Narcissism Gaslighting & NLP Panic attacks #76

Narcissism Gaslighting & NLP Panic attacks #76

Panic attacks, Narcissism, Gaslighting & NLP explained by Nick Davies

“Blast Your Past” by Nick Davies #76

Nick Davies joins us on Find Your Voice to discuss; Panic attacks, Narcissism, Gaslighting, NLP & much more in this amazing episode.

An episode that I wanted to bring all you amazing listeners to really you take control of your lives. Nick Davies shares his 2 incredible protocols to help manage stress, overwhelm and anxiety within 5-10 minutes. These two protocols are called: The Lima Protocol and also the Tapping Protocol.

The Lima and Tapping Protocol are put onto a separate video for you all to gain access too:

Alongside this, we also discuss narcissist people and their cognitive blind spots, dissonance. We also look at the way they can harm people in society. Furthermore, the use of NLP to manipulate people is also discussed. Nick continues to explain things you should all be aware off.

But this is, just some amazing takeaways in this episode. Nick also shares his work ethic, passion and tells a wonderful story of persistence and graft. An authentic individual, who overcame panic attacks, a stab wound to the heart and being dead for almost 25 minutes!

Miracles do happen, and with some of these techniques you wouldn’t be far off thinking they are miracles too. As an anxious person myself, the use of these techniques have massively helped me personally. It is for that reason, I wanted to share this with yourselves. I also wanted to ensure people without a voice do not suffer at the hands of bad NLP practitioners. So please do recognise and understand the nuances Nick explains.

Key timestamps:

[04:40] Nicks introduction to NLP in 1996

[07:00] The difference between Anxiety & Panic attacks

[07:55] Being stabbed in the heart

[11:40] The LIMA Protocol – To help you with your anxiety available on separate YouTube Video here

[17:40] The Tapping Protocol – To help you with stress, frustration or lower mood available on separate YouTube Video here

[23:45] NLP being used the wrong way

[36:00] Nick analysing my own body language

[43:30] Narcissist Traits explored – They think their right

[49:30] A Powerful Lesson of Perseverance & Hard work

Key Quotes by Nick:

On anxiety:

“Anxiety, is a fear of the future. A future based emotion”

“If you got anxiety, this is a precursor to panic”

On why Affirmations won’t work:

Affirmations do not work, unless your in the alpha state”

“Your brain won’t accept suggestions unless your in that alpha state”

On narcissists

“A narcissistic type of person, has to have an outrageous type of personality. When you analyse them, these people are very insecure”

“Whether there a murderer, burglar or narcissist, they don’t know their that person. What they think their doing, they think their right.”

“Cognitive blind spots are things where your unaware that your doing bad things”

On everyone moving forward:

“Trust yourself”

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Further more I urge you to utilise the shorter video too. This will feature two techniques you can instantly use to help alleviate stress and anxiety. Please share this with anyone else you think it will help.

Also let myself and Nick know the feedback from this episode. It is our hope it will help you find your voice and move forward in life.

Have an awesome day!

Transcript from Pippa (may not be 100% accurate):

