How to live happier and healthier

How to live happier and healthier.

“Live fully, love wholeheartedly and rest intentionally” By Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith

An incredible episode with an expert in her field helping people all over the world recover their best selves and live a happier and healthier life. There are some tanigible takeaways to restoring our energy and selves to really become our best selves once again.

Who would have also thought there were so many types of restorative habits that we all have. Yet having them and knowing we have them are not always the case, which often leads to burnout amongst many people. Saundra shares her wisdom in this episode to ensure none of us go through burnout, or none of us leave this isolation period in a worse mental and physical state. We want you to leave this isolation period fully restored and ready to manage your overall health in all aspects such as:

  • Physical
  • mental
  • spiritual
  • Emotional
  • social
  • sensory
  • creativity

Key timestamps:

[03:10] Recognising burnout in her career

[10:15] The struggles of burnout and impact on family

[11:00] Passive and Active rest

[15:25] Habits Dr Saundra uses to help with burnout and social rest deficit

[20:10] Dr Saundras biggest fear today

[25:35] Choose your best life

I urge you to check her materials and resources out and follow her amazing journey!

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sounds like the whole personal isolation and then think that people are experiencing right now we get you more social rapper back actually not but those arrests it is what it is that the right we get home we are around people who don’t need anything from us but who are just like getting it we feel better when we’re in their presence welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu so if you’re struggling in isolation that today’s episode is one hundred percent for you because we’re going to be discussing how you can not only become healthier but also hop here is about so there is talk about self awareness there is talk about managing your energy and the energy around you and be mindful of the things I hope you and the things that don’t this is a fascinating discussion with a doctor who has incredible expertise in her field and Kylie shares her wisdom today to help you or make sure that we come out of this isolation paired in the best possible way the only be hockey at but also healthier so hope you enjoy this conversation please do let me know your thoughts don’t forget to take a stand on social media and of course check out the recent U. G. channel which is not been up loaded with content every single day I’m delighted to welcome Sandra on today’s episode of find your voice Sandra how do today I’m great I’m testing got to hear glad to hear so you all on the other side of the pond I believe whereabouts are you based exactly you have a problem that you have been %HESITATION Alabama near Birmingham well actually here in the U. K. we have our own bedding I mean I’m actually based not to fall myself as offer betting on not I what was interesting was I remember me fast had a few discussions into to get you on the show and I was really interested because you have kind of like a special in terms of rest the Bennett which I think is really really important obviously for the listeners for many of us going through life fortunately I’ve taken this quarantine lockdown seminar that you’ll seem to be going through your head in these current times as a time to watch the rest I’m kind of avoid paying up but I’m sure there’s still people out there who are going to benefit so so much from this information that you can provide a soak one of the things I want to do before we jump into that and jump in to depict in your mind to get all of the do you see facts and all the amazing stuff out of it is I want to learn a little bit about you because I’m always intrigued why people do what they do in terms of their roles %HESITATION that jobs in today’s society so Sandra if you wouldn’t mind if you could just maybe give myself on the list is a bit of a backstory about yourself maybe some key information in terms of the person you are what she brings you here today I’m find your voice yeah well Michael Maynard foundry Dalton math I’m a board certified internal medicine physician I’ve been in practice for about twenty years and about half it midway at that practice I started to get to a point of burnout %HESITATION I think really for me marathon was one of those professions where I assume right now would be kind of just part of it I knew the hours I knew the work load but I and I and honestly I feel like many of that many physicians and health care workers really %HESITATION now part of the profession and that does not I’ve no doubt that the men that are patient no doubt that because you know in the end it really makes it so that your your functioning out of your exhaustion and really not functioning from a from a good place not out of your back not really able to either get your back and so when I talk about point in my life I felt like I needed to make a decision I I either worked on or come out of the profession that I had with my entire life you know working to get yen or figure out a way to be able to do it and you know the %HESITATION energized and happy and relaxed been able to actually have a good relationship with my patience and not be in a situation where I was always that wound that and so easily agitated by be on a journey of doing a lot of research and I spent about five years researching the prospect of what right looks like you know it leap and run the same thing or are they not %HESITATION and if they’re different what’s