Overcoming adversity

Overcoming adversity

Overcoming adversity is becoming my speciality.

The Nightmare is Over & the Darkness dissipates, for now…

Our moments of happiness & adversities come and go like seasons. Yet they attend and cycle back around much more frequently.

And in the midst of adversity, trauma, hardship or just a bloody shit week, we often find ourselves consumed, overwhelmed, anxious, unable to cope, stressed, lost, unable to control our actions – thoughts – emotions etc

Lessons from overcoming adversity

But if there is 1 thing I have always recognised during times of adversity, even at their starting points. It is that:

1. There is a huge potential to learn something great here. (Experience)

2. There is an opportunity to become much stronger post this event. (Resilience)

3. There is a potential to handle the same situation better next time, should it arise. (Coping mechanisms)

Self reflecting lessons

I also recognised something else, although this is post any bouts of adversity:

1. We are still here. (Stronger than we give ourselves credit for)

2. The good times, would not be as good had it not been for these bad times.

On this note, we have so many opportunities to be grateful for all those around us, all the magic before us, but often forget to appreciate and be present with that.

We wait for something only to say, Oh I wish I had 1 more chance, or I could have done that.

Those happy moments, don’t have to come post adversity. They can honestly come now IF you choose to look for it.

So as we approach 2020 with enthusiasm, a new start, new ventures on the arisen I recognise that many people around you, around me still struggle with depression or ill health.

This post is more for you.

I may not have gone through the things you have gone through in your life or are going through. But pain or adversity is relative to that person.

I believe I have the right to speak about it, having experienced it.

I can tell you I struggle a lot of days. I find it tough to manage my thoughts and actions when external influences navigate their way into my life to try to destruct my world.

But even whilst struggling back and forth with my mind, I also know I am stronger than I give myself credit for. Then people give me credit me for.

The human will is stronger than any of us reading this know. Overcoming adversity is something we can all do.

You are 100% stronger than you think.

So remember, there are numerous outlets and avenues for you should you need them over this period, or any in 2020 for you to not suffer in silence.

I hold my hand out personally to anyone, as do my friends over on the Black Country Blokes Podcast .

Also know that your adversity can be a gift as many of our guests have demonstrated in their courageous, amazing stories —> Listen here

It has been mine over the past 4 months most definitely.

Although my best gift is the wonderful friends & family I have had around me. You have those too, even if you think you don’t.

Have a great 2020 and I wish you all the strength and encouragement to overcome adversity. Remember even in the haze, it is a chance to embrace all the lessons and to grow, learn and find your voice in the process.

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