thanks I see you fail when you die and because of that also with the recall in the I don’t know how spiritually I think might be I was given a chance because here I am doing it now welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode I’ll find your voice my name is iron and as always I I’m the host of the show so one of the things as the host of the show that I really try to do is be an advocate for people who don’t have a voice I sincerely want to try to help as many people as possible in this movement I also want to give people a platform to maybe share their stories to give other people the strength the hope and the resilience to overcome what they’re going through in their lives I’m not was one of the main reasons I really want to bring on Nick Davis to today’s episode so I’ve known it for a few years now and I’ve seen the with that he’s been doing and it’s so incredible to see somebody who comes from a place of authenticity a come from a place of wanted to make a difference operate in something that I as a say many times in this episode have mixed connotations towards you see perception plays a huge part in today’s society we often judge people to compare ourselves so many times with people’s perception of their success or what they choose to show us and that is a very very dangerous game I with NO P. something that many people are now starting to use for the wrong reasons you see and now P. if used to help you with PTSD with trauma within Saudi with stress which is some of the stuff that I’m gonna talk about in this episode today I think it’s fantastic I think it’s something that is necessary however and I’ll be in the wrong hands then we start to border on manipulation I’m not as many of you may or may not know manipulation is basically influences somebody’s thoughts or actions for their own personal gain now that just doesn’t sit right with me as I mention in this episode and operate in the property industry which is pretty much my main job I see so often and I hate people being taken advantage of I hate people being gaslight I hate people thinking it’s staff (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) when all that they’re doing is being put into a suggestive state where they are now I would no longer forty control of their mind and the thoughts and the decisions and therefore making the wrong choices and I don’t want you guys to make the wrong choices or at the very least I want you to have the full picture so hopefully this episode we’ll give you at least a bit more understanding in terms of is this past said he’s not speaking to me thinking about my best interests or other thinking about themselves because I want to protect you at all what you or to go for the same mistakes in same sort of trauma all I’ve been through very recently and they gave us a story for another day but let’s move on to this incredible episode I ended you order to check out the you two videos I spent a lot of time edge to number rendering them just to give you guys the concise information because some of you may not want to hear the whole hour of this episode some of you may just want a nine minute tool with that you could do on a daily basis now what is the Leie relieve you of all one in fact the nine minutes has two separate protocols to separate techniques that you can instantly do so if you don’t like the one for the second one I’ve tried them both as some of you may have said on the black country blogs podcasts and I promise you they working for somebody who his almost crippled with his eye on a daily basis I call explained how important it is so without further ado let’s get this interview on the way first the welcome to the show how we doing today yeah I’m ready I thank you thank you have me on the nose I love to talk about one day when she had a message for the people they you know it’s a large city in this fun stuff I’m testing just I’m not three it has achieved been along part of your life I think was a two thousand and six you started well I still don’t know paid in the mid nineties for knowing what to be say always been money to reach the end of a national project manager and when I’m trying to cool so then somebody introduced like what they’ve been trying to find a way of how influences people I don’t have the same check (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) in he’s interested how to get more I would say even how to influence people out of my way so roughly about nineteen ninety six all screwed Tony Robbins Richard Bandler drum grain dust out to study that stops on the news and the and the year two thousand I see collapse or he was basically working sixty seventy hour weeks right they may be in house let alone go friends because on some hassles making six hundred with apps anyway the next I work with that and so I’d say I think it’s tax Russian anything else with accounts since the beach they didn’t work for me it’s (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) basically question everything in it it was self esteem as well so I was left in a very difficult position after thirty sessions of counseling that I had to fix myself so the laundry every single evening I’d like to go back to work when I was on it was awful a study done okay most of the talk therapy yesterday human bag yeah so the hypnosis and hypnotherapy (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) basically spending the war university’s psychology reading list as well as some rental source file for waiting counter stuff yeoman cal roaches great since then things that I found out what worked what didn’t work tested on the stop and heal myself and remember it’s alright and then in two thousand six zero inside somebody sets may be doing this for a long time what do you do it professionally and that’s when the did more exams in two thousand six and then went full time straight away in this they say the rest is history well I was so it was actually prior to two thousand six when you gonna probably done a lot more with them well I see people doing now I hear you all in Sierra expert sauce in people come off TV courses and then instantly there and all P. expire and the coaches and that the selling stuff so it’s nice to obviously know that you actually dedicate a large proportion of your life for this but you’ve also many absolutely twenty five years but you’ve come into it from being somebody who many of the listeners including myself could probably resonate with the panic attacks yeah these I. E. attacks and having to go back to work when you said that not for me something on how to live with I’m sure many people listening right now can resonate with that it’s it’s so difficult and just for anyone who may have just come across this episode for example destroyed just coming across as I think what the hell is in a panic attack what is is all you could you maybe just take us back to that moment when you’re struggling and just your feelings or thoughts because I I know what it’s like but I’d love to hear from yourself yeah yeah I mean there’s a very big difference in anxiety hi I’m people get to make stock markets aspen (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) if the hopper life studying this kind of stuff that anxiety is a favor the future future bytes demotion where you’re worried about something that could be an exam it could be what set somebody in you would about that from you make them and generally what will happen is it will mean an increase in hot right you all yeah you thought to be done really really quickly generally what happens is you or they don’t adrenaline into your muscles hi five point three zero five and this is what a lot of people don’t realize is that pumps noradrenaline is you Brian so make sure always more than me she is sensitive to everything and that’s what creates the brain governor of one of the stuff again and again yeah so that sings our team that can be debilitating I think it’s tacky the next level so just to put things in perspective I mean is so when I was a kid a student moxie in and used to trying it simply doesn’t exist anymore now who told of boxing club I need to get my socks abilities of kids all kind of stuff so far back in the seventies and in one evening when I was a teenage girl college of phone disconnects stop not just stabbed and slashed you anything less than than the hots most of the new adventure coal about stabbed in the back as well and what happened to your home office with blood comes in and then moved to the other trying best what should unite before it got cats bonding however when he accepted more than sure what happens is that goes into the hot wool and give you a heart attack any questions yeah you’re hot and so basically you’ve got three minutes to live is that enough you Brian so in twenty four minutes to get into a hospital that night hobby that post my blood pressure Yang’s always you feel when you die and because of that also with the recall in the I don’t know how the spiritually I think might be I was given another chance because here I am doing it now but the fear that you filled with food that is massive however you got into this many many peaceful slate I just wanted to go to sleep and sleep with Wesley perhaps but if only if only right the anxiety level as a time when I was gonna Dolly anybody can you can always plug in is is not red blood because it’s not gonna work she can and it is very dark are you sick so one of my hands on the chest of the the when he was in a real mess with it was simply say that’s a ten out of ten how many contracts is the feeling that you’re gonna Dolly several times a day so what would happen is that said be today and then I had to go to this day how it starts right I’m gonna I’m gonna pass out minutes alright what regiment (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) results