How to Create The Life You Actually Want #63

How to Create The Life You Actually Want #63

How to Create The Life You Actually Want by Nate Bailey, the “Integrity Bank” by Nate Bailey

Nate is a man of many talents. A successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, coach and author. Along with many other talents and avenues he has pursued such as podcasting, serving his country in the war and running 100 miles (ca. 161 km) at once! But one thing from this interview that really stuck out for me, was his authenticity and integrity. Nate is a man of his word. He has used his life experiences to not only level his own life up and reach a life he is proud of, but he also helps other people too.

Recognising there has to be more to life, Nate went on a personal journey of transforming his own life. He did this by banking all the things he said he would do. He calls this the Integrity Bank. Then through consistent actions and staying true to his word, he has achieved some incredible feats. These have not only built his resilience but also his experience that he now shares with the world.

Super intentional behaviours and being clarity on all aspects of his life, Nate has really managed to mould his life into a place he is now happy with. One that now gives him a meaning, but is not just about him. Using his own words, of: “It’s not all about you” Nates honest story showcases the journey of life many of us go through. We rarely have it figured out, however we can figure it out if we put the work in!

Key timestamps:

[05:25] Figuring out the purpose of life

[14:45] What do you want from life?

[24:00] Imposter Syndrome

[30:00] Running 100 miles after a 3rd attempt

Key Quotes by Nate Bailey

“When emotions are high, clarity is low”

“Be super intentional”

“Its not all about you”

I urge you all to please follow Nate and support his amazing journey.

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So if you want to know how to Create The Life You Actually Want and live intentionally, check this episode out.

