How to overcome adversity in your life

How to overcome adversity in your life

How to overcome adversity in your life with Teaira Eaton-Curry #93

As we are raising awareness for domestic violence week, this episode could not have come at a more important time. Teaira has only known adversity for the majority of her life, but due to her mindset, resilience and experience she has become an expert at overcoming it. Putting this down to her perspective and persistence Teaira does not just share an emotive sad story. There is a huge underlying theme of hope.

She has proven that regardless of the hands, you are dealt, the decision to change the rest of your life is still yours. The choice, that power, that decision should never be taken for granted. Teaira is now operating from such a higher place of self-worth and consciousness she is helping others overcome their adversities too.

I know you will enjoy this, trademark Find Your Voice style episode & I encourage you all to let me know your feedback after listening.

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