How to love yourself unconditionally

How to love yourself unconditionally
How to Love Yourself Unconditionally aren deu find your voice

How to love yourself unconditionally with Andrea Montoya and Aren Deu. From Emotional Eating & Bulimia to Removing Breast Implants & Self Love Mastery Andrea opens up about how we all need to love ourselves.

“Our biggest enemies, are our biggest teachers”


What an incredible story this was. Andrea’s journey of overcoming emotional eating, bulimia and the beliefs and thoughts of others is inspiring to say the least. She has seen her own mind transform, but also her body too. A chapter of her story we discussed which I believe is very significant to this episode, was about her breast implants. Having initially done this, to fit in, to feel love in herself she had these removed 10 years later. Recognising that she needed to love herself first and foremost she is now in a place where she is able to live with happiness and comfort in her own body and mind, but also help many other people too.

A beautiful conversation with some amazing takeaways for you all to learn and grow from. I urge you to check the YouTube version which has more content and fewer edits to get everything from this episode.

Some Key Time stamps:

[03:30] Why do we do what we do?

[08:30] Triggers that affect you or others

[13:40] Don’t suppress or avoid feeling your emotions

[19:40] Removing breast implants – Self Love

[29:00] Listening to other peoples opinions and beliefs

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jealousy is beautiful it’s jealousy allows us to see what’s in someone else that maybe isn’t awake within us that welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who’s overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu okay I would like to welcome Andrea onto today’s episode of find your voice and your how we did today hi I am doing great how are you doing thank you for having me you’re very welcome I’m doing great as well thank you for asking so we just had a brief conversation prior to the show started in terms of navigating where we’re going to call because I was the I’m conscious that I want to give the audience the best possible information but also I know your story has so many facets to it that would massively help themselves very excited to have you on the show he was also a recommendation from a good friend Eric he was on a previous show would not show was an absolute hit as well way he helped us so much as well so thank you thank you to Eric hopefully he’s watching this is all the more important thank you to you and you for coming on today so before we begin and I kind of dissect what I want to get from your interview what I wanna basic stuff from your mind to help the listeners tell us about yourself tell us what brings you to where you are today because right now I’m your Bible read self love emotional eating and food embody or those things are things that I absolutely love or at some stage about a love hate relationship with which I’m sure many of the audience what I’ve had to so what brings you here to them find your voice don’t let your way back you know just getting making sure I get yeah I I’m gonna go in and I come from and I want to state like generalize any kind of society or anything like that grew up in a household where I was cold really that hello there were very important pretty much like my sister was a model and my mom as well and it was very you know and so I thought a very young age I developed a leak and I’m not good enough unless I look a certain way pretty much so it continued to grow during high school during college I actually did some modeling myself that them pageant shows and it was just different fashion with food and a session with diet and look a certain way and control my food in control different aspects around it I became really obsessed with it and I developed an eating disorder I would only make around six years after high school and college I was an engineering major in college for three years and I was I was an engineering major I’m almost graduated as an engineer and I talked and I think I need to go into nutrition I need to figure out what’s going on with me and I can help other women I never want anyone to go through this you think I don’t know what you’re eating a little extra for it control your entire life when you’re in it like that so I hated going three I don’t want anyone else to go through it I started doing the work on myself so that I can help other women I with my major to nutrition I’ll walk like eight years I I started learning that he became a nutritionist became a personal trainer who can help I did all the things you should be able to heal myself and others but the more I did the more like the name people know not to eat cookies and they know they know what’s going on right like why people still eating why do we do what we do I would I would I would (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) Beijing I thank you you know it’s really hard for me until I started going into emotion my apology southwire it just opened up so much for me and it really it made such a huge difference in my life like I never in a million years thought I would be in a place I am today because before the whole conversation was around noon and after realizing it had nothing to do with food but it’s just the way that we number right right it’s just the way we know different alcohol just like Dr EDS act like people use all of the thing it’s a non ways to avoid they’re dealing with the war the most valued at almost get out of their bodies because I know when I’m in when I was thinking it was like an out of body experience like you’re not even the right so I started realizing all of these things and it made such a huge difference such a huge difference so what about (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) me fantastic so one of the things you just said there is why we do what we do now one of my fascination is is exactly that centers I’m always trying to understand why people do what they do more so myself is also we spoke before the show the ice of the BG in and you mentioned at the end it’s like an out of body experience I’m almost kind