From Sexual abuse to seeing ghosts #32

From Sexual abuse to seeing ghosts #32

From Sexual abuse to true health and happiness

“Never alone” by Kathy Courtney #32

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Tagline: “We all more powerful and stronger than we believe and capable of healing from so much more than we think”

Kathy Courtney’s life screams adversity from the outside. A victim of sexual abuse by her paternal grandfather. Kathy spent her early years trying to understand why she was a victim of sexual abuse whilst also dealing with growing up. Admitting to blaming herself as she believed she had done something wrong, she was reluctant to voice her sexual abuse. Also fearing the repercussions of exposing the abuser, she suffered for a long time alone. Furthermore, in her early childhood Kathy also began to experience supernatural encounters. From seeing ghosts, or spirits as some would describe, Kathy started to realise she was different. Or at the very least she was experience things that not many others could. Her life since coming out with her abuse however still hit her with adversity.

From failed businesses to dealing with finding her own happiness and health, Kathy went on a unique journey. During this brief encounter with her I found and saw her unique gift, which lied in her true strength. I see a lady who has overcome so much, but shows us all that we are so much, that we are all so strong and capable.

We often get into comparisons in life about who struggles the most, but when you hear someone who has been a victim of childhood sexual abuse, only to then still not have an easy ride throughout life but remain radiant, positive and wish a mission to serve others, you can only sit back and smile in admiration.

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I am so grateful for Kathy sharing her story whilst also showing her vulnerabilities. She also does not shy away from showcasing her courage and also letting us into her world, that has been full of ups and downs. Intuitive energy healing is now something she helps so many other people with, as it was the key driver behind helping her overcome her childhood memories. A lady who is on the journey to finding her voice and gaining confidence in spreading her message and one I feel will definitely leave her mark in such a great way.

Some key discussion points:

  1. Sexual abuse is not your fault
  2. Understanding supernatural gifts
  3. Overcoming business failure
  4. Realising your true purpose and passion
  5. Understanding how strong we truly are

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