How to live with Energy. By Actress, Comedian Jen Elyse #16

How to live with Energy. By Actress, Comedian Jen Elyse #16
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Find your voice – Episode 16- “The Keys to Live The Life” – Jen Elyse Feldy #16

Tagline: “If you’re not laughing, you’re not living”

Now this episode was fun!

Jen Elyse Feldy, struggled with debilitating back pain and chronic fatigue. Struggling severely she was then hit with another problem. Medical professions were unable to provide her with any answers to conquer her condition. Yet you would never know if you saw her. She is always focused on smiling and laughing. Her view of life is totally refreshing. I know this because I have been an ‘Instagram’ friend of Jen’s for years now.

No wealth without health

Having numerous consultations with doctors and specialists she was left to take control of her own life. Taking it upon herself to fix her condition she began to explore her own body and health She began understanding nutrition, holistic health, diet and movement. She found herself regaining her health, wellness and living a happier life. Focused on happiness and being true to herself, Jen is a breath of fresh air. She often does skits on social media and encourages us all to be fearless.

1st overseas guest

Jen is also Find Your Voice’s first overseas guest. This was a privilege and helped take this wonderful show global. Her story is unique enough to get you curious. But it is also relevant enough to give us all tangible takeaways. Jen is also a holistic health counsellor, Reki master, actress, MUA, comedian.

Add the fact she is also a lover of all things health and wellness. Her knowledge on these topics is worth listening to! Be sure to connect with her to via the show notes below:

We see a vibrant lady who makes no complaints about her life. Her pursuit of happiness in every opportunity is evergreen. She loves to laugh and make others laugh. Furthermore, she continues to write her own story at her own free will. She is the captain of her own life.

I hope you can all resonate with her story and show her support on her journey. I am confident she will soon be a household name. She does too many cool things, well, to not make it. Whether it is an actress, comedian or another venture she puts her mind too. Jen is destined for greatness, because her attitude is awesome!

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