Leaving Lockdown & Find Your Voice Live Shows #13

Leaving Lockdown & Find Your Voice Live Shows #13

Leaving lockdown is likely going to cause uncertainty and anxiety for many of us. This is one of the reasons Find Your Voice is going live too, where we can connect even just once a month, as a unit, as a collective to support one another.

For many of us anxiety has always been a part of our life, for others it is now a new occurence more so due to the pressures of the lockdown and uncertainty facing us today. Whether that is for our safety, our occupation or the welfare of those around us, we often now find ourselves unsure, overwhelemed and left with this feeling in our stomachs of a gut wrenching feeling of dread.

This short episode hopefully explains why the podcast episodes have started to slow down but also speaks bout the find your voice live episodes which are now being recorded once a month too. It is with these episodes that I hope to see you listeners join us and ask guests and speakers questions you wish I had asked, but also to let you know that you are well and truly not alone.

The Youtube channel I am very passionate about is still being regularly uploaded so please support that if you have a chance, or care too and the facebook group I mentioned in this episode can also be found here: https://www.facebook.com/findyourvoicepodcast/

I wish you all well and reach out if you ever need anything.

Episode on Perfectionism:

Episode on forgiveness:

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Are you joining us on find your voice live next month? The 2nd Sunday of every month we go LIVE!

Don’t let leaving lockdown, overwhelm you without reaching out to those of us here to support.

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