in. You do not need to be a performance coach or any of the occupations above to truly master the real meaning behind this post.

Conclude already…

Now remember everyone is human. Irrespective of how far they have gone, they have started from somewhere that looked a lot different. So don’t feel inferior or place someone on a pedestal. Do not compare yourselves with others. Be proud of yourself and know with the right amount of execution and belief, you can achieve and become who you are destined to be.

But while you do this, always, I repeat always – over deliver!

Have an awesome day!

Have an awesome day and #JustDeuIt

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Take away for you all…

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