of watching myself just gorge until let’s see there’s no food left in the cupboard door in the fridge but one of the questions I want to ask you which I find quite interesting was you said at one point you need to figure out what was going on with you and I feel that very often life many of us may be listening to this some myself included at some stage we’re just going through the motions were not actually slot reflecting on what we’re actually doing you have that moment of realization when you live hold on a second something is wrong here I need to heal myself when did I Kerr or what was the trigger point behind that yes so my trigger was really into realizing that how much was hurting my mom so the moment that I had to tell my mom what was going on it really it it struck me so much how much it really was hurting her not only myself because I could hurt myself all day long I could you know that doesn’t matter I can will do so much more for others and we will call ourselves so when I started seeing how much I was hurting my family that was a huge trigger for me and then not only that but then once I came back home to try to heal everything I went into a a (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) a rehab center for for bulimia I started looking around and I was like wow this is this can’t be my life this is and so I was only there for a couple of days and I I got out I think I had to do this myself I had to figure things out for myself well you probably with clients now who have gone through a similar situation to yourself whether it’s believe me or whether it’s been G. in disorders what trigger points have you sim for them as well or is it a case of you working with them and trying to figure out a little bit of both a little bit of both a lot of people that I work with aren’t as severe if someone has very very severe bulimia eating disorders I I do sometimes just refer them to I mean they can still do my program all day I would love them to do that but I do refer them out to a doctor (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) just some things are out of scope of practice but the women that I do work with a lot are emotional eaters and really it’s like a lot of the women I work with they figured stuff out already but they then and then there’s you know they have a good job they have the chance to grow their body and their food and this whole self love peace or just kind of beating themselves up the inner critic (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) you know self sabotage so they come to a point where they’re like why can’t I figure this piece out of my life like there’s this one thing that continues to to everything else is great but why is does this one thing continue replay why do I continue to gain weight and then I lose way and I’ve been to that I. Dana back and so this yo yo dieting this inner critic their self sabotaging absolutely absolutely so you said a few things there was a self love and inner critic and then obviously the one thing I’m just before we started the show I mentioned that well I like to call my view spot not my mode on my on my left cheek here and there was a stage of my life where I was really contemplating get it removed as going through the surgery and I went back on that decision I end up keeping it hence you can still see here today yeah not yourself you you finally set to begin a look it looks cool and a lot of people around me said it’s fine it’s it’s your personalities are tied to some people didn’t even recognize the hard one into law I said it well not one comment from that one person you may have said it to me in that moment I mean a car remember it off the top of my head it probably changed by the way I look at myself I sighed to critique myself and although I had all these compliments it was not one thing and I suppose this is a bit like with social media as well where you can have a hundred view four comments and then you get a message that’s really plays with you and I’m sure you see a lot of that in your work as well especially with the self love yes and you re played in your head and you re played in your planning your play and the thing that we have to realize too is that whatever anyone else thinks has nothing to do with us and everything to do with them and so I know that that sometime is a really hard concept for people to wrap their heads around but if someone’s state like if someone gets triggered it’s an opportunity for them to heal whatever’s going on with them like in your get it’s the same with you if you’re going to turn your getting angry because of something you’re lashing out at someone there’s something that’s not yet healed within yourself so everyone else is just it’s our biggest enemy is our biggest teachers and there’s our biggest opportunity for growth so why don’t we it’s it’s it’s a beautiful thing fully understands that when someone else gets triggered it you want someone else critiques you when someone else is saying something to you it’s not coming from the sledding place of actually wanting to help you get better and grow it’s really it’s their their stuff that they have to deal with you know and so and same with us when we get triggered it’s our biggest opportunity to look inside and we can either none that trigger we can project that trigger on someone else and lash out on them and be like you know you made me feel this way so you’re the problem when really it or we can really look inside do you like what do we need to heal here and then there’s the growth right so it’s that growth versus versus let me just projected and continue to to hold all this insight and then how many times we got triggered about the same thing over and over and over again like we gotta pay attention right there something there to heal absolutely you hit the nail on the head there with paying attention and that comes up is you don T. let self awareness but I love that quote your biggest enemies are your biggest teaches and that call initially about it says more about the pace and he’s saying as opposed to yourself we will send that we’ve seen on Instagram is sitting on the tweets and sometimes we just like you but we’re not really understanding the message or