ricin unless the contracts were worse yeah and staff is get that stopped at least someone into this lake another dollar dose of all of our I think it’s actually statistics right every single day nice after all you don’t even know inside I wanted to run out ray mortgages guy that horrific evil and everybody on notice how to how to get back to newsstand severity saying that’s when geology taxes different on a contract I think it’s actually gonna go immediately and is the most horrible horrible thing I’ve failed anybody’s about a product that is horrific so I’m just learned something new that myself so I suffered with anxiety attacks on I don’t think now I’ve had a panic attack god forbid because I don’t even want to comprehend what that must feel like so for anyone he’s going through that some say serious issue and you just mentioned very briefly was end of that you’ve got techniques for it now is this the blast technique that you have done or was it something different yeah well I’m going to blast the animosity is more geared for and treating things that happened in two passengers let me just my cab when you’re buying so it’s a if you guys I’d say he isn’t crazy because of this product said you may be aware of that so what would sized let’s get it treated much they were there to be done eventually they move on the kids act and that’s when it’s really really difficult combat Justinian’s artist I please listen to everything about feet so that I could you pull you out that is not a great place to live instead the anxiety panic attacks for push myself too hard and is about learning to use your resources properly instead of using your body and your mind appreciate too hot that’s interesting and I just wanna some did not not as all night so tips for anxiety obviously it is a question and and it requires a lot of work a lot of software called I do recommend it so hard for the last seven eight years myself I’m still not there but that’s probably because a hobbit use expose let yourself as much as a public should have all the things that you could maybe give people who are listening on this very show episode just to walk away with is not implemented on a daily basis just either be mindful of it just to implement to help me forward yeah so did something cool Lima protocol and what I say is this is the most important thing today but basically I’m sorry to say (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) is less and less you might use a small gravel and it’s like a five year old kids comes up kicks you in the shins and if that happened yet smaller guys or girls because of this that and the next year or whatever and you smile so that’s just a little bit of anxiety that we would laugh about we will we’ll get it you know it’s a little bit number forty or you keep pushing himself harder and harder I grows the prize the prize ten it’s bigger than you are and what she found him in the south and ends on the issue with with anxieties never fully to never fall it’s it’s over you have to relax with it just seems like chess the first thing you need to do is imagine the following program then how can you have you know a member of one point say looking up to the smaller woman was panic attacks and (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) when there is a god of that just kill me tell me tell me you know you got the house I’m an exasperating months and then this piece pass those light don’t kill with it but you don’t believe that the times had to do with this stuff so the thing is really my pride Scully’s first thing you have to do is loosen your muscles and be like say so if you’re offering an anxious the first thing you know if I can chat and use the ladies let your body your for the worst you could that was run out and ring the tents what happens every time you pay attention to it we chocolates it gets bigger and the and the biggest thinking yeah is are they cannot switch really if you were out there in November when possible or you should anyway so listen you must always be like I say to try you Pasha deadline intention and love the full would sit back relax all I east in how would automatically and that’s when you bring he’s pushing your stomach out read the names of all the loans and then would you believe that you saw it so I’ve got what happens is when we have a (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) threatening situation we activate our sympathetic nervous system separate is very short yeah Johnny needs more muscles noradrenaline and swap writing courses (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) and then what happens as for flight freeze of these are fine now when the danger is gone we activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is why we have so we cannot sufficiently gridlock when you die from a sea breeze didn’t read in into the bottom of the loan specialist on cap not leaving the shoulders of the chest when you pray that yes so so that’s the only the next thing filling the protocol is the I am we meditate on a point on the will of the condo these these baskets were drawn to fall out or an unconscious mowing down the beach dismissed on fire prehistoric clay and you know when we were kind of brought so far ancestors we knew the fall it was a great show for you I will keep his word when we can use it to fend off an image so (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) consciously drawn fire and that’s why when you know which of mine colleges influence when you see the colors red orange and yellow specialist mix together which represent firewood drawn to them straight right Randy Stine Germany’s sex is winding system stops we’ve grown to those things I miss you I can do is really good uggs on candle or point (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) and then what you do is you and you just see very then relax wait till you peripheral vision glass when you perform region plus it means that you Brian this week from the wives which is well under the army now talking about what thinking about to have four wives no way to where we were in a state of always I’ve been transferred noisome relax he’s from now people to use affirmations affirmations do not work unless you in the office thanks this is what things are like people ice do affirmations that millions times no I’ve read ten year period and whatever else would want to do welcome one he Brian what’s that suggestions to you in the house the study so when you went to the site so you mentioned you’re lazy during the entire documents you read and meditate on the candle we will be right Larry I used the affirmations of his hands all TV got you need to say these words the south rim on site on call and relax and many many poor friends out your product inside common relax and then you can and you know the phrases like you’ve been here before (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) got thrown at his just aunts aunty what routes from side from common relax and then do that until it passes I really really relax and then move on to distract myself nor the next job I recommend doing that several times that I as a message the nexus always if you do four lines it’s very very healthy right sticks off taken some notes here have you got nine documentation or is on your website (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) anyway yes hello (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) I probably got a really good resource and written on tonight’s videos hundreds and hundreds of videos newsletters well the things of that is I said I’m not the cheapest around because my level because of it in the media are forty five magazines these like this in the last fourteen months off and on the right you have fought tolerances on cast and stuff so because my level of expertise I’m gonna try needs the will of Allah and I’m not the cheapest one there is a free resource for people so the people of California senses can just have another is quality in that honestly if you if you clap of are going through a lot so I’m pleased to be W. W. A. N. day hypnotherapy dot wordpress dot com but should treasure trove of stuff to do with stress anxiety and (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) pretty nice is mental health movie traction and actually try you try to raise the minimum for anybody anywhere across well thank you I love that and (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) you’ve actually done this Lima with myself previously I think we did on the black country blogspot because as well yeah he did another technique a topping protocol topping one yeah yes okay so so this is for more so and so if you’re if you more on the on the right side so they usually the Lima pride to call if you’re stressed a little bit frustrated we’ve got low mood this is designed for that and what we found is that sent anxiety stress and things like that basically the broad happens for the price very very active showed a dysfunctional magnetic resonance imaging scans so we found out when weight and hi Paula to stimulation a blast on support while actual analysis is stimulation treatment the blast they keys when I work with clients in the day with anything from (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) you know (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) so right car accidents (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) forcing horrible things that come into my office and we use a lot and we stimulate the brain the light and the noise level two steps but many minutes talking here people on them help them process pastoralism page yesterday so this is a blast health care products call at eight seven AM is symbolized by the time is right to reduce things what modern Santi stressed strike should allow me to