How to stop procrastinating

How to stop procrastinating

How to stop procrastinating #108

Do you procrastinate? Is procrastinating ruining your happiness? Do you even know if you procrastinate?

Then maybe this episode is for you.


1. Fear of failing perhaps? So we leave It until the last moment. When we fear failure we actuals desire control and procrastinating at least makes you feel like you are in control.

2. Perfectionism. Very closely linked! This isn’t great though! Perfectionism is linked to anxiety and depression. When we look for perfectionism we are just adding pressure to our mental state.

3. Night owl? A random one right, but this is something I’ve realised. My most creative time is in the evening. Now I’m odd because I don’t mind mornings either in terms of productivity but evenings is where I work my best or have my most creativity moments. Can you relate to this?

4. Self-doubt? Studies have shown self-doubt and procrastination to be linked. Now self-doubt is okay if you are seriously self-aware and realise maybe just not YET you are where you need to be. However, if thats not the case and you are just your worst critic, doubting your ability and failing to see that even just doing right now will provide long term will see you procrastinating and never really get going until either the end, or just completely abandoned the task altogether. Dont doubt yourself. At the very least accept where you are now but recognise you can and will become so much better with execution over time.

Now if you recognise these as some of your traits don’t despair there are ways to overcome this too!


1. For me personally, I had to stop being a perfectionist. I had to let go of this elusive, impossible expectation of being perfect.


2. I realised that my goal of becoming more was more important than my guaranteed learning moments. Now I call these learning moments as I know I will never be as good today as I will be tomorrow, and just knowing that eases pressure but also inspires me for the brighter future. Think about something you do so well today? Perhaps its driving while you listen OR playing an instrument for example. Was you this good when you first started? Of course not. Remember that its important next time you let self-doubt come in.


3. Recognise when you are at your best. So judging on the night owl point, If you are better at night, then tailor your day to suit your creativity moments. It won’t seem like procrastinating then.

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