How to cope with the loss of a child #119

How to cope with the loss of a child #119

How to cope with the loss of a child, a topic or even a sentence many of us never want to hear or wish upon anyone. But sadly, losing children is a lot more common than we think.

“Your not given everything you can handle, but you have to learn to live with everything your handed”

By Rosaria Kozar #119

Rosaria Kozar, the mother of a warrior, joins Aren Deu on today’s episode of Find Your Voice. Hosting her own show, that speaks to paediatricians, survivors, parents, and other applicable organizations in the paediatric cancer world Rosaria shares her own story of overcoming and dealing with adversity in her life.

Sadly through the life of her child to a rare form of cancer, Rosarias mission in life has pivoted to one of now inspiring and giving others the beauty of HOPE!

A rollercoaster of a conversation, but what an absolutely courageously strong women Rosaria is. Someone who can teach us all about resilience, coping and thriving even past our darkest days.

I urge you to follow her journey and I thank you once more for tuning in:)

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