different about and %HESITATION you know that led to the book they could wrap recover your life renew your energy restore your sanity which then leads to a lot of media come back company the story on it %HESITATION you know I was on Dr oz them again I thank all of you today there’s lots of opportunity complete we really live in a in a burn out the body and that when people started hearing there are seven types of rats you know it it opened up a lot of eyes and I think that probably by you know debate over ninety thousand people have taken that free at that minute requis dot com to find out what type of record payment thing because they know something nothing why are fantastic and I think you hit the nail on the head at the end of the actually when you said it’s almost become a ban on society and it’s no different here in fact the whole mentality behind hustled and sleet laid out or sleep when you’re dead that kind of philosophy it’s not really saving people although we kind of feel that’s what we need to be doing and I’ve been a massive massive advocate for M. sleep a seat for me as an expressive trying to somebody who’s very into the health and fitness side I’m not sleep should be your number one priority even above your nutrition in your exercise so I love that you’ve put so much time is so much energy into researching and yes I know you have seven types of rest the Bennett which I find fascinating because again I only thought that was just the steep side so if you wouldn’t mind come we delve a little bit into that so just the somebody listening now and I’m just thinking as a listener what’s the difference between somebody just being tired and being bad I yeah in and really a pro level after I think the fact that very well you know it’s not me being tired or that something I need to address because with burn out you’re getting to a level of efficiency right now it’s actually being destructive the part of your life you’re all get tired back the energy in and energy out there one of the things when we’re talking about the different types of rats %HESITATION and I’ll name does just that we kind of have an idea of what what I’m referring to the seven different private are the the call mental all those are the three most people are well familiar with and then the other for better lack well known are the emotional social and three and create that all seven of them back in you’re pouring out of their energy reservoirs every day but some of them you automatically restore without really thinking too hard about it because it you can have habit that a restorative and and put that energy back yeah burned out homes when you have when you’re pouring out one of the seven areas but you don’t have a mechanism for restoring that thing that you get to a level of the police in that band becomes detrimental to your overall well being tested and as you said that so just quickly wrote them down and hope you have got a more ready so it’s physical mental spiritual emotional social sensory and creativity I think was the last one thank you thank you I’m similar to yourself in terms of when I find something fascinating %HESITATION something that I’ve experienced I am a research Nate so OPRF spent five years and I can just let you jump off the back of your incredible work at the end of this episode but I brought those down because I would learn about those myself as well because I’m all for people finding their way in life and finding the voice in overcoming their adversities or any sort of trouble is a bit cheaper I want to also given how axes while ways that they don’t have to struggle maybe the way that you struggled at times you open that you have to be the best versions of themselves so a little bit more if you wouldn’t mind and what got you into this profession that you did was there anything that you’re doing previously took to your craze or anything or was this kind of way you always soul yourself in terms of what you want to go as a young person now this isn’t where I thought I would be honest and I I would you know internet my my my work really B. and B. I. T. U. N. E. R. and you know with my medical practice so my idea how my medical profession what luck in my head when I you know at about twenty something going through medical school with that I would be in the office during the day and I would go to the ER you know during my shift and I would be and I think you treating patients you know rent then repeat what kind of how my top prospect on that look like I always love to research my my major in college with biochemistry and I spent time even a medical or doing research on the side because I’ve always had a love of restart but I felt like that lover research what end want my clinical practice again I can see both of them %HESITATION in a mixing in any way now granted that was repaired in in a lab during college and medical school and more human research then it is a lap they regard but not but I really never thought that they would love to be able to come together the clinical and research the way that it has and I don’t think it probably would have had I not experienced burnout myself and when I say that might be what the what do you mean you’re burnt out whether that actually look like you know for me it got to the point where I had a very difficult time with that I have %HESITATION so wrapped around half of that meaning that all day I was working in dealing with people there are motion you know they’re here you know the kind of thing you’re interacting with an empowering and a ninety yard type setting and so I was constantly having to manage other people a motion which requires you to use the level of your own emotions and social interaction ill do that effectively by the end of