Pippa Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who was overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode a Floyd your voice my name is are in and as always I am the host of the show so you can probably tell again I have a cold and it just doesn’t seem to be going away so if you have just joined this podcast and you just kind of come across a gaudy sounds out of breath he’s a bit nasally well yep dies me hopefully that would disappear and if you listen to the previous episodes and hopefully moving forward you’re going to see somebody who signs just a little bit clearer at least I hope anyway back to the show this show was absolutely fantastic because he was with the guy coordinate Bailey some of you may actually know now before the night for a water on Instagram to be connected a few months ago actually I love just been looking at some of his work because one of the things I want to do on the show is the I bring on authentic guests because it’s very easy in social media to car to portray an image or try to be somebody that you’re not and I’m sure many of you have said these fake contrada is all these people who supposedly call themselves coaches but don’t really practice what they preach I one of the things I would say about day especially having interviewed him but also researched amazing he is a man of integrity he’s a man who says exactly what he’s going to do and then he goes and does it which I absolutely love that’s one of the characteristics dog look for in somebody integrity is huge for me so Nate has that in abundance he gives some incredible nobody drops in this episode he’s a man who doesn’t really kind of be around the bush economy is very concise in his message and hopefully you’re going to find that really really useful another thing I just want to say before we start this interview is I had to change my Mike sell abroad you Mike because I’ve kind of upgraded mall I. S. setup here I one of the things I recognize with this Mike is that when I get excited and I speak to a guest not accorded jumper ride to the say something amazing well I my life kind of moves away from the microphone and as a result of it they’re all said areas in the audio quality which kind of dependence of them called excite you so just bear with me it’s a bit of a roller coaster ride of trying to get used to keep my head above pay some what you have to sell it at my head into place because the do you find that it does call to move a hell of a lot but that that’s enough about my head and that’s enough about my cold let’s not jump into this incredible interview with Nate Haley okay so I would like to welcome Nate Bailey on today’s episode of find your voice Nate how we doing today my friend I’m great man it’s good good to be here I appreciate you having me you’re very welcome you’re very welcome so now I I’ve been doing a bit of a stalking us on your profile and I’m no is that you’re doing quite a few things actually so as not only are you a speaker your north accurate coach it was a final part custom naturally just recently realized even to real estate as well so there’s quite a few things that we have in common which is really interesting but I’m more so well what you to do if you were to mind is going to give the listeners a little bit about yourself and about your story and what brings you here today find your voice yeah absolutely so you know a little bit of background yeah I guess I can go back to my college days was a was an athlete and (subscribe to find your voice) play college football and then shortly after that in college I met my wife who make currently married to four (subscribe to find your voice) but I get this right but it’s been eighteen years last eighteen years we’ve been married and we have three three kids eleven nine and seven and (subscribe to find your voice) shortly after playing college football I finished up a and it was kind of looking for that next challenge decided to join me the army the US army and (subscribe to find your voice) became a leader there I’ve always gravitated what’s being a leader towards impacting the leading and guiding nurse as I look back on my life and (subscribe to find your voice) got out of school I was trying to figure out what was gonna do had a teaching degree did some teaching that’s coaching that at different levels high school college and and then ultimately (subscribe to find your voice) was seen in the insurance business for a long time for about fourteen years got deployed to Kuwait so is deployed away from my wife we hadn’t had kids quite yet came back in no from the outside looking in things were great like to look like a successful but really on the inside when I transition back home from deployment (subscribe to find your voice) didn’t come back into my marriage and we can act like we really needed to and then we had kids and that just kinda amplified a lot of the problems we had it was like you said real estate investment I got I got into that ends in still have quite a few properties cross country on cross with Jim on the insurance business just wasn’t doing anything really great was was neglecting my body you know wasn’t doing great in this summer relationships and and in came to breaking point or around about five years ago where I just like this is not working this not what I want is gonna be more to life like it’s got gotta be Gail string this out but I didn’t know how to write a been trying to get out of my old for a long time and so that’s what the journey that I started taking to invest in myself investing in other coaches and mentors and then ultimately leading me down the path where I’m at today for last year so my business you know that things got things right instead of my marriage and in showing up like I needed to for my kids and in started really going to work come up on my body and it just really all it all areas of life in in in the tree the transition of the transformation if you will the last five years is it has been great (subscribe to find your voice) and now I get to do that for others right now I’m using all the experiences that I’ve had (subscribe to find your voice) through everything that I’ve done to help others like myself to do the same thing like just to level up to to get to where they want to go a little bit faster to give them up that I figured out well (subscribe to find your voice) to help them to just live live the life they really want to live and so that’s really what I get to do every day like I said through my podcast meeting and talking to people like yourself a