do things like that this is why what people that really because when you walk when you read when you fox used by psychology probably helps Tom the brain but this is a really quick whether the minute because most of the brain nerve endings from the top before and that’s the top you chess this will not be fun to be FCO CFC hi there when you were for freedom lines things that don’t access them these days Brian this from help one three the rendering protocol and and if you go to log website (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) can send you a handout from your consent you are in in general yeah and so you did was vesting is you ask yourself how strong with the same injuries for instance we know (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) which is not in itself (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) ten west you can ever imagine the staff Skylab this is just so we can measure afterwards so the first thing we do is we get a number and then we sit back in the chat will allow the feelings and the first thing we did was we tap on the side of a burly grouse we do that ten times on solid walls thinking about eleven those next thing we did was you tap on cheap Barnes ten times on the side I know we tap on the other side of the channel of the salt ten dollars and then Waycross arrives I’m at the top of the call about it’s a look inside these are the major clusters of nerve endings for about ten minutes right and that’s why we target these areas one ten or the salt and all of that is that what we do our hands on a lot of women are always at some not sure which one it is rather this is more left at the moment we met what’s the last night so once to the right to the left to the right to the left to the right to the left to the right and left we do that ten times on the solid and then we can always depressing many more you said yourself on my account read out and then you see how you feel between your and sent the number should come down now if it’s not come down as much as you want keep repeating the process again and again and again not to the site you don’t want to be using this from chronic (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) civic around so let’s say you want to use the legal rights how but when a small the rains are T. stress frustration library this is right just keep going through it I need to free to network is set up to four people for free and you know what I give to charity because I’m I’m not a big fan of charities is that they only need to give twenty four percent to the back to work Monday is not get rich off things lots of the way on the charts a new work fragen things out for free shipping (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) which helps people properly absolutely well thank you so much for the US embassy to amazing techniques both of which I’ve done it’s probably something I need to discipline myself more in terms of making it a habit it’s one of those things you know you know what you should be doing but we’re not always doing it so conscious not my listeners may be doing the same to Walmart you just type in (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) segment and put it on the you choose and then on Instagram is often this is what our love that thing about you where you have a free resource to help people with your stuff got caught get access to and that’s kind of similar to that myself and this is why resident with yourself so how I mentioned at the beginning of the show I got mixed connotations towards an LP because I’ve seen the damage that is doing in the property industry one of the things I do the property industries I I’m an open book I would tell you the good and I will tell you that I don’t have no problem if not I probably tell you more but did not tell you good because us let’s see the white wicks I do this and I don’t like custom personal training I have free gym plans if anyone needs a free gym but I’ll give it for you because I want to see people who you call your access to resources or maybe struggled because I’ve been in that situation to have the access hence why would you advocate for as many people but the same time this certain levels of stuff that you know you are in your fee for heads your amazing expertise of thank you for that resource obligate grab at the end and I will put in the show notes from unix of thank you for doing that so much no not that I know Pete is used in a manipulation minor so often in the property industry and industries are working and also in sows is all and if you just look at the definition of manipulation you’re effectively influence in somebody’s emotions or behaviors for your own personal gain and that for me I it just doesn’t sit with me I mean I understand what if to make a live in the west to sell what do I need money as a meeting for but if you wanna being completely honest and your trying to almost put him in a suggestive state I’m not sure if that’s the right terminology in terms of many of the transaction when you know that this is not necessarily in the right frame of mind to do that it just doesn’t sit with me and be an advocate for people who don’t have a voice is great to have someone like yourself on the show are there any ways (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) is already on the river to the right words for it please or anything that you might be able to say to that person’s use and and (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) Peter manipulative mind at all maybe just some suggested that we should just be careful of yeah I mean it’s not just not paying you know it’s it’s a whole field of influence something you know up on trying to hypnosis hypnotherapy and I’m paying like moss and lots of different things and you know all I’ve done that fifty two state shows where you think isn’t they’ve got the slaying you know the room right off chicken I have taken all these videos them because now a special agent drummer stable (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) was happy you know yes people couldn’t make the difference because I’m a very scientific that’s this you know and I will go wrong and it was my I’m testing the venomous side shows the last late show that this two years ago were you the best and as part of the end of the show I will update the site that’s always who shoots make them be able to regain info and retain information the more confident about their exams and an absolute last things I would love to and even the cross streets outside you know yeah yeah yeah this call the universe yes I for this you know I’m not I’m not first about the students because I’m from which many universities should be at the job site you know when somebody sets to make and then watch me go to somebody in the crowd discover kids well I is an accountant on slate another person is going straight into it the triumphs and then everything I’ve told instead of you know brought sit on the chat that you kind of feel maybe call your job in a minute the judge will route you know when you have what kind of power within and paid the ability to use your language to influence people into certain sites who (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) insight one is reading a book (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) is basically the yes oncology that’s why you should be up to the night there are certain things that were hardware today so what I did is I have a lot of scandals that have very strong very powerful and somebody said to me are you know could you roll by that was probably you know just as a joke you know one of the things I did in the gym that very good friends is Sally it’s always one of the trying to see what some reception it’s always seem to get in for eight number twenty one call realistic got eighty can teach ice to hit it’s always the began tell them that the money to show call upon them and how would you go in the gym I’m gonna video okay I can I can shower okay will down now but he’s even the money just go well I was going on with this so people often so you know and you know you go only skills in this powerful stuff which of you know the people have across the world and the other boys well having the skills doesn’t buy you a bad person and the metaphor used this we woke up a drawful kitchen knives well (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) my kitchen on salaries it’s chock makes vegetables however there was some bad evil people in the world that we choose years as kitchen always for harm of the bad to us weekly’s learning these things doesn’t like you about us my personal credit so I tend to find is the people who were drawn to this intent on us is the top carrots as people were friendly and secure (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) so they have to have a very outrageous personal let’s see you know that our supplier who’s that the statements what the hell you know sign things and then when you analyze them as a as a soldier therapists in the face these people are very very insecure all on it’s it’s almost like the standing on a sugar pedestal maps in the writing that they have to maintain this facade because of the holidays wizard of oz it’s just the (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) golly already be on the screen with a loud voice very insecure it’s as simple as a rule of thumb aside to people is and you don’t need to let him know this is not a peace be upon us and you know I know you all know the walls you have a few friends please don’t tell me a flight confidence trick tips tricks this to you know recall ID’s often vocal you know you know simply was purses wallets and things like that and they use a set of techniques and they don’t know how to do it so I don’t think the site doesn’t make you