the day I would come home to my husband and my kids and I remember telling him when that you know I don’t have anything left I don’t well I don’t wanna have a conversation don’t talk about anything you know I I was I had no more social energy to get anyone in my own home and so you know that was started but a number elation ship which I think are a huge part of burn out for many people %HESITATION I didn’t have time for physical exercise or activity you know I would I would I’m a weekend warrior I guess the best way to put it you know I try to finance it all you know on a Saturday Sunday with everyday I happen to have on and I wasn’t doing any kind of there and restore it yeah there’s a whole %HESITATION activity you know physical rap about it into the roof the path within the active after being you know the weeping in the mac mapping active physical rap include things like stretching and leisure walking and yoga they think that improves your circulation in your room attic why when doing any other no I think you know at the end of a workday I was I was there when I got tired I would lay down in bed with my body physically aching by muffled around that my leg but the wall went from not having you know pertaining or standing all day long and I would my body wouldn’t be comfortable enough to actually get into a deep level of restorative sleep I was very lightly so I I within the United States whining you are not around wait and not really getting to the deeper levels of non rem wait for the restoration really occur you know all of that with what what crying on me when I say I was burning burned out because I never I would go to bed tired and I would wake up Jack in the box yeah you know I’m not a doctor maybe six seven eight hours why not so interesting so there’s a few things actually I think many listeners including myself could relate to and sympathize with especially that feeling of when you come home when you just literally have no energy to even be a human I’ve definitely experienced that and the other thing that you said that she was which is quite interesting and I’m I’m kinda Crandall %HESITATION video on it myself because I’m really interested be sleeping I’m really I was that person he used to sleep two and a half hours a day I used to have two jobs I used to work out two three talk today not though you know always the greatest person in the world and I’m very very quickly start should recognize that it was affecting my psychology my is on E. and quite a lot of stuff in my life and now I’m almost like the complete opposite always sleep as long as my body needs to sleep and you mentioned something about how you go to sleep tight and you wake up almost just as tight and I’m actually researching this myself which is offline fascinates a two days ago was crazy this video and I was really getting to somebody because of publications about it is it is quite interesting because sometimes it’s not always the duration is such a the quality of your sleep as well M. and just quickly that the reason I ask this question is because it’s funny how life turns I I mean the last thing I thought would have been doing five years ago is speaking on a podcast with people like yourself and trying to make my story and trying to make my goal of trying to inspire and help as many people as possible via podcast it’s completely random how that happened and how you how to experience burnout jobs to get to where you are all I have to go through a certain level of investee to really get to where I am so that’s always kind of why I asked that question and just a point above a context into it but thank you so much for obviously or the information that you just said that the gain right you know some of it in a lot of recess after the show because what we’re going to United obviously people are losing their lives and and it’s not necessarily something I just want to be looking out this is really great that’s come out of it but one of the blessings is people are now starting to recognize the importance of the house I need a low capacity the whole health and everything from it so I was trying to find some level of silver lining in it and I just think now we need to especially in this time if it is research what we have nothing else to do %HESITATION missile home is learning of ways to better ourselves and start to almost discipline ourselves to get the right habits in place if that makes sense I grieve with you you know it as you stated you know that’s something any of us would would ever wish on anyone you know to have to go through on this situation would have been bad I do believe that it is an opportunity for many people to your value wait how strong it mind you you know and are the things I’m doing it R. my lifestyle choices building my immunity are breaking it down absolutely I’m a hundred percent without I think you chose the right way that we have an opportunity not because obviously I’m conscious of my house always have been but I’m unable to expend as much energy now I always try to stay self isolated somehow to make clever choices and if anything I probably said this is the most disciplined and the most health conscious I’ve become so I really try to encourage people to just even if it’s just one simple hike so for me it’s let’s just take away that Saturday or Friday night corporate business for five six hundred calories obviously alcohol is not really going to give you many benefits and I just made us more chain so on the basis of that I just wanna Segrave so slowly into your life in terms of what kind of hobbies that do you implement maybe on a daily basis T. obviously avoid future break out but just for yourself as well just for your physical and mental health yeah one one that