running books coaching speaking just everything that I love to do but it’s all align towards really one mission of impacting men and women and helping them (subscribe to find your voice) to be successful in life whatever that looks like for them absolutely I love that thank you for sharing that by the way so there’s a couple things I want to kind of pick out without story from may so I’m always interested in people who have obviously said because there is (subscribe to find your voice) is becoming of a supposed more prominent now it’s a site you especially like posttraumatic stress disorder and just the impact that it really takes away not just from being away from your family but also what you kind of see I suppose of the of the site and the reason I ask this is because last night we were doing a separate men’s health what cost I’m one of the gentleman who joined the show he openly admitted really struggling and when he came back he just found it so difficult to kind of just kind of pick up where you left off I suppose and I think you just (subscribe to find your voice) honestly I am gave an account of that yourself we said obviously I’m before the problems and was quite difficult going back if you wouldn’t mind can you just kind of looks slightly into that just kind of explain from your experience hive it was coming back I mean obviously he I don’t want to dive into your marriage your status here please just more about your mind said how you came back from being a deployed away almost back to being a civilian and how that really impacted you intend your mindset and then obviously then we can move forward towards your purpose of what you’re doing now which is absolutely fantastic yeah absolutely so you know I was still young I’m forty three today it was (subscribe to find your voice) I turned thirty when I was deployed in Kuwait as far as you know what I saw I mean we were we were we had a pretty safe mission you know quite there was no comeback going on but not not too far away in Iraq is where everything was happening but it was still a tough transition from the from the parts of we were away from home for fifteen months which is kind of a long time when you’re just doing the same thing over and over again and get much rather be home then then in in Kuwait in in the middle of the desert (subscribe to find your voice) you know doing can’t security one of the bases out there and so there’s a lot of time to just sit and think and think about what you gonna do when you get home and so there’s there’s this big sense of like you’re missing out on a lot and so when you get home you want to make up for lost time and it’s really you from (subscribe to find your voice) very selfish standpoint or at least it was for me looking back right and that’s kind of what I was alluding to with my wife is I just (subscribe to find your voice) when I came back I it was really kind of all about me like Hey I’ve been gone for fifteen months like you know I I deserve to so like do whatever right in not great with the money that you’re spending the money that I had (subscribe to find your voice) not to a great job we connected with my wife at thinking that that was even necessary right just a lot of things that I didn’t know or that I didn’t understand in that moment and a lot of entitlement and wanted to make up for lost time and and (subscribe to find your voice) and so it just it it wasn’t the best way to come back looking back and (subscribe to find your voice) which I guess he learned from those experiences and now I was I was what I would say still young but I was too later and I I was leading a lot of guys way younger than me and so you can imagine if it was hard for me as a thirty year old to come back you know in my eyes a mature and had business was married lot of these guys like they don’t have you know really any responsibilities come back to the they were still like just just barely getting out of high school and (subscribe to find your voice) and so you know you could see how whatever was going on for me could it could easily apple five four guys like that so yeah it’s a it’s a tough transition they don’t really he did a great job of talking to you about that or at least they didn’t then (subscribe to find your voice) I thinks looking back some of that could definitely helped through the mental aspect of coming back into society you know you come back from from deployment very regimented and and (subscribe to find your voice) based strict as far as like celebrities that you have as far as many come back in in you try to make up for lost time right all at once or all in a short amount of time and that can be very destructive absolutely while FSD I appreciate your honesty that because (subscribe to find your voice) although you were minstrel man let you said that using your words there’s actually no real age limit on you know when we’re supposed to have it all figured out so I think not just kind of high society corpus appoint a sport and not selfish aspect I think it’s interesting because I think if if it was myself I probably have that same corner moments at the gate listen I’ve been away for X. amount of years but what we tend to forget is that those people that we left behind they’re also going through this with you or the (subscribe to find your voice) not necessarily there with you so that’s really really interesting to think about absolutely yeah absolutely on down just on that as well and and then segue back to what you started with so at one point now you start to think it’s gonna be more to life than this and you know you you’re trying to figure this out and you try to understand where you are suppose you fit into this road and that’s kinda where you find your current path and I which is to basically help men and women in terms of leveling up and giving them a path so if you wouldn’t mind could you just trying to give us a little bit of an insight into dot and obviously I think you have an old experience and having not honesty and authenticity tend to say listen I never had it all figured out I struggled hail I came from this and I was actually acting up in probably not the best way I think that’s going to definitely help the people that you work with but could you just give us a bit of clarity to the kind of way that you do and how did they the things I suppose maybe the list this could maybe take away today as a soft touch will take away yeah well I (subscribe to find your voice) you know going back to that I didn’t even really know that there it was a world of coaching