How to Win at life & Overcome anything with Freddy Fri #45

“Make everyday a WINSday” #45 by Freddy Fri

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Tagline: “The Journey of a young man, who rose from 0 to Hero.” Freddy Fri shares his story on how to win at life this week on the Find Your Voice Podcast.

Freddy Fri is a famous Hip Hop Motivational Speaker from Oklahoma. He has had millions of views on YouTube and social media. Furthermore, he specializes in the fusion of motivational speaking & hip hop. This is what he calls – Hip Hop motivation. His true passion & goal in life is to inspire people win at life. To help them “win the day, so that they can win in life” as he states.

This was a fascinating conversation with a genuinely talented, humble & wise man. We spoke about Freddy’s adversities, experiences, losses & victories. All of these have made him the person he is today. Alongside this, he realised that he can’t afford to miss another shot like before. So, Freddy is now even more determined to do things right this time around. Which he is! Freddy is now focused on making the most of his opportunities through service. Furthermore, his aim is to help people put themselves in a position to WIN the day!

I also have to say, this was the best outro I have ever had on my Podcast. I am certain you will all agree!

Some key topics moments in the episode:

[04:09] Freddy Fri raps about his story

[15:57] What does success mean to Freddy Fri

[28:35] Freddy’s message about taking a leap

[39:30] The pivotal change in Freddy’s life

[56:25] The best outro ever on the show!

I sincerely hope you found this podcast useful. I also urge you to follow Freddy’s journey & check out his content. He also has his music available on spotify.

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Have an awesome day & make today the day you start to Find Your Voice!

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