fat we have to be bad (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) already in order to study it does things so as a rule of thumb if it’s too good to be true it probably is if it seems too good to be true it probably is what we spoke about the fitness industry in the next morning that will you know I used to sign what’s his address at seven second house G. since may they said using absence seven seconds but that they did some of my set a million styles of something like that in America (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) I’m you know for in it and you know for video and this is what the nineteen on we’re going on on the so I think if it seems too good to be true that’s when you want to take a step back and engage the cortex are you frightened human the system Hey what’s this is a life so what people do is the use phase yeah as a motivation so I’d say if you are if you don’t go all across full and learning how learning and (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) P. then you’ll gonna be fun actually worse off your friends are going to look at you and think you are let this you want your apps on the ground okay not for yeah you’re going to be worse off and that’s one of the first things they notice from our limbic system got small I’m gonna be worse off yeah also was okay says so you start to second guess you stop and then what we basically they work with them in NO playing call it may even like him hi thank you give your playing fast if you die which that yet this is the pain you can experience and then what they do is they give me the solution to get away from that hi and this is what we do we’ve been to a project now if you do these products if you use this product what I’m able to get you more friends but I would make you more had someone get some second absent the million that would be the envy of all your friends your this is amazing so there’s two things that day that’s the most gas and say the (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) pharmacy section proof I’m reciprocation spittle reciprocation is interesting because what we do is if you give somebody something thank falling cents here at and it’s not something that’s a semi nice was involved what they did is that the company planned and Saturday Joe how to mark some paintings in this (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) all kind of break so the government said that with the and mark the paintings actually that wasn’t the study that was a ruse so they want you to know what difference it with my kids if you’ve got something to that person when you came south to raffle tickets so it’s you and so that’s what these paintings and then at lunch time about Hey aren’t you kind of call you also get will follow so what amounts see you drink it in your mind to go in this call is given me something and then outside okay raffle tickets lessons that scout raises money for the scout hat what about some tickets what if I am everybody involved people kind of Paul will double the amount of tickets the people have been both kind of pop so this is why people give away free stuff so this is going along reciprocation if I’ll give you something you’ll you’ll need to give me something back now the cabinet to that which is not in this for long is if you keep giving things the people what happens is that they will expect not I’m not no longer works in fact you guys you the why so when you keep giving stuff for Ryan this is what calling this doesn’t work in the world and also considering the therapist friend of mine’s you keeping calling people after the third song that you’re calling to them it becomes a habit and then it’s an expectation and you get nothing back but learning to get nothing back for the start demanded that you give them all I needed your slow quirks in the brightness on work since there’s nothing wrong with being calling this is why you see the relationships we got what do they call that are not just because they go into that thing with them being calling actually live interviews while I was out so that last bit has just completely shot my road because again all I explain why give free stuff away because I I always sympathize for people who don’t have the resources so for me as long as I have enough money to pay my bills and food on the table I smiling I don’t care and I’m giving constantly now kind of thinking oh my god maybe I should talk a little bit at least but the other thing about giving these people that I value to it so one of the things of them well used to I used to be free seven us so this seminar garrison and anybody who wants to and learn about stress anxiety another told to mental health and so far what kind of these people who are not people that it’s value to things so it’s okay with most of this online doesn’t mind over the years or not because I’m not my energy is not involved in that it’s only been done out that under that I was into it so I can leave that one seven hours now still the fray says all pounds nothing you know a charge like three to two thousand have a similar when the five pounds unknown because they’ve shed for plans and it means something that small another gonna turn off and then I’m going to actually listen to walk outside yes you know all the employees the free talks following sports clubs and things like that and you say that you know it never mind what did you base double time slot GB boxing you know what would you say this way once you (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) caps that up there than the G. B. charge GBR sake GB pets have formed you’ve got five six people to do stuff for you guys well the will of god is not a day that is because it is that it should be money that we’re not charging fast and has a well I’m gonna people that they should not and this is exactly the seven seven up so you know what I would say is you know charge a nominal faith in something you know when my case sensible the people in touch more to it the crazy thing is another low that Sam two years in sales is the loss gas to take so also here are you going to come in level and appearance but it’s going to close in twenty four hours and then about a cop take so I’m gonna stop before missile on this the mobile not be into the rental pay because this thousands and millions of course a lot of the planet this box so that we can learn on your own anyway and the other thing is well outside the Los gases say not only the irony running up twenty four I was a child I was as I need to prices left what your response is is known since you know if you want if you want to wear them if if I have ten people apply for that our big race you know to conclude without firstly almost not charging very very soon so anyone listening (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) one absolutely no charge put it in all seriousness let jokes aside so just wanna quickly recap that if I made it because I’m I’m making it almost there so landing and (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) P. doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person and I love the analogy about the noise as well if you already bought that obviously combined with and all that stuff said his last that way to happen you mentioned something to an opera star head you talked about not suggest that people who have outrageous person not ease these kind of extreme extrovert so always try and stuff that use thinking how you for lost souls so much energy when I sit back and we got caught fish video coming up very very soon after that country blogs podcasts that individual is that person when you cycle underlies it now that the civil social wick must as as well as in security that there is something there’s a facade there’s a mask hidden but at the same time for somebody like myself use a natural introvert he’s quite shy and I’m just in the summer you know you are you look at that (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) sometimes think you are that’s incredible that stops almost something that I wish I had and sometimes we can not pay to people okay let me just stop you then allows you bought the language that you just that so if I may I’m gonna talk to Iran because your body language is not accepting the watching this video to skip back a few seconds when you what Sharon talking that its hands and he and his yeah that was simply trade between the two house you’ve all day that is what we call complete congruence so you say in who you are (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) hands this sucks when we loaded you tend to get this you got sales people sell one sewing so most kept his I’m going to this is that they have a when somebody’s law and see the dentist says one side because I want to show you once owned alright so you that one is being complete Congress I wouldn’t even need to listen to one side three four hands of match it’s like you may run by some of the seven thousand and (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) somebody’s Lawrence yes and he said to me it can local books to try the next right about what kind of worries no worries yeah yeah cool schools because colleges and local levels it Jeff Jeff only there is a show you one side of the body and then they agree and acknowledge lots and lots on really quickly yeah yeah yeah yeah of course no worries of the fact that you was why one I know times that’s happened up is not going to turn out who did not receive voice I don’t really want to go now we are in all right you will some show enough until I. S. resigned to it I’m going to turn out so it’s a sin to train the people talking so when you turn the phone is when people are making a point they don’t believe in one of their hands will move are you what that unit politicians affirmative in this from