that existed out there that that that there were places that you can go to for that help I really came across it by accident through Facebook (subscribe to find your voice) soup some wonderful marketing and (subscribe to find your voice) the the really told me and then this is exactly what I need (subscribe to find your voice) from somebody that’s that that has been down a similar path as me in and that’s where I want to go and so I did that one I jumped all industry significant investment for myself especially at the time and and (subscribe to find your voice) but like I was just super intentional about figuring that out in writing the ship and creating a life that that I really did want I mean you know there’s never there’s no perfect right and center is always going to be things that you will have to deal with in life and you know you can get your marriage to a great place and yet they’re still going to be conflict and things like that and not but that’s that’s okay right it’s just it’s just recognizing that that is the case and then being equipped to be able to handle it differently or better (subscribe to find your voice) moving forward and so that’s what it’s really all about is being super intense all my life not being casual like really taking some responsibility for some of the things that happened to me and then you know what I was finally able to get get to a certain point myself just just realizing like I remember as a kid when when speakers will come to school how how awesome I thought that that was in it will in remember cut in the back of my mind that they be cool to do that and then you know being a leader an officer in the army and the coach in athletics in the teacher and business owner like just all signs are pointing to you know I I love impacting people leading people and then when I found out that like Hey I could I could help others do what I did and in that are going through the same things we’re similar struggles that I did with the experiences that I had that I could help him out you know I’ve been able to figure that out for myself and make it a reality to wear this is actually exactly what I do every single day and it really just comes down to getting clear what it is you want you know five years ago I knew that what I didn’t want it I didn’t know what I had I was really overweight was struggling in my manager wasn’t showing up great for my kids like I needed to be you know in business I had businesses but I was really kind of scattered and so getting that focus and and taking some time to really sit down and figure out what is it that I want so that would be a big thing for listeners it’s just like most people in the asset question I really don’t have any idea the not a lot of people take time you today were it’s a busy life it’s fast pace you get social media you got the news you know you get Amazon to you you can you want something you could just go buy it like basically without having to do anything (subscribe to find your voice) so there’s a lot of instant gratification is we want a lot of things right here right now also and so we’re constantly moving and distracted tensions gonna million different places so people don’t take the time to be intentional and sit down and create some space for themselves so that they can get clear what they want because without that clarity of what you want why matters you can’t create a plan to go get it because you don’t even know what it is and and that’s the important part is to have this plan to be intentional (subscribe to find your voice) in all areas of life like it’s not it is simple it’s not easy but it does take some work and so that’s a big thing for me to be like just get some real massive clarity clarity is power so the clear you are the clear a person is and where they’re going to what they want those are the guys that are out winning the living the life that that a lot of people say they would like to but I’m doing anything about it absolutely absolutely I love that phrase by the way see for intentional about figuring it out because I think that’s one of the things that you will see demonstrate to get to where you are not taking responsibility as well and then obviously for the listeners that clarity is key because I think as you just said that you would like we never we ask ourselves the question do we we never really sit there and watch you think what do I three one am not and it is it is funny because it’s such a simple question and when you say you almost feel stupid that you haven’t thought of that but I suppose the site you kind of almost makes this the way society wants is to be ID be go to school you go to university or college in the B. go get wife and then beat we got married and you have the picket fence and it’s kind of like old already pre planned for it’s been really we’ve never really kind of stood there in the actually I don’t want any of that and that’s kind of a suppose for your voice M. it in a nutshell really because find find your voice is a metaphor is performing the way life and I could be whatever means is but it is about finding your voice your way because it’s not what your parents want you to do what your spies so what you’ll siblings want you to do is about actually understanding who you are as a person you’re not as a patient and then go and I’m really trying to find you know what your supposed to be doing in the road and it just feels that not like you’re saying you you saw yourself as a child looking up and seeing the speakers and see the impact that they had and now you’re doing now is also you quite a major (subscribe to find your voice) your suppose dreams a reality and that would only really calm with clarity with being intentional about your your movements your decisions in in on a daily basis so I really loved I think it’s such a it’s such a simple and so like you said but at but again I mean it is easy now is going to take a lot of work it’s not one of those things that you know you simply wish it into into the atmosphere like you mention behold instant gratification it’s something that takes a lot of work but I think being intentional I’m just having a higher today’s massively gonna help so thank you for sharing the I’m just on not then so you’re not living this reality you’re not living (subscribe to find your voice) assist a suppose that a good life how if you have a very good life for one that you still working towards could you maybe give us a day in the life of Nate daily just in time to your routine and the reason I was asked this question is because