processing the message and we have to understand that message so one of my I suppose chapters of my life in the last has been self awareness really trying to understand why we do what we do which is what we spoke about earlier I myself so I have a very very calm nature very laid back and very relaxing quite interpret to be completely honest with you this is not the most extrovert thing I ever do speaking to somebody I on the comment but one of the things I do struggle with is there are triggers in my life where I can go from zero to a hundred intends my I’m got on initially it was always there folk for triggering me off I always say that let’s say to the wife is actually if you will for your life in the match it’s not it’s it’s my choice it is me making that decision to go then I’m I’m kind of I’m in the process now trying to heal myself and I’m by no means there (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) but just recognizing knockoffs say hi uplifting and powerful is because I know the same are in twelve months ago wouldn’t have done that so I think a message for anyone listening maybe the maybe obviously to reach out to yourself see the stuff that you say in your videos if if it is a very very helpful but we need to assess why we do what we do and if it is something that’s not saving us I. E. becoming angry becoming frustrated that needs to be healed yeah and I know I’m sure a lot of your listeners at a lot of people deal with anger and I think that what we have to realize as well is that emotions are just there’s there’s no good or bad emotions right like when we label emotion is battering the motion is good then if we’re feeling if we’re feeling and emotion then it leaves and there’s a sense of loss a man if we have about emotion and were bad because we’re having a special motion right so if there is if they’re neutral emotions are information it’s our body telling us something so when you’re feeling anger again it’s a trigger its information Hey let’s do again what’s going on here right and anger is beautiful jealousy is beautiful it’s jealousy allows us to see what’s in someone else that maybe isn’t awake within us so jealousy is beautiful as well we can see all of these emotions and we can get information from them but with anger for example because I know so many people feel anger I dealt with angle anger in the past and it’s really there’s a difference between anger and aggression so anger is a beautiful motion just like happiness just like anything it’s just information aggression is now you’re taking it out on someone else so that’s where you have to okay wait what’s going on that’s where you have to check yourself before you wreck yourself or relationship as well you could wreck your marriage your your relationship with your best friends or whoever is so that’s very well and and so there’s we’ve we’ve learned from the past maybe our parents we saw a lot of aggression and so we related aggression to anger but it’s not anger is an anger is a secondary emotion which there’s usually something else underneath it’s usually her and therefore we we get angry because her as weak right so those are different things that tend to kinda look around with that because emotions are so powerful and it’s really like the clouds in the sky they should emotions are energy emotion we should feel it and they should pass and then you would never be afraid of I’m gonna get stuck in happiness right like we’re not afraid to go to happiness because we don’t like you’re not gonna get stuck there but we’re afraid to like feel into our emotions of sadness of whatever because we’re like oh man if I go there to get the president to stay there with no emotions passed by just like the clouds right like they just we should feel that we should get the information from them and then we should move on I love that I feel like I have a therapy session saw apologize to anyone who’s listening because I can speak about this forever because I find it so fascinating to gain I just hope there’s obviously somebody who’s going through a similar situation to myself I can pick up from that so let’s try and take something tangible then and I’m putting you on the spot over here but in terms of healing them one of the C. recognizing if there is something that you’re doing on a daily basis when you talk you see assesses last night the first step brother any tips that maybe somebody could implement today or within a week or in a month that’s quite easy to do that doesn’t necessarily cost them a lot of resources or money for example that they can just start doing that because one of the things I want to try to do is give people as much information as possible to start changing their life literally right now yeah so the main thing with any of this work I think any personal development self love all these different things it’s really awareness like you just said it always starts with presents you you can’t change what you don’t know what you don’t realize so you have to really get aware get present and in the moment realize okay cool this is what’s going on this is what’s happening for me and in that moment of the trigger just okay asking yourself first of all we hold on to so many believes that aren’t even ours they’re not we will we pick them up from our parents from society told us that this is how this person has to act towards me society told us that you know we are our parents our grandparents our kids are we take believes out from other people so that the two questions that I like to ask is is it true first of all is this belief true and is it mine you know I’m I getting matter is this happening just because yeah I like first of all is it true that this person has to act this way around me and then is this my believe or what do I truly believe you so I think it’s really about presence and then curiosity I love that just getting really curious what what’s coming up what’s going on what would the the highest best most authentic version of myself doing this moment am I coming from a place of fear on my coming from a place of love where higher quality questions comes higher quality answers absolutely I absolutely love that so you mention present and curious and does a tea tray