would really help with the nearby meant that I had the big issue with with %HESITATION social wrapped up at that end of it because so much of my energy was spent with people who needed something from me and one of the things that I’ve done the research and I talk about in the book that contract is about how we get social rap back into our lives you know it sounds like the whole social isolation and personal growth and things that people are experiencing right now we get you more social rap but that’s actually not but both direct is what it is that the right we get home we are around people who don’t need anything from us but who are just like getting to a few weak though better Homer in their present so that’s something that I had to learn that that it’s important for me to have adult friend and someone who was very busy I couldn’t always break away you know to go hang out with my adult friend so I had to start learning ways of getting that social rap that didn’t require me to find a babysitter for my toddler or two after my two friends one on the west coast in California and the other one and %HESITATION it’s up in Canada so and I’m on the east coast so we’re miles and miles away from each other these are my friends what we started to do it we do monthly call and we do them on a video platform because the research that I did show that there is an energy and we were really impressed them and being able to have eye contact with someone even if that I contacted birch wall is being able to look into someone’s eyes and hand the their their facial expression and the their their body movements and their mannerisms all of those things have a restorative component when it’s someone who blanket and the problem and many of us we spend most of our social energy with people who are negatively pulling on our energy resources not that they’re negative people you know your kids your spouse your elderly parent yeah they’re not regular people but you know they’re negatively calling on your energy because they are requiring something from you and I found that I really had to make a priority of being around the people who didn’t need anything from me thank you Jack what amber wanted to spend time with me and were there for me to kind of share what’s going on with my life and I could you know we would go into Iraq back and forth and Abby that those around absolutely love the on site so for myself many minds I. E. it’s it’s the same kind of thing and has my energy levels %HESITATION I’m quite introverted person by nature as well and always recognize around same people again not negative people for certain people I can drive a lot more naturally I’m almost like an extra bit around these people whereas other people I just feel soft enough to allow my energy’s draining and I have to money to myself in terms of when these people come in to my lives at what times are they coming in the morning when I’m trying to focus on the most important parts of my day for example or are they coming up the end where I have a little bit more patients and I don’t mind necessarily losing a little bit of energy just to kind of obviously keep a reporter relationship there so that was really really interesting and you kind of flew by it but I want to just fly straight back to me actually and you said that you explain this in a book yes I can take great rap okay recover your life renew your energy restore your sanity at the pile okay fantastic so by looking at the weather you’ve done I’m gonna time class majority of those five years of reset so you save me a hell of a lot of time there thank you for that do you have an order book vision by any chance it it it does have an audiobook version as well as an ebook birds tend to see what what amenities of assembly grab all the information put in the show notes if anyone else is as interested as myself some deathly gonna be checking on us thank you so much for sharing that obviously for the way that you do because this is really important and I hope something like this topic as well can get out there even more so especially when we come out of isolation is also but not just mutually jumping back into the rat race about old nine to five habits because like you said this is a window of opportunity now and hopefully we can get this window of opportunity and redefine how people before so thank you for the insight I really appreciate it I think it’s really important right now but thank you with all the talk about social didn’t thing that we don’t we are able to get that person left that we one hundred percent so I’m gonna segue ever so slightly now than if I may what is your biggest fear my biggest fear I guess right now it it it would be and what the very different maybe a month ago some or all of this started happening so that you know but right now today I would probably be my biggest fear is that I’m not necessarily the virus now but in how the virus is affecting the emotional health and wellbeing you know there’s a lot of fear and anxiety around it on a lot of talk that I’ve done what you know with radio and TV I have not been from my internal medicine the end point but it’s been more from how do we help people mentally Indo Jack within my mind well I’m I’m very aware of how much it means I will have you know very aware I want to say I want to stay informed without getting agitated and and that level of information that I’m receiving %HESITATION there’s a fine line with that info my in and I’m very cognitive of the very self aware a kind of where I’m at mentally even my own sensory overload level I’m very aware of when I walked in the inning it’s not a lecture on the event I’m I’m afraid that most people do not have that level of self awareness and at the position it is