I’d like to pick out certain traits form successful people where I think I see a light that let me just give that a shot because I don’t overwhelm this this by saying you must do ex wives that but what I want them to walk away after this episode this is actually I liked what the last guest said bocce what Nate said sounds a bit more of my street to Wall might do this just adopt approach yeah you bet so I mean we have instead of a coaching program and we have an event called immersion but we teach them we live like right whatever I whatever I teacher coach I as a coach feel the responsibility to have to live that to the highest level right from when a teacher I must live it and so we have what we call the big force of the big four as physical spiritual relational financial right the kind of the main areas of your life and every single day (subscribe to find your voice) actions that matter inside of the big four but I make sure that hit to give me really some power some momentum in my day so that I can go on really crossed the big goals and targets of the house so every single day and make sure that I I work out you know did you sweat so every day I work out I typically get up at about five AM and I go to the gym and I just go right to the gym like I know that if I don’t get it done early there’s too many opportunities for other things to pop up during the day once we get busy that we can justify you know not working out right because of everything else that happens throughout her day that we can’t Percy and so I’ll just get that out of the way because it’s so important to me it’s so important to us and our bodies feel so good get the blood pumping you get moving right away in the morning and just set you Dale and so I was work out right away in the morning (subscribe to find your voice) you know did you invest invest in the relationships that matter to me the most yeah my my kids and my wife first and foremost and then of course any other family members or you know we all have the thought of like man I should call this person have called a little while a lot of times we just kind of neglect that voice and what I’ll do it tomorrow and then you know months later we still haven’t reached out to that person so when around that thought I just I just learned to listen and send a quick message okay been thinking about you let’s connect or I just appreciate you know on our friendship just such simple short messages to invest in relationship to matter to me the nexus did you can act like our (subscribe to find your voice) meditate everyday I just it’s so important to me my body is in tune with it my body tells me by now I’ve been doing it for so long so consistently that I know when it’s time to meditate because it it creates a space for me it reduces stress and that allows me to be more productive throughout the day when I do meditate so every single day I meditate for at least twenty minutes and then the other pieces to all did I create so I’ll make sure that I study something I’m always reading or listening to something and then I’ll just read or listen to actually take whatever I’ve learned I don’t study for time just for content right for something new that I haven’t heard before and then and then I teach it salt I DO podcast I send emails to people on my list I animate coast you know Facebook and in agian a just share what I’ve learned and tell a story about it those four things you really the longest part of that is the work out you know typically sometimes a work out for an hour or two a day depending on what I’m training for (subscribe to find your voice) but I can send a message to a friend or family member in thirty seconds I can read us so something to listen to something for ten or fifteen minutes in the go teach that really quick my meditation like I say the minutes everyday I love the I love that so there’s quite a few things that you have to mention dot a lot of successful people do such as looking after your mind and looking after your body to you Jim in your meditation I love the second one that you said it was when you said invest and initially I thought your investment property for after your investments something a lot more import the property which is your friends of the family and just that simple message of just sending somebody I was thinking about you today (subscribe to find your voice) I appreciate you I think that such a beautiful try and I actually did that I did as an experiment by nine months ago and I don’t know why stop to be honest because when I think back now and as you said that I was is such a great place because not only do you feel great you make with a few other people feel great is on and and it’s such a brilliant less than that I think if anyone just you want to take one thing from away from this episode just to do that just to tell the people in your life dot you know you appreciate because life is short and you know I as the as the cliche says goes and you just want people to know that that they’re appreciate so I love dot I also want to ask the night so you you were talking about created obviously you’d read this into the office you teach it and now your full time coaching you doing incredible things have you ever suffered with imposter syndrome yeah I like this feeling of unworthiness basically which means yes a in terms of obviously you’re going into a sector where those people who are you know all I believe ally ally especially love coach is a kind of fabricate their results and it’s a some of the obviously you know that I did zeros to the bank has X. why is that so it’s kind of like that feeling of stepping in there and almost feeling like a fraud even though you may have all the characteristics and all the necessary skills to help people I suppose it’s just the kind of light in terrible psychological pot and not that because again through yeah I mean absolutely I think I think we all as humans struggle with that it’s in some form or fashion (subscribe to find your voice) not just you know I mean that’s that’s some of the things that we teach and talk about really in summer programs is just foster syndrome it’s nothing more than a thought right to its most basic form it’s a thought that you have about like how you might be a fraud like you said or you’re not worthy or you’re not good enough for who am I to think that I could I could do this you know it’s like yeah if you know this person over here it’s it’s good it like they can do about it but I can’t (subscribe to find your voice) mixed with the crack it is all that is is the