the law and they do this some of the screen the figures together one of the reasons is politicians used to point in the seventh season six days I mean I take another twenty does work if you press your thumb and forefinger it’s got that and and and they’re doing this and they’re going yeah we we are committed to this this two things one it looks like holding a piece of paper some consciously think the something important that if you if you want to and so even for just one day this thank you don’t even have this is a problem it’s got nothing in it no guarantee you need to listen to the facts of this call Jim so you start to think running consciously all this what is known is talking about because of that piece of consciously what you wear these along okay you know it’s all four thousand I was about six years yeah but it’s a personality so firstly what you want to look for is people who was that no similar actions magical you know someone somebody someone someone put you then one (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) it doesn’t have to be (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) was a lonely but what generally found in the from a bus to the Chicago staff young who was for which you he said what do you say on the outside to the extreme the opposite is true so if you see somebody Bob I have a friend who (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) I don’t friend yes whether it’s staying home talk with them but I’m resting up and I would be the most powerful sing and everybody would be that they were monies into getting the crowd together within the see them on the run in the kitchen crying going nobody looks like what this is crazy and this is before studied all that and then I met people who (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) massive muscles tattoos for calling his first name Matt you know when you know the behind closed doors so I’m my rule of thumb is what do you see on the outside to the extreme the opposite is true on the inside so (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) seventy one ad welcome baby face assassin so these are the people of what I’m getting at their therapy some people for what I got around to destroy therapist they want the world to fits in with that join this twisted view of the world so the tron and all of doing all of crosses swords with less people because basically (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) Titans task in and help them get help but they can be very pleasant people so like if I succeeded somebody that is very I’m great but if I can’t you about you know because I’m great so if there is a false alarm browse all the chokehold page because this tension around the neck and my stocks we go strength yeah your the best number when you call can certainly amazing numbers like this so I’m gonna get your million viewers and stuff cast is not supposed to be horrible yeah the best was so what what we present to the world is what we call it soda we will have a sign a sign you know we also can and you know what country bugs together not a lesson to drug but if we were in in India we bought off the side of the drug is we have decided not and he did behind the sign up there’s a shadow used in our shadows of the bad things about was that we don’t log analysis will not accept this anything wrong with them so what they will say is if they’re accused of something else that you’ll fall over because of this is because of that was an old question we’ve got yeah yeah I get sometimes online and I saw a need to address will go work on that that’s the best way to date because you can build a character and you can always improve processes that we pray will like there is a liar on another layer that some showing the slough this is not the life you were products you know what I said the captain very core after twelve years and now we’ve been asked to try try down Holland of going back home and again this year NASA try to hide the mercury can the different idea which hopefully will come off one of the reasons it’s not then somebody’s because as quickly this call F. kept combo I’m just let it do its work is from the investigating Catalan so look for those characters because you get more value from the characters were and you get more and more information more quality from nice people more humble you know a more interesting the recess so you should be careful when you see somebody shout to go out and be very visual (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) I was question it was behind this occurred on this is B. T. for Bob especially I’m glad that when you idolize me that it was a good thing because again I do a lot of stuff (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) consciously so they look at ward because they can you’re making of all go back and obviously listen to what I’m saying so that’s always a good point and and I’m glad the doctor does two things I just wanna point out on this now so there’s one question one ask you after this or my muse about gas light in if you could just all right I’m not that would be really useful topic I love what have you see on the outside to the extreme is the opposite of the inside not ID mentoring with a guy called Tom believe he’s an entrepreneur he’s from America all money invested absolutely love the way he stands for I love these values ethics everything long story short he mentions something and there’s a book court predictability irrational by done already and effectively in this book and I’m just gonna try and summarize this without sounding so clumsy he explains that everybody has this kind of image of ourselves and effectively for example I could believe I’m a good person and if I believe that I was fine well in this book what what dot explains is not we can do certain things that up but essentially what provided it’s not too far from the truth of us believe in the good people it’s okay we don’t have to change the narrative about ourselves however if I got married to someone that I know in my head off to change that narrative not you are and you know a good pass it so what I’m seeing from a lot of these people is they genuinely believe this loss is the person that that doing good in the vote that helping people that the moving people for what they do at the same time is lying will manipulate the truth or taking money when they should be taking money doing these little things that don’t sit right with me you’ll probably other people but because it’s only swerving so far from the narrative not too much that there okay and the reason for that is really interesting because I spent I was in I was trying to understand why somebody can sleep at night doing the stuff that they do but that also you know yourself crazy the tree so I don’t know if you’ve if you elaborate on that yet well in in my third (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) company which tree cheats nearly every character that you can imagine I’m one thing right yeah you know I can I can say this is what needs for the remainder of but a lot NASA says what about they don’t know they’re not close to what they think that they would they think is right every single person so and the thing is is on the side you can interview people and that’s what interests me about the human condition is even when people are doing bad things of justify justify what they did it and this is why it’s important and then there is (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) something that these mmhm cognitive blind spots the company to grow in spots are things when you are in a way that you do bad things so for instance when your property work so you were on that I’m building a prophecy where we’re in competition whether was going to be a school and you are not allowed properties mobile in that in the school you’re right that the parents should be like now we need to school in this area so you’re not aware of at the top and then when you might be aware of it most normal people that was the guy all right and they said they did a good people comes you blind spots that aren’t aware of the things that have been wrong and sometimes that does something called cognitive dissonance the cognitive dissonance is when you’re given all the evidence to show that something is wrong with that and then you ignore it and stick to the original thoughts and that’s cool cognitive dissonance you got you got a lot of that and NASA says the problem is is we we live in a society now over the last fifty years these narcissistic you know more so than ever before it’s like you know when I was at school and and that was one friend of all if it used to mess around with someone and they said to him you know you’re not going to make a living out of being a clown or is actually Eugene channel not he one million views he was a very funny quality prime can be funny is that the other nowadays via the camera the spring can you might see that that be is carried out so we live in very different so and so what would cite people is being completely having complete integrity honesty of the in home will not gonna make you rich and I know seven probably not gonna make you live it so what I say this is one of the V. are over the last forty minutes because I needed to move because there are people are a lot less skilled (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) well read to me seven four times as good in the sack yeah that’s that’s question things for women in the industry so long you know get great word of mouth and which is right levels in this new that could have been a long haul out what are the things that is are you guys going to pay our company’s only lost them because they are the salad and did they live and they were given me you know one of the match up with because them telling me