stop my wife has in abundance so she’s always preaching about meditation and she’s always telling me how I need to be more present because I suppose a lot of my life I’m kind of on autopilot but she’s also very very curious as well says where that you kind of mentioned those two things as an exercise for a listener is it my belief I think that is such an important thing because B. Aug given that you limited believes from people around us and that kind of shape our whole view on the world that is such an easy exercises so powerful to you so I want to kind of delve into you then as a person who kind of knows it’s not suffer like I’m at the south when the stage of my anger issues well actually less less than a Buck I don’t have anger issues by do you know it’s something I need to work on you’ve not I’ve gone a few levels above that what kind of self love habits do you do on a daily basis that maybe help you move forward so presence again (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) meditation has been the biggest thing that has helped me through everything everything meditation and not only meditating in a quiet room and while you’re just sitting there taking meditate like because that’s easy right to just kind of sit there when he attended your thoughts and it doesn’t have to be like stealing your mind either some people are like oh man I can’t how do I set my head my thoughts off I suck at meditation it’s not you get you have to continue to do it right and it’s not about really just make it your minds not gonna go still really more taking control of your thoughts because you control your thoughts but so often throughout the day we just allow them to take over us right and we were just reacting reacting reacting reacting versus being proactive and so meditation has been huge it’s helped me so much not only in like a quiet room but taking it to the outside world that’s like when you master it when you’re able to be really present and watch your thoughts as you’re just going through life right that’s that’s true mastery (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) and then other practices that have really helped me (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) mirror work really late waking up every single morning and this might sound cheesy to some men but waking up every morning looking at myself in the mirror and sending myself love physically like feeling my heart imagining it as like this warm a light pink light blue light white light whatever you want imagine ask and just sending it through the mirror I’m just I mean one thing that can be really triggering for people is actually standing in front of a full length mirror either in your underwear naked whatever it is and going like scanning your body stand a starting from the top of your head and scanning your body and anytime that you feel negative thought come through starting it back up at the top in trying to get through everything and just like sending yourself love sending yourself not allowing these negative thoughts to come through and if they do starting back up the top so those are some different practices (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) but yeah I’m really really being getting really present any time that I’m triggered I think the mastery of all of these things put together has really been seeing everyone else as a lesson and I’m body in the belief that I’m fully supported and that life is happening for me not to me thank every single thing is a lesson every single thing is a blessing absolutely I love the I love that self love Mira weight that you just mentioned that not such a great segue to something I did want to talk about on the show have you read just orient is one of the is one of the most interesting things because I I read that post not you went back and read it again because I it’s almost like in my eyes if I was following you that would be the pueblo okay now I know who this person is not there Moscow the facade that many of us caught up on and again I’m saying that from a very small amount of research into your story so this was about when you initially had breast implants to then get into removed and I want you to explain that in your own thoughts in your own words are you face the the decision to obviously get them but then the decision to remove him as well yeah yeah so I got them fresh out of high school every single woman in my family has breast implants it’s the most normal thing in the world right and I came to it as you know I’m not enough unless I have breast implants too I was not blessed with huge breasts so I was you know I wanted to attract men I thought I won’t be loved unless I look this way I won’t be accepted unless I look this way not only in my family but in society Madison college social media right I was also in the fitness industry so I was trying to do like bikini competitions worst decision of my life but I was doing those things and it really was (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) I got them because I got them because I want to look a certain way and then ask for ten years I’ve done all this work I had my eating disorder I had all these things I realized smaller bigger breasts did not make a difference like I had them and I was still I still felt the worst I’ve ever felt in my life and I felt great I felt like there was this mask like and so ten years later when I started doing really is self inquiry I started C. house like man these there’s like fecal balloons in my body who says that this is okay to have right and so as I was doing a lot of the self love work I am even at you know I tell my I. when I told my family they were like oh my god we mean how are you gonna be okay with yourself yeah right like how are you gonna be okay with the fact that they’re not they’re getting they’re not gonna look good they’re gonna be small and then be like stressed out so it’s not gonna look good at all you know so (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) it took so much of the self love work and doing it really made me realize how far I had come absolutely yet to look at myself in the mirror afterwards and just feel I I honestly felt so much more love for myself than ever