talk and thoughts aren’t even read they’re not real right we can’t touch it would grab it it’s just something that happens all right it’s not real and every time we typically especially talk among posture syndrome it’s the thought that it isn’t real it’s just it’s made out like we are just program for whatever reason to to have many thoughts of like worst case scenarios that never happened ninety nine point nine percent of the time it’s not even true and so but we allow those starts to dictate our life right to dictate how we show up and how we act and it keeps you it could keep me from being an incredible coach so what have those thoughts I just recognize a minute just push him off to the side because it’s not even true right and like who cares so I don’t care I used to care a lot about what other people thought about me and that would help that would keep me from living the life that I really want and that doesn’t serve me right again it comes back to what I’m clear about what I want if what if I’m clear about what I want and that’s really what I want it when I have the stock this is like you can’t do that I just be like well I don’t care about you thought like get out of here because I’m clear but I do want this and I’m gonna go do what’s required to get set any yeah I love that so I gain a clinical goes back to the car to thing so it’s but we always get these thoughts what we need to do is recognized as the such a line with where we want to be in the world is this congruent with the stuff that we’re trying to do and stuff so we’re trying to achieve it obviously if it’s not the not something that we need to just like you said push aside and I’m I’m pay devil’s advocate here by the way at night because I’m on no you’re good at what you do in your your cult for just for regular people and even myself sometimes it’s so difficult to kind of change the station in your in your head because that goal becomes empowering it becomes consuming it could also be said by somebody importing your life and then the office he holds high weight if that makes sense is it just a simple as listening to the side of the maybe re offending get with positive thoughts or is there anything that somebody who’s thinking it’s not as simple as that a call just get rid of that though because it’s lingering in the back of my head yeah I mean I I totally understand what you’re saying there’s a lot of people that have lived that way for so long or they just so pro hard wired in program that it it it takes time to to rewire your brain if you will write review why are how you show up in life and again it could it does come back to being in touch so I think what I’m very powerful question when that happens you know if you do if you’re looking for something just like super simple and powerful that could help you it would be like what do I really want to what to what true they want when they have that I thought I’d just ask yourself in that moment like well what do I want is typically what you what is in direct opposition to the thought right the thoughts trying to kind of hold you back and keep you playing safe and comfortable what you what like forces you to have to get a bit uncomfortable and step into something that that you that you with some resistance right there’s there’s a lot of feelings and emotions around that and so you know again coming back to clarity what do you want well this is what I want all right well then I guess some doesn’t matter what that thought is like if I really want to get this guy really truly committed to it then I’m going to do it in spite of the thoughts feelings emotions modes it was a great book by Byron Katie eight called loving what is love what is or something like that let me know what is I think anyway so she is a process that that would help if people wanted to listen to that we have other some some similar tools that we use with our clients to help them to process through these thoughts so that they can come back to to get back on track to what it is that they want but (subscribe to find your voice) you know for the for the purposes of this podcast in our time yeah it would just be to ask yourself this question you know what I would really want what I really want the situation we have that thought I love the yes thing absolutely that’s something I obviously people can just imprint the back of their heads NASA next time you do get the overwhelming feeling we do you kind of feel maybe like an impostor was all with all comes in your head you thinking this is saving me then ask yourself really sit down and have that conversation with yourself what do I really want and I would also I’d loving what is by Byron Katie to the show notes as well as for anyone that’s interested and I’ve just had a quick Google search is got some incredible review so thank you for sharing that is all day I appreciate that and it is okay so you’ve you’ve obviously got quite a colorful create tens of the army entrepreneurs success you’ll realize that you’re coaching your biographies fantastic by the way so (subscribe to find your voice) M. especially considering you’re forty three and you did say forty three today is not just your general ledger was your actual birthday today by the way not on this is what this is made okay fantastic Hato is actual birthday that’s fine so one of the things I want to ask you that is not your kind of at least got the techniques and the tips and tricks to control your thoughts and you’ve had quite a fair bit of life experience if you wouldn’t mind if you could maybe take us back on it was Judy just give us a moment of adversity that you’ve experienced it could be this year it could be ten years ago and more importantly what you learn from that high you persevered through it just to kind of give someone who may be going through something similar in terms of emotions or the actual seconds that just to kind of give them an idea of how they could overcome it last year two thousand eighteen at the site out I wanted to run a hundred miles and so I signed up to do that and you know exactly what I wanted what was required to to make that happen and the first attempt in June I ate a fellow missed the cut off time (subscribe to find your voice) by just a few minutes in the kick me off the course and ran like sixty four miles with which was by far the for the set up a ramp at one time without stopping right so it was a big accomplishment but yet it was still quite a bit short of what I said that I would do it so it’s really disappointed you know we we could have made the cut