things weren’t true so it will be M. P. obviously a seven song and I basically on three miles every die and rot newsletters I knew I didn’t yeah right and it is the last year and on the top forty he obviously beat my first yeah but this is graft so what I did was what really hot everything that they will read how the study how to trying out into the gym six days last week we got the following days this week many states so when I do something I’m really obsessed if a lot of the south because graft is gonna get you thrown (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) so we need to do is you got to do a bit of selling the south half the sunny south to let people know you that because if people have no one around then the rebellions ripping around the globe on the access to more you have free stuff so we need to have that will do is on her to be honest the more than a bought off shot and I haven’t had to do this you know you know psychology persuasion stuff to get most of our very own a piece of art schools north which followed written published in you know in men’s health because we already got that in the expresso rug really not slapping people in this video Steve expresses regret all I need to hide spread about what you guys win was on last week and the fuel graft there’s another reason why you shouldn’t I used to be a success because if you’re not a success not not alliance never improve the skills which may apply how to get to and that person gets the Honda so if you think about it in the last fourteen months of trying to south today not just the PR person one of the best in the U. K. in fourteen months I’m never gonna lose that skill so it’s right when you’re home alone you work harder you have to send the stuff to do something to make you stop welcome USC I’ve worked on an interview is an interesting characters work on Sharon some free stuff and then thank you Jeffrey stuff welcome selling some cheap stuff you know a nominal fee sell something for ten pounds this call and quality and and then something a bit more because it supports all different price ranges because some of the more Caribbean stuff they’re trying in the company’s that’s very expensive where you can go all the way down and prices have more of the the seminar (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) friends and just try to find out and it was a quality seminar that normally you have to pay seventy five pounds again to each so it’s about having that spectrum to get you going to get you know you have that I absolutely love that so one of the taglines in the intro find your voice is to take control of your life and effectively what you recognize that was these P. all companies that offer a my purpose but then using what are your strengths your graph you just wanted to control yourself absolutely smashed it by the way and then when and take well forget cannot you know just how big a lot just because that’s really important so I started the membership because the nineteen alright every on school so they can roll out whose it loosely that they would make you know anyway I saw you before Christmas all right something log ridiculous like twenty thirty out schools men and zero three back so Christmas I’m not a few drinks come in nine zero fade back in four to six weeks to two months when it was I said I’m blessed in detail is the heart this is not for me it’s not for these people is not full movie was not friend secretary anyway as I was growing the next day I did a Google search I have been published in cosmopolitan a worldwide top magazine so what it shows is you know one of your craft in if you’re not seeing the results just trust trust to keep moving forward you gonna put twelve wins in at least any new projects hello hello was working seven nine weeks problem to grab that only people alive because people say it is fourteen months and they’ve got a look at many in all these magazines in the study of the it wasn’t it was until Friday and it’s hard okay anything but it was worthwhile I wanted to shed not even knowing more skills right down and you know I’ve I’ve you know about that thank you for sharing the acknowledge your honesty with that because it’s funny you mention graph because always say my super power is just the ability to a card that’s pretty much what kind do something to control so I I have the ability to control how many I was awake and stuff so just know we not in a long enough timeline if I just increase my skill set I can pretty much achieve whatever I want so I love that but severity and wrote in twenty two that yacht because now I write blogs very very short blog just my thoughts and it takes a lot of energy takes a lot of time creativity is sometimes if I get like two people listen to that I get it is hard to but that’s the best piece of Everett and where is I could just write something random off off the cuff and you get a hundred people engaging in this all would say to someone if there is something you’re truly passionate about work on it like you said twelve months minimum now you’ve come with twenty five years of experience in your struggling so how do you expect to kind of instantly get it but this game falls into the social media world that we live and where is on Instagram perception is a huge thing but the thing is if you got a complete polite to the rock okay I’m really on the rocks he’s got a very very tight this family very noise going very very good work ethic very good now if you got what Cathy can you fax in the diagnostic process you can have all you know and I’ve brought boxes that have very great scale the final because it did not work I think we’ll send our boxes the I’m a messy work ethic in not scale succeeded so I think you’re better off to not have skills along the way since a few bits of advice I would give you wanna total for return on your investment at least twelve months just not (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) you know the problem is is what you get now open in men’s health cosmopolitan the express and the telegraph was installing Saturday the big ones all TV whose money saving the next thing is the right so have you changed you gonna you gonna walk over to the next level last human condition now do you want to be aware of there being shot so I’m you know these are things that will happen grafted and don’t know FOR return now when you return combs enjoy that but may well you know chrisley movie celebrate and the more you enjoy all of that the last the more you don’t leave it and the other thing is is that okay made with anyone else the Westin you can that I know is always competing years ago with people and then people would sell holiday because they would law I am you know well going going to strike I mean will go it’s just been how did these up to drop out of the industry because he told some of the audience and then there’s another one to just license type people Monday now people are ganging up on him in this you know I’m not that’s cool you do your thing all day mine I’m on a simply take which they find you for many of you would say and I’m gonna be around for a long time this call is a flash in the pan I love it also your foundation the solid foundations a lot of people’s fun yes is that bill of deception so effectively what many of us what do is be pickup Instagram about competing with deception raw the natural substance in truth you have to almost wrecked with something like you said and not expect are a wife for it and only then you really know is that something that you really want because sometimes we feel like we want to do something because it looks like the next big thing but if you’re willing to DO twentieth that yacht because realize hold on a minute I’m not got anything from it but then you still keep going for it that’s true to something that you want to do so that’s something I definitely age listeners to tighten off well that’s that’s passion and that’s why you should never do a you never go into a career that you know question about because every hospital right I’m thinking how is this gonna land who’s gonna have some right now let’s go to help people and every time to do that I think people think you know I’m not alone and people who these crazy I’m not I’m not no different a person now the North Pole G. fourteen months ago however now because I’m in the newspapers and everything else like to people falling away press like the people we call you’ll PR I did see you know what sort of questions because they are agencies of my visit also there was a hole and then I told him how much work is located so yeah that that I know I said business has brought about the op and even the PRS Jinsei spices the log on voice all set we could not giving you a what you’ve given yourself well what’s the matter so it’s about passions so if you’ve got a question for you denim you’re not looking for its (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) the returns will call I don’t know what size all right hello this is BJ so we can call it prime day review have you plan what you gonna die you know it really direct combat sensitive about it and then review your success if it hasn’t hit then you redo the planet beginning so plan they review it was really really poor thank you the success of the Los Alamos tinkering with things like you know you know when I was hoping I could think was I’m always well you didn’t quite work what was that I think you’re not a household name instead of just nine so that’s one of those who would pay off the now when it will become a household name in the anything is what will happen is when that happens people got Hey kid on the block okay here’s a graph yeah new kid on the block all orders or you’ll get no support as he would like I always do you want to do it yeah I know what all of the notes