How to deal with Trauma #30

How to deal with Trauma #30

“Everlasting touch” by Kimberly JoNell #30

Tagline: “Compassion, kindness, connection, empathy & love. All these will carry throughout human civilization”

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What an incredibly beautiful soul Kimberly JoNell is. She shares her story and how to deal with trauma. A woman who has faced her biggest fears, of losing her friend, both parents. Alongside this she also lost her belongings to Hurricane Katrina and continued to see the gratitude in the event..

But still she refuses to be a victim

Having lived her biggest fear, Kimberly sees herself as one of the lucky ones. She also spends every waking hour serving others, with no expectation of receiving anything back. I felt so grateful after this podcast and excited all at the same time. The point of my podcast has always been to add value and connect my listeners to the guests. I hope you learn as much as I did from this and I know you will all enjoy this interview and agree that Kimberly is awesome!

A modern day mother Theresa

I truly mean that. A graceful individual who focuses on making the world a better place for others. She is selfless, kind and compassionate. She wants a better world for children, teenagers and all those who experience trauma to some level in their lives.

I am forever grateful to have shared an hour with Kimberly. Furthermore, I genuinely learnt so much from her story, her experience, her wisdom and knowledge. She is someone who has shown me I have yet so many further steps to travel. But she also showed me that I was right in what I was doing.

We must all live to and through our own purpose. We must become self-aware and recognise our own beauties. Furthermore, we must become in touch with ourselves. Only when we do this can we truly leave everlasting touch to the rest of the world.

It was also the first time I have ever shown clips of the episode prior to launching an episode. This is because I have genuinely never felt such a connection with someone. Someone whose message is so pure, authentic and sincere. I urge you all to support this amazing lady and follow her incredible journey. All the links are shown below.

Some key discussion points:

  1. How to become more self-aware
  2. The importance of self-love
  3. Facing and overcoming adversity
  4. Intent and sincerity
  5. Living with energy and inspiration
  6. Importance of being curious
  7. How to deal with trauma

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