off and we knew that we thought we had it we thought we had time we were clearly what cut off was in and so it was really you know it was disappointing because I really wanted to go out and run the squad of miles and then of course you get a lot of people from the outside be like all that’s so awesome and like Pat you on the back and saying that’s incredible like don’t worry about it no it’s still really cool that you did that it’s okay and I think it’s very easy for a lot of our student life to say that we’re gonna do something we go about three quarters of the way and then (subscribe to find your voice) that we stop or we we don’t quite make it there and then you get a lot of (subscribe to find your voice) support from others that are like all used that’s still a lot better than most people and so people just like they don’t ever go all the way they don’t finish in it can be a very slippery slope would be very bad place to be a life if you just continue to like stop before you actually get to the thing that you want and then it it can be to the point where it’s just it’s unfulfilling because man like I can never finish I I never do what I say and when you’re not a person to be where to yourself it’s really detrimental on it can be this place where you just continue the feel unfulfilled and so after failing at first I was like nah get it I get it I suppose we’re on Hamas and go do this and so I tried it again about a month and a half later animated but seventy six miles and just come I can go any further and so again I’m like why am I doing this for my doing this for like I don’t need to do this like seventy five miles is awesome and (subscribe to find your voice) and in that moment I was just like man when a motion is high clarity is low right and so don’t make decisions when your emotions are high nuclear these low in the thing where you know when you’re so close to the failure or or the thing that didn’t happen the way you wanted it to take some time creates a space for yourself to get clear like for the motions to kind of settle down so that so that the clarity can can come back and like what is it that I really want it and in so even though like right in that moment I I wanted to be done it was going to do this again you know a day later like I yeah now so it’s going to do how to miles and so I’m gonna do I’m gonna finish I want to personally work be the person that when you tell somebody that you’re gonna do something they can just count on it they know that it’s going to happen before it happens that’s power and that’s that’s when you’re in that place in your life it it’s a great place to be and so I did finish the third attempt at around a hundred miles it in twenty nine hours and it felt so good you know I would have rather done it in the first shot but it’s almost better that it didn’t right just because of all the things that I was able to learn about myself and learn from those experiences (subscribe to find your voice) yeah there was a time lessons (subscribe to find your voice) inside that wrote a book about it too but you know one of those big ones like I said is like when emotions high a clarity is low and you see so many people act on the motion when it’s high (subscribe to find your voice) in the moment and then they regret it after work that’s right but the damage is already done I love the answer by the way and it’s weird because I think it was last last cheese day maybe Wednesday I was up to write in a very very short blog and he was actually about style and I I never quit and because (subscribe to find your voice) I must’ve had a think was every Thomas’s somebody’s speaking about let’s see what you just said that he was talking about we just all Phoenician stuff that the store and stuff with again OBD and they get in the he courted verbal masturbation ninety says what people do is they get so enthusiastic and so pumped up by the flow of just doing it or their excuse themselves because they got seventy five percent of the way well I recognize especially when I follow that the top operators in the road is the execute and the complete what they say they were going to do a little bit like yourself yes it took you three times even if it took you three hundred times for you to witness dot dot for me shows a man of integrity and somebody who I. T. the actions speak louder than words and I think we briefly touched on it earlier where we’re in a society now especially on social media where where the cheap in my opinion because I see people say a lot but do very little in the background and I’m always a fan believe that we should watch what people do rather what they say and that’s kind of a suppose while I try to do as well but I also feel that you’ll be more inspiring to people who can actually see the real truth behind you (subscribe to find your voice) JD that your your actual struggle so I love that I’m interested in your book is I for more the walking to provide not yeah that’s absolutes called the one hundred mom I answer and (subscribe to find your voice) yeah you can just get it at one hundred mile lights that dot com I give the free audio book away actually just I’m testing mail and it’s a free on a fantastic wall that not spell for me actually because I tried read physical books and end up for the sleep within two minutes so yeah I I prefer it will double book so absolutely I’ll definitely check out we’re not thank you know put that in the show notes for border as well so yeah we need to obviously execute and I think just finally just on that point as well when we say we’re going to do something sometimes it’s not necessarily just about when you say to somebody else and then expecting you to do it you need to trust yourself as well because if you tell yourself you’re going to go to the gym and you don’t go to the gym at five o’clock in the morning then you repeat on a Tuesday on a Wednesday on if there is that what you’re gonna start to do is starting to convince yourself to actually what you say and what you do are two completely different things that are in sync that not aligned and then what’s going to effectively happened is you just gonna believe yourself and that’s a very very dangerous place to be so even let yourself night I don’t set myself crazy challenges like the hundred blows because not displace scares me thinking about it but I do see that myself kind of just just random task here and that just to kind of say (subscribe to find your voice) Karen when she do this think about the feeling or how you gonna the confidence that you can exclude