How to stop feeling guilty

How to stop feeling guilty, even when we know we have so many things to be grateful for.

Remember you are not alone if this is you! I promise you. Try and use this 4 step process to help you stop feeling that guilt when it arises and know those emotions will pass:


So if your anything like me, sometimes you have those days where things are just off!

Now “feeling off”, I do believe is a technical term used to convey disinterest or enthusiasm.

But even then it can get even worse, where you feel low, sad, grumpy, angry, dissatisfied, anxious, frustrated, unhappy etc..

Now if I told you this was normal and its okay, you’d think I’m just being nice.

Now depending on where you fall on the self awareness spectrum, a spectrum I have just created right this second

You would either be:

1. Oblivious to those off days

2. Feeling guilty about having those days

Now I really want to focus on the second point here! Because many of us who are aware of these days, have no idea where they start, why they happen and why they ruin our mood! Many of us then feel extremely guilty for feeling bad, or moaning because we know deep down that if you are able to listen to this podcast, our life in the grand scheme of things is pretty good! You see, we can easily compare ourselves with those, who are less fortunate, possess less, have less or see less. Yet still sometimes writing that down and being grateful just isn’t enough! You still want to moan, feel lousy, eat chocolate, drink a beer and just wallowing self-pity.

Now although I don’t advocate this, especially for a consistent period, I will say 2 things:

1. Its 100% okay to have those days, where you know your life is great, but you still feel shitty. You are allowed to feel shitty or experience such emotions.

2. Your pain, or what you are experiencing is still real to you.

Yes I understand emotions come and go, just like seasons and night and day. But sometimes its very difficult to shake it off and just go back to the super version of yourself.

So here’re some recommendations I think can massively help you:

1. Acknowledge it! Once you acknowledge it, you now get at least be self aware enough to recognise that this has happened before and is happening now. It may also happen again next week. Now what do you want to do about it? Do nothing? Do it! Do your favourite things? Do them! Not do the things you want to do ? Don’t do them! This is your time to just have a sulk!

2. Allocate a stop loss. So as much as I urge you to vent or wallow in step 1, I also need you to put a stop loss on this moment. It can not go on forever. This is not the podcast for that, this is the podcast for us going on a journey of self discovery and improvement each one of my words reach your ears. So set it. It can be 5 minutes, 5 hours, but please lets not do 5 days! Less than 24 hours please!

3. Acceptance. Sometimes we have to forgive ourselves when this happens. If we knew it was going to happen, and prepared we wouldn’t feel bad. But sadly it comes at the time we least expect it and really causes a stir. On top of that the aftermath is where we beat ourselves up on how we shouldn’t feel guilty and how we should be super perfect! Nobody is perfect, sorry.

4. Assessment. Maybe once this happens a few times, you start to recognise why? Was it every time you drank perhaps? The high extremes of joy and dancing, to the lows of a hangover and a lack of energy with a storming headache. Or perhaps every time you’re around someone, who just doesn’t add to your life? Could that be it? Perhaps. Either way the more you understand yourself, your triggers, your habits the better chance you have at being better equipped next time around.

So that’s just 4 swift ways I waned to share with you because a lot of people funnily enough have messaged me feeling guilty for feeling the way that they are.

Listen, until we know better and can do better, we are all just learning this thing called life. There is no-one out there so in tune with their self that they never have these days.

We all have bad days. We all have days, when everything in our life regardless of how well it is going still feel completely off. There is nothing wrong with you, or about the way you think. Please know that.

I hope you are all staying safe and urge you all to check the out too 🙂

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