that I use most of those and then normally the ones sign me up beginning and then they turn around now going under you like yeah it’s nice to know somebody (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) obvious as a friend yourself you you know the full story and this is why I want to get your story on here as well because sometimes I look at your stuff and you’ve done stuff with this as I mentioned previous on the podcast I’ve instantly help me I’ve come home and I said to the wife with this up so comes out you need to check it out she suffered with his ideas well I want you to bring your to help my list is like that you’ve given I’ll be more content in this our records of your time that anyone has been able to give because all you’ve done had tried this technique try this have you learned about this have you heard about this of I’m very very grateful and I thank you obviously not doing well I do believe is off when she saw sign Instagram and the whole striking and stuff as well because sometimes I feel like jumping on your posting has taken for you because you’re just not get out to as many people because your messages is great wears off these fake contra Panetta’s out there your house tugging I know it how to pay the system but I get a more follows in yes out so hopefully this episode is softened really tried digest on how I can bring this out to the audience in terms of get a content get in to follow your stuff because I talk about a lot section sometimes can lead us to the wrong kind of people in a one what that to people on how to tend not people in our simplest thing to yourself because a podcast grew like this literally beyond my expectations now get people coming on dot initially didn’t respond to my emails so when I was reaching out went in my face days but nobody knew who (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) was all about Hey I’m I’m this I’m just gonna talk about as I get dressed and stuff not even a response now it’s like this in post where we’ve just hit a hundred thousand as of this week on the lot (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) yeah I’m I’m interested not my my daughter is freed up and I’m not one of fortune the White House and yeah I need my cat absolutely I’ve been I’m conscious of time because I don’t know how many I need to remind you by castle it’s in just about not face the we’re going to the final bit yet so I guess like ten is what nonsense is the aids from a film and yet you filled with think was cool gaslight things in Greenburgh when these in it so I’m you know I’m just like TV’s well NASA six will convince you that your wrong but you’ll cry it’s a problems with yes what they do is they pick pick pick pick pick so when you challenge them about the behavior they throw it back on you the pic picnic thank you Hey Jay you go wrong how did also there’s another guy who who surprising well that’s the reason it’s like in a match when they leave the gas on they put a match to it you explain and they got all that crazy the odds not make this thing about not cities is the NASA space will be very very charming and charismatic and sickly sweet public only find stores opposite is true love that you literally have been out of the head in some of my own personal experiences as well thank you for remember that Nick all are burning obviously out of time because of your day some to jump into the faux pas the show so I haven’t had a chance to really dive much internet but I do obviously encourage everyone after the show to follow him part of the story and stuff because there is a lot more than just this guy who just continuously drops amazing information this is all free is awesome thank you the bomb hop all we’re going to make the fun part of the show so the faux pas the show them ask you a whole array of random questions just one great I’d says a one sentence on says make just kind of give less is that a taste of about who you are I’m gonna go in three two one okay Nick what is your proudest achievement (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) coming a therapist who is your biggest role model kind of a drag out and tell you of aids if you could get the listeners to do one thing after the show for the rest of twenty twenty what would it be all right using the map on the blast south campus golf if you could abolish one thing in the world what would it be (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) slide right what is your favorite book this song influence Judy why are you secretly good other than an LP that nobody knows and very very strong weight training what would you like to be remembered for and making a difference in the world yes the troll (be sure to subscrie to find your voice) and changing the way mental health is in the U. K. hello what is your biggest goal this year yeah television your favorite color if you could relive one day again what day would it be only about some across country dies of the kids because I think I enjoyed it at the time but I I should off the ability to fly or be visible that’s a tough one probably visible because okay great people I but you don’t love it easy actually is off yeah yeah the number one thing that annoys you cockiness and rudeness your favorite food Italian in India would you rather speak four languages we’ll be able to speak to animals Matt and it will be something I know what that would be a game changer just to say either brains work doctor Doolittle in the flesh yet I’m finally what song best describes your life I think it’s the right one for the script all the time that’s the whole fight yet a subreddit woods okay fantastic so that’s the end of the phone by the show just two more questions if I may very very quick ones Nick so the next was about hindsight and reflection saw on the Feb believer that in hindsight we can learn ways to get to where we are quicker easier with less heartache but I also believe the Jedi teach the so much as well in order to get to where we are as well so knowing what you know now if maybe you could go back to a time of difficult in your life for yourself a young good Nick and you could whisper something in a younger next is what would you say yeah that’s really important I would say to that person has a lot of people around me that maybe that was south of maybe not believe in the south I would say that you just trust in the south leave I work hard don’t listen to anybody else in the state have mental seek out with no doubt and this is the thing with people offer you an solicited invoice most of the time it’s nonsense and it’s it’s worth less some people give me a voice and not ask for ignore it focusing on the web page when you see good voice from somebody got listen to it all day long I trust you south really believe interest first you got a man remember your policy of the dive outside the three and a thousand times on the following states yeah I wouldn’t you were locked clever I our look back did you know thank you think I’ve expressed yourself and your street is that your streets ahead of that person because they were not a success and that gnosticism very friendly all in the can break a lot balloons as you know the Senate inflated ego is is okay guys which one might Iraq remains started with one of the massive yeah look look as big as that but would like to start a new account I would use is that gonna keep it absolutely maybe we’ve got that thing we got super by which is graphed it would just continue gourmet that’s it yeah absolutely thank you for that and then finally Nick the last questions about legacy and if it a hundred fifty as time sunspots to save a soul and what exists is a book and this book is about you it’s about your life’s about one of the amazing and wonderful things that you’ve done the impact that you want to on the road that’s the what with the title of the book be is secondly what with the summary at the back tell us about you so I probably they thought would be blasting you’ll pass and it would be how will create the bus technique to blast people stroll was impeached yesterday and how is a life changing revolution really new techniques that everybody in price than it was worth changing which is on the back of the book would say about how one lawyer has said and you said I will not naturally a skillful person after work hard every single day what a lucky person well I’ve been tremendous work ethic I’m obsessed with a growth stock things impression that I have a real love the people living yeah you move people helping people and just to be remembered for those things I think you might not make a difference when you made a massive massive difference today Nix likes them a hundred thank you so much from the bottom thank you what is the best place people can reach out to you so you mentioned website yeah you’re on Instagram Facebook if you could just give or you how does an up with those in the show notes as well yeah so they were pretty easy several website is W. W. W. dot and the hypnotherapy dot com on Twitter and Instagram and send the hypnotherapy animal Faisal peacenik the invasiveness RP and IP logged coach in and you can also find out more about the blast the W. W. W. blast hyphen technique don’t call your interest in the most schools work is W. W. W. dot N. D. S. he had a U. K. and if you’re interested in trying to be a therapist we will let any of the techniques are used for training school worksheets cooling the which is W. W. W. dot W. S. O. H. O. W. K. you got a good memory that may what do you is put all of those in the show notes and make sure that you got access to those Nick thank you once again for the Palme hot for everyone else at home thanks for listening actually no and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

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