from that and only when I do that I tend to feel so much more confident in myself I end up coming back and think it you said you were to do it you didn’t want to do it but you still did and that’s really really important so at yeah that’s a great point may and everyone check out the hundred mile mindset dot com for a free or double book on Danaus Jedi so that’s really exciting as well thank you for that night and leave it on then so in this precise moment and we haven’t really gone deep into your mind in terms of trying to understand obviously the stuff that you probably experienced at one stage but I and I can see it I can hear from from you where it’s at you’re in a good place in terms of controlling your emotions in control in your state so in this precise moment night what is your biggest fear arm that’s a good question I think I guess no biggest fear for me is I have three kids eleven nine and seven like I said it and the biggest the time just goes so fast it and you don’t get it back in so it’s just really being present in engaged with my my kids while we have them on our home while I really have a lot of (subscribe to find your voice) influence on them right now like always still always be a part of my life (subscribe to find your voice) but you know they will go on to live their own life as they should just like I haven’t looked just like everyone and so I just wanna make sure that I take vantage of the time that I have with that knowledge to really solidify they should ships and also to just really set them up this is much as possible for success of course you’re gonna have to go out and learn fallen trail in in (subscribe to find your voice) in all that on their own as well it’s important part of life but which is to take advantage of the time and so the biggest fear would be to not to miss out on that to to to have them leave the home and and kind of look at me like man I don’t even know who you are like (subscribe to find your voice) yeah you my dad yeah you cut around but you weren’t really right like that’s the fear for me so I don’t want to you know I’m not perfect no one’s perfect but I really try to keep up from mine up to the and on that note Nate what we’re gonna do that you’re going to well I like to call the phone part of the show so if you have a listen to this podcast before this is a part of the show where for the next sixty to ninety seconds I’m gonna put you through your paces and just ask you the most random questions now let’s go okay we’re gonna go in three two one okay so what is your proudest achievement it might be you know it’s it’s because it’s probably the most recent is running a Hamas your favorite motivational speaker zig Ziglar sedated I what is your favorite book that’s a tough one that’s really been present for me is called sacred pace why you see pretty good at that nobody knows well one thing that I haven’t done a long time that I really enjoy is (subscribe to find your voice) playing basketball fairly good basketball player growing up in high school some kind of stopped doing it and testing who is your biggest role model I think you love his name is doctor Wakefield Tim Wakefield he was a he was he was great role role model for me growing up high school college it’s still a great friend today okay what would you like to be remembered for helping impacted millions of men and women’s lives for the better your favorite color green to flight will be visible when you’re five money can help a lot of people with money and finally if you could relive one day again what they would be probably you know I guess the thought came the day that I came home from deployment so my wife for the first time after a long time thank you for sharing that okay so we’re almost at the end of the show nice of just a few more questions I always like to ask my guests and the first one is about reflection so understand believe the hindsight is a wonderful thing and upon reflection we can always think of ways to get to where we are currently quicker easier over less heartache but I also believe the JD teaches us so much as well and that everything happens for a reason so what I want to know is if you could go back in time to one moment where you may be struggled away you suffered some level of adversity or whatever it was but knowing everything that you know now and you could whisper something to a younger night what would you say well I think we talked about a little bit (subscribe to find your voice) would be coming back from deployment and just promising me down and be like Hey just to slow down a little bit and really take a step back yes not all about you not that I’m finally then saw the last question always asked my guess is about legacy so if in a hundred fifty years time they or the exist is a book and this book is about your life it is about everything that you’ve accomplished or Europe settle you down as the tree every single thing about Nate Bailey firstly what would the title of the book being sexually what with the blade at the back tell us about you like I had a podcast called into a debate it’s actually a chapter in the book as well and it’s just all about being a person of the word making daily deposits doing the things he said he would every day so I would I would be titled internet banking just it was man because where he you know he said he was gonna do so you could count on okay so nice if you could give the list is the best place that they can reach out to you obviously you’ve mentioned the book that they can obviously down awful for you what’s the best place if people wanna for you Jenny and give you support or maybe even use your coaching services well yeah I mean really the the best place would be go go get copy the book on how to my mindset dot com you just got your email and then once you do that (subscribe to find your voice) I communicate with the people that are on that list almost daily fantastic fantastic okay so I will put all the stuff in the show notes included all of those books that nice mention as well because I think it’s really important we have someone who operates on a top level that we can kind of understand why they think the way they think because of the that can help us move forward in our lives is also once again I I wanna thank you for your time and taking time out of your day and sharing your story with us today off on your voice and forever not home thanks for listening all right great please a man and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

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