How to move on after losing your spouse

How to move on after losing your spouse

How to move on after losing your spouse & finding happiness again with Rammi Janack and Aren Deu.

“Live without regret”

Rammi janack

A story about living without regret, embracing life’s ups as well as life’s downs and finding happiness and embracing it.

Rammi shares a rather taboo subject, across many cultures and parts of the world, but one which must warrant some attention in today’s society. Suffering the loss of the love of her life, Rammi lost her partner to Cancer which completely disrupted her life. Having needing to navigate the dynamics of the relationship change, to understanding that she was experiencing loss, even before the loss came about, Rammi went on a journey that really forced her to grow through life.

Happiness is key

With many of us, finding happiness is not always achievable, but Rammi was given a second chance, when she then met her partner today, with whom they have a lovely family together with. A taboo scenario, often wrongly judged by people without real context, Rammi found the second love of her life. Happening quite soon after in terms of months, the truth is, there was a lot more to understand about Rammis transition from being a widow into her second family and this story will in so many ways, teach us to be grateful, happier, shift our perspectives and more importantly never judge others for wanting to be happy.

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I sincerely hope you get a chance to listen all the way through as this episode has helped me personally understand a lot about grief and i wish nothing but love and success to Rammi and her family today, and my thoughts and prayers go out to Ty, may god rest his soul.


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