before and so much more compassion for myself because I just felt that I had put my body through something that you know like I am so sorry that I ever thought you weren’t worthy or you weren’t good enough I am so sorry I ever put you through that put things in you that warrant you know I’m like a little more research I did the more I was like wow my my (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) immune system is fighting against them all day long and so you see women that have so many health issues and it’s because of their breast implants because their immune system doesn’t function as it’s supposed to because it’s all day it’s working to get rid of this thing that’s not supposed to be in there so is it was it was a really really beautiful journey so to finally get to that place and I love them now like now I look at my breasts and I’m like I’m sorry I did that to you that in itself is such a beautiful message that can almost be translated so even for the man listen to his podcast as well I sing guys always in the fitness industry myself for quite a long time is all you see it with people taking steroids for example for the wrong reasons and you see people chasing a six pack for example you see some of the craziest thing that people do and even use the analogy for example money we always have that the richest among this will always say that it’s not money that buys and happiness yet for those of us who may at one stage not have that many requesting well it’s easy for you to say but I know myself and I’m not speaking as a multi millionaire from speaking to somebody who has come from very humble beginnings to having more money than I know what to do with on a daily basis to recognize that they don’t affect my levels of happiness if that makes sense I’ve also tried to be very very overweight and having breast myself as some state university from too much alcohol to having a six pack and five percent body fat I net gain on both ends of the spectrum there was no level of extra happiness with the six pack as opposed to having my boobs effectively so what I recognized was it was just about being comfortable in your body so now I say about fifty to sixty percent and I’m much happier because I. have enough energy to do what are the things I want to do I’m not overly focused on the way I look and I’m just happy myself we wanted to kind of find out media but I think one thing that’s amazing with your story knowing from where you came from and how you tell dot was your surrounded by all these individuals with these beliefs that you need breast implants for example not to come out of that society is very very difficult so one of the things I try to do with find your voice is trying take people out of their current situation because it’s taken a situation that’s not saving them and I want them to find their voice and in order to find your voice you need to be out of that and you need to connect and start T. I. E. love yourself something that’s a really really fascinating Jenny how long did that take you probably the ten years that they were in there but A. in and again it it was all that self inquiry that allowed me to do it to get away from what my family thought is is that my belief or is that there is that something that I had to the from them is that is that my belief you know is that what I want for my body so I love that I love I love that you mention that yeah I know what I wanted you to say something long I saw a gain it’s it’s the same social with everyone to today or tomorrow I always listen to this episode and instantly the fail well I don’t love myself with us and it’s a process it takes time it may take somebody one yet but it may take somebody ten years but that process is so fulfilling and so so great because I was I was I’m going off on a tangent how do apologize but one of the things me and my wife we we set goals and I love your relationship with your husband because his light team it makes the dream act about kind of I’m always off on one of the things because I feel like I packed the system very early because I want to cheat a lot of money financial success because I can do more with the I. can help more people looking out my family I could do with a chart to it by the same time I can still be happy on this process of not having that money or even being close to it I’m just recognizing dot dot money in my account for example is going to dictate my levels of happiness on a daily basis so really what are kind of want to I don’t know how to give it but I want to give it to the orders and just let them know that they can let you choose to be happy not just in their own bodies and their minds not but they can just be happy whatever they’re doing not just with the last active yeah yes no and I agree completely and that’s the stance that I take on nutrition is we usually want to lose weight not because of the actual number on the scale because of the feeling that we believe that losing that weight will give us right and it and the thing is you can feel that right now like you can choose to feel that right now if you want to feel wealthy if you want to feel happy if you want to feel you can feel that right now it’s all it’s an inside job it all lies within and so I love that you say that because you can end up in a second choose to be happy it is a choice it is being confidence all those different things it is a choice and so what are you focusing on how’s your physiology how are you standing right because emotions we act them out like if I told you Hey get depressed right now you can get the price right now but how by changing your thoughts what are you focusing on and then you’d like bring your elbows in in your voice with changing your your breathing with chains like you asked our sadness and depression you can also act out happiness and put yourself in that state right Tony Robbins talks by all the time that’s why I love him so much they absolutely I even when I love the name of your podcast find your voice I absolutely love it because I fully believe that suppressed expression and suppressed desires are what cause so much sadness and so much I don’t know one happiness depression it’s really depression stems from desires that