probably the thing how what is the world going to look like if everybody comes out of that you know with with these great levels are in three hotel loyalty and emotional wrapped up with that and all of that yeah absolutely I think I S. second not as well because mental health this is kind of what the initial podcast falls under in terms of this Congress it’s a huge passion of mine I I try to be as because I because I can because I’ve seen the effects of it across one of my family including obviously with myself as well and myself and a couple of friends we started a men’s mental health podcast off the back end of last year just as a kind of passion project we try to help people especially not with mouse suicide and stuff I’ll be felt light especially within a local community will gaining some traction in terms of we were stopping teenagers from committing suicide we were literally just sharing of a number D. ease %HESITATION at coming from a scientific background we just try to come from a man to man kind about trying to just let him know that it’s okay to be experiencing what you’re experiencing and as this kind of holistic patient stuff died and having drawn on my previous role was as a social worker I worked with the elderly who suffer with loneliness and social isolation I start to think oh my god and it became a little bit awhile before me and the Zeiss start to rise realistic and everybody’s going to leave this place or within two or three weeks time ever going to understand what loneliness really means what social isolation can do to somebody and not did worry me this the same way that it was you because now I worry for not just people’s physical house so we got with the means that %HESITATION the jokes that everyone’s going away because all they do to say that but I’m more concerned with actually their mental health and I don’t know the answer right now in terms of well I could be doing in the podcast %HESITATION before by no definitely something like this and this conversation now hopefully if people listen to it that is tangible steps that we can take before so I think it’s definitely something that we would have to be mindful of because right now and without trying to be a pessimist I’m thinking some people are gonna be the same when they come out of this isolation period yeah I’m not exactly what are and you said that very well because that’s exactly what my fear it is that they they would have gone into this situation kind of you know happy and %HESITATION you know I had at least a level %HESITATION ma’am can you spend our life where you know they weren’t always thinking about the type of product they weren’t living in fear living in anxiety or you you know it’s almost like this has kind of taken that disillusionment off that something like this could never happen yeah absolutely I think that you know so so many of that we look at that and if like I would have never thought something like this can happen in my lifetime and we’re living it yes we’re living it and so my fear is that people are gonna come out and and not be able to get back out of it being like an eight and mental kind of wandered around like lock mentally from who they really are and kind of mock and with the year than we’ve been body similar to yourself I just got my fingers crossed and again if there’s any like wise I can try and spread some positivity %HESITATION something tangible always trying to contend you believe all of that just Hey this is a motivational quote for example is okay inspired so I’m obviously trying to do that because I think that’s a lot more effective in terms of people can walk away that which is why not I even change the master to my questions especially having somebody like yourself on the show so hopefully fingers crossed it’s not as bad as maybe I with those are telling us but again we can do is keep preaching M. and trying to spread as much awareness into the stuff that actually does my art such as a self awareness I think self awareness is one of the key key topics and all right for the first thirty years of my life hi I don’t think a software %HESITATION I was doing things and not really recognizing my was doing them it was for external validation is to make other people happy and now when I say Hey I haven’t designed my life with my wife for the last fought despot five years I’m in a place where yes everything’s going on in the still suffer with his I. E. and ex wives at bottom is such a great place because everything I design and everything that I care about and focus on a daily basis is for me and it’s saving me if that kind of makes sense so hopefully again people can use this as an opportunity not just to read your book not just to land about social S. but also to look at themselves as well and think when this will restart so most the game are you going to restart the right way the way for us as well yeah I’m not that good at math exactly not really the focus now of most of the work in my website actually puddle might use my best life %HESITATION dot com eleven zero that’s not right the whole concept around that is because it’s it’s it’s a choice you don’t get to choose the bad that happens you don’t get the tooth that Berkeley you know we would love to be able to do that how will I work we don’t get to choose that but we do get to make choices that can lead ports are back why and we can make choices that pick up from where we’re at nothing like a little bit better and a little bit better and a little bit better and you know that change doesn’t come quickly but it does hi so I think that’s the hope in that is that even you know when we come out of this if someone does come out no like you know what I’m really well I’m really only the crack that they