How to overcome adversity & heal your wounds #39

How to overcome adversity & heal your wounds #39

“When god comes knocking” #39 by Michael Taylor – How to overcome adversity & heal your wounds, by Michael Taylor is a listener and personal favourite!

“If you want something badly enough, there is no-one or nothing that can keep you from attaining it yourself”

Michael Taylor

Michael’s story is riddled with adversity and as you listen to the trauma he has been through it is difficult to disagree that he is in fact a specialist in adversity. However, Michael does not paint a gloom and doom picture and speaks with optimism, enthusiasm and words of true wisdom about his experiences.

His invaluable insights, knowledge and healing procedures will definitely resonate with many of you. But even more so for those who have too experienced adversity or trauma in your lives. Michael was abandoned by his mother at a very young age, where he noticed his first sacred wound. He was then experience domestic abuse, with his alcoholic grandma.

Rape victim

To make matters worse, Michael was then tragically raped by his older cousin sister. Something that he struggled for many years to share and overcome. His life was never simple and failed businesses and marriages continued to add to his ever growing list of adversities. But all this soon changed. When he later on found himself and his voice.

Michael spent a lot of time healing and reflecting on himself which allowed him to completely change the next few chapters of his life around. When he moved his focus to service as opposed to money his life improved. This healed his inner traumas and experiences. Michael then started to achieve bliss, happiness and fulfilment. He has since gone on to write 7 books, do multiple podcasts, keynote speak on many occasions and share his amazing wisdom with the world.

Someone I find truly fascinating and inspiring, I urge you all to follow his journey and let us both know what you thought about this amazing episode!

Key talking points in this episode:

  1. How to overcome rape as a male. Michael shares his experience.
  2. How to heal from past trauma
  3. How to find your True purpose
  4. Finding your Sacred wounds
  5. Overcoming the imposter syndrome & Finding your voice

I sincerely hope after this episode you gain genuine value. How to overcome adversity & heal your wounds has received rave reviews from so many of our listeners.

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