were never met right so going out there speaking your truth doing what you want to do get fulfilling your believes your soul’s purpose whatever that might be it’s really it’s it’s so powerful and so amazing I love it I love that I’m gonna just segue ever so slightly because I could talk about this let you for hours on end and so one of the things I want to ask you now that you’re in such a great place and I do H. people obviously after this episode to follow order your stuff because nothing about changing your stay instantly if you just listen to your messages you can get just smiling instantly because you’re but you bring that infectious energy with you one of the things I want to ask you is with all your knowledge nor you wisdom nine what’s your actual biggest via do you still get those insecurities do you still have something that maybe you think it hi I just wish that doesn’t happen so where S. even like I just said suppressed a question at a very young age I was always like I was taught that I would get love throughout yes looking a certain way whatever but also through just being really quiet like being a really good girl they don’t say anything don’t do anything my uncle used to tell me all the time (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) she had a phrase of like like what can say matter less than dogs or something like it was just like a horrible phrase that he thought was funny but it was not to me and I picked it up it was in Spanish but anyway (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) I really like that really registered with me like what I say means nothing I should just stay quiet and send back to the room so I became really really really introverted I’m very like I was super introverted back in the room all those different things now with starting my business and doing all of this stuff I’ve had to step into my power and push through some serious resistance because here’s the thing a lot of times we ask for something like we ask for more self love we ask to be kinder to ourselves but when that thing comes that’s going to cause the growth for example I don’t know like for me of I when I’m asked to be more to be able to speak my truth more to beam a more expressed right when the opportunity comes up okay now go speak on the stage we resent us were like oh shit now and and it’s like well that’s exactly what you asked for right in the universe is giving you what you’re asking for so are you resisting that opportunity some people are like a lot of clients of me they have kids and they asked to be more patient and then when their kid is trying them they scream and they go crazy but wait that was the exact opportunity for you to practice that patients right so for me now with even finding my voice and speaking out it’s been pushing through the resistance of you know non comparable (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) comparable anti caste now but I’m actually doing tomorrow I’m or I’m sorry Monday I’m doing a WPTV what are gonna be on a news channel live you know these are mine that I continue to work through is okay you’re not you’re worthy you like south that’s where like all the self love pieces come through like I you are enough you got this because then sometimes you’re like oh man my imposter syndrome like should I be on this news channel like what am I doing here now I have some speaking gigs coming up and it’s the first time I’m doing it so I got a really comfortable on a podcast on Instagram but still working through like that one on one you know life or even going into a party and talking to people so all those different things that’s fascinating a lot I love that you just mentioned towards the end as well the imposter syndrome is all because so often we see people who are speaking are you on stage wait wait let me see that when when the list is the fault of that journey of you is that I think a lot so right for your natural electric bill you’re confident but what they don’t seize that’s really really difficult because what you said there is about saying yes to opportunities so if you’re asking for something and you better be ready to say yes but opportunity otherwise you don’t really want it I one of the things I put myself on last year was I want you to be confident I didn’t wanna be the shy person in the room so when you said that being a yeah I remember growing up and one of the I don’t see my family says and when I does all right you don’t speak so I kind of grew up in my early teens and I was labeled mute I E. silent are used very very quiet or network me in events I was always a person on the back although we speak only when spoken to and effected a lot of my life and probably didn’t help my anxiety growing up is all and then only three saying yes to these opportunities because I never want to be the sharpest moment for him to therapy I went to Toastmasters and anytime I was always asked to do a speech I didn’t want to do it I promise you I’ll just say yes I put my name down then I felt accountable and obliged to go with it but I can’t tell you how much that help me I mean I do videos now we’re recording this life you choose I’ve only started this this yes so you cheap I’d gone seventy something episodes in those up I can’t speak to somebody while looking at me in case I say are a mess up and you know we’ve had technical difficulties today how much time had fallen off a through this well I’m just embracing not because I’m just saying that you that’s that’s my growth this is my journey of finding my voice as well and I want people to see that transparency so initially I was trying to hide that notch I’m not well that’s not really being authentic so anyone listening to must awful my guess be or have not imposters in Rome your love those opportunities come our way and then it’s up to us and then choose okay we’ve asked for are we gonna take that now so obscenity yeah yeah I love that you say that because it’s so true it’s not easy it’s not easy for it we just we’re just choosing to to push through it right to not even to push only to say like to put but like lovingly step into it with courage and (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) and that’s where comparing