are going to back in the mail back to move them to a better life I love that so thank you so much for sharing that so I’m not know what we’re gonna do is actually gonna segue into Allah to cool the form part of the show in the form part of the show is just a whole array of random questions so for the best part of sixty to ninety seconds we’re gonna get to know some of your preferences and and a little bit more about you Sir okay we’re gonna go in three to one okay what is your favorite hobby marking the biggest mistake you made last year hard I didn’t finish my book about your proudest achievement might connect your favorite motivational speaker Lisa Nichols if you had an extra hour a day how would you spend it talking to my house the best lesson anyone has ever told you I’m a nap if you could get the listeners to do one thing after this episode what would it be written through the body if you could abolish one thing in the world but with that being what is your favorite book my favorite record for the Redfern well you see pretty good at that nobody knows I minored in dance fantastic the ability to read minds opened in the future read mine Sandra what would you like to be remembered for loving people well with my work if you could sit with one person in the world for an hour dead or alive who would it be and finally what song best describes your life wow one song that right my life I can’t even think of a single mom is fine take your time right I believe I can fly love that very inspirational song thank you thank you so we are now at the end of the phone the show so as we kind of had to or the and the just two more questions if I may the next question is about reflection so I’m a firm believer that hindsight is a wonderful thing and upon reflection we can always think of ways to get to where we are quicker easier over less heartache but at the same time the JD also teaches us so so much as well and I guess everything kind of happens for a reason so what I want to know is if you could go back in time to maybe one moment where you struggle you suffered with adversity and whisper something in your is knowing everything that you know now what would you say not easy I it would be %HESITATION I think I was about five years old my mother died right after childbirth I never matter you never left the hospital actually %HESITATION so that I remember at the five year old child in out on that that might that might %HESITATION home and weeping and like my I’m never gonna be normal everybody else has a mom but you know and in kindergarten and you know everything no one out the bike with the single parent home you know with the dad only kind of thing and if I did a quick or something for myself then it would be that this year you’re going to be okay it’s gonna be okay and it looks difficult and look hard right now you know you feel out of place because your life is so different than all of your friends and your home life but it’s gonna be okay yes I love that message was Sam sorry for both D. a guest star and the calls that you would dial as a young passive book one incredible save is that you’re not given to the road in terms of everything that you do in a nice absolutely okay now so I think that’s very very wise words to your five year old self I’m just finally then we are on to the last question so the last question I’m gonna ask you Sandra is about legacy so if in a hundred fifty years time sunspots to save us and all that exists is a book and this book it’s about your life it’s about everything that you’ve done in order that we had a wonderful accomplishments that you’ve achieved yes you ought to know is what would the title of the book B. and secondly over the summer at the back tell us about you wow I would think that hi %HESITATION with the men Rolling mop wholeheartedly and ranked intentionally love the and the and the information on the back with but basically the yeah the words of a woman who wears white youth that twelve dot does that she suddenly bring us to the end of the show but before we end the show Sandra I just wanna ask you other any questions that you wish I’d asked you during this interview or is there any final messages you want to leave for the audience yeah that’s right thank you current you know right now I’m a difficult the event %HESITATION but it is bad at the B. than in seasons changing things and coming go this is a difficult one right now with the drive even thirty but get the same motivated and find ways to water them out and mind body and spirit and you should be aware of what we did in my life and did not ignore that depletion but you really start looking at rapid restoration you know rather than simply don’t you know laying on the couch watching Netflix or something you should be restoring something in thirty three would need to be restored and then there’s an intentional thing to get back on top I love that perspective as well and and the way that you expand that so what is the best way that the audience can connect with you on yeah I remember one way I would say would be through breath where dot com and main reason being is that actually get them and the fact meant where they can be which is the seven types of breath at their most efficient then I think that it’s kind of the heart start with that how awful weird just next time I had one more times on Jan thank you for your time and for sharing all of your information and given us the opportunity not to increase our levels of self awareness and recognize what kind arrest we need obviously to help ourselves before I’m find a voice I’m forever also home thank you for listening R. brown and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

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