yourself to other people it’s really not you don’t know what they’re going through ever you don’t know what anyone’s going through just like you have your stuff to work through so does everyone else and so you have to you got to have compassion for other people and and for yourself I love the I love that okay and do it so we’re not we’re gonna we’ll do the minimum wage that there you go that’s a prime example of messing up your ways live on show so what you gonna do now is going to the fun part of the show and despite the show just where I ask you a whole array of random questions so sixty to ninety seconds I’m gonna be asking you some just general question so no pressure as quick as you can one sentence or one word answers only are you ready Sir I’m ready you’re okay we’re gonna go in three to one okay hundred the ability to fly or be invisible fly the best piece of advice anyone has ever given that everything license and to look within west piece of advice anyone has ever given I don’t know to get my breast implant or to do any show many of fame I want to say money because I can give back more with money your biggest strength compassion what’s your proudest achievement in now helping the women that I’m helping so in the last twelve months of your growth what’s been your biggest mistake or lesson there you got a lesson (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) letting letting my ego get in the way your favorite motivational speaker Tony Robbins if you had an extra hour a day how would you spend it connecting with family if you could get the listeners to practice one thing after this episode what would it be meditation if you could abolish one thing in the world what would it be I want to say hatred is an easy one for you your favorite color my favorite color I like a light blue baby blue and finally what song best describes your life so this is funny because this is just a song that I put on to get pumped up this is not probably went as far as my life but this is how I get in state is that song of like all I do is win win win I love that song I feel like you have to like your manifestation and stuff right so all of those different songs on and I’m like yeah let’s go okay brilliance all the fun part is done now and just to find the questions if I may so one is about reflection on the other one is about legacy so best either reflection question if you could maybe go back and whisper something maybe before you were in high school and you thought Hey I need those breast implants for example no in everything that you know not what would you say to yourself I would really tell myself that I would whisper in my ear that I am so friggin worthy that I don’t need the breast implants I don’t need the weight loss I don’t need anything I am innately worthy we’re all in the Lee worthy and we’re also we also have so much potential so much untapped potential that we let our fears come into so I would let myself now that all those fears are just my brain worried about survival but we don’t have lines chasing us anymore you know like we’re good we’re OK I like it comment on social media is so okay like we’re not going to die so just be letting myself know to let go of the fear like what’s the worst that could happen and just stepping into my potential stepping into my power knowing that I’m still worthy knowing that I have everything I need within me I love that I’m finally then so the last question I always ask for my guess is about legacy so if in a hundred fifty years time science vows to save this and all that exists is a book and this book is about you it’s about your life and all of the amazing wonderful things that you’ve done and said basically what the title of the book B. and second what with the summary at the back tell us about you (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) the title of the book it would be just something along the lines of just letting go of conditioning and stepping into power war I can’t figure out the right words right now but I think that the back would tell us that (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) you know this book is really about someone that one hour on a mission against all odds against everything that she was taught by her family by everyone and really stepped into her power learn to love herself and learn to passed on to everyone that she came across to end dieting and the diet culture of everyone thinking that they need to look a certain way or do a certain thing (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) allowing people to just feel empowered and in love with themselves and their bodies and their life amazing yeah that’s a great great message so just before and the show and give you a chance to let the list is over they can connect with you which I strongly urge them to do is there any questions you wish I’d asked you today or are there any final messages you left leave the audience with not not really I think your questions were great so I’m on Instagram Facebook all those things things Andreas says (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) you can’t my program is ditch the scale so it’s there’s a skill dot com and then my personal is also things and dress as dot com so fantastic thank you for sharing that what we’ll do is pull or the in the show notes just to make it a lot easier you’ve dropped some incredible information today I did filled let you like I was in a therapy session okay and I bring my agate died but there was some great times what it’s there for everyone who’s this man in relation to self love and just really doing the things that we need to do an understanding why we do them to really go out there and find a voice so I just want to thank you so much for your time today I know it’s taking slightly longer so for that thank you so much I’m forever in a home thank you for listening thank you for having me thank you and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day. (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally)(subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally) (subscribe to find your voice podcast & learn how to love yourself unconditionally)

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