How to Build Confidence (Part 1/2)

How to Build Confidence (Part 1/2)

Here are 5 Ways on how to Build Confidence (Part 2 out next week).

“We all lack confidence in certain areas of our life”

Aren Deu

So firstly what is confidence?

Confidence is the feeling or believe that one can have faith or rely on someone or something. A simple enough definition right?

But if you are anything like me, throughout my life some things I’ve really wanted to do, or needed to do i’e just not been confident at, and that sucks!

So I’ve dissected this episode into 2 parts, as this topic has 1000s of ways to help you, to build you confidence.

So let’s get started on the 5 ways to build confidence

1. Get things done. Funnily enough, confidence is not something many of us can just wish into existence. It requires a bit of growth, uncomfortable moments or actually executing on something. Sounds like a tough deal right? Well not really. You see if you truly want to achieve something you don’t have already, or become someone you aren’t already you have to be willing to put the work in, in order to grow. This is where doing things that you can tick of as accomplishments will build your confidence. Even if it just small things, this matters too. Consistently improving or doing things you wouldn’t usually feel confident about, or shy away from over time will build confidence. A great example? Me doing this recording now, 90 episodes in. It feels easier, I worry that bit less, and I am confident in the message and hopefully that shines through. Hopefully.


2. Exercise. Now this list wouldn’t be a list without confidence. You see there is something about exercising that can be transferred across all walks of life. The small incremental increases in strength, speed, power, endurance etc is one thing. But how about, starting something (no-one is naturally a professional at) and spending days, hours on end working on the activity to slowly recognise how much better you become at it, how easier those first sessions would be if you were to mimic those? Plus you also benefit from releasing feel good endorphins, enhance your physical appearance and that in itself enhances one’s confidence. Look good, feel good!

Your word should be everything

3. Stay true to your word. This is something that over the years has massively built my own personal confidence. Not only will people respect people that say what they do and do what they say, but the most important person in your life will also respect that too. Yes YOU! If you can commit to your words via actions, slowly but surely, you will build confidence in yourself. You will see yourself as someone, irrespective of emotions and feelings, will go out there and do exactly what they say they will do. Do this long enough, you will be as confident as they come.

Let’s not overwhelm ourselves

4. Don’t overwhelm yourself. It is easy to want to be confident today, especially if you really suck at it. But it’s a process. Just like finding your voice hey! It takes time, hours, days months or even years. But if you can be patient and remain consistent enough confidence will in itself start to show. I never liked public speaking, and although I have many things I’d prefer to do, I manage it okay now. I never liked taking on the phone, could you believe that? And now, phone calls aren’t too scary. But it takes time, sadly this episode alone won’t just suddenly make you confident

You are not alone

5. Know that you aren’t alone. Everyone is confident at certain things and everyone is not so confident at others. We often look at people within the thing we want to pursue or become confident and think that person is incredible. Almost put them on a pedestal assuming they are confident at life as a whole. This is far from the truth. For example. I am confident in physical activities, way more than I am in speaking activities. Yet I am more confident in boxing than I would be in cricket. I am more confident interviewing guests than being a guest myself. We all have particular things that we shine in and others we don’t. So the key is to ensure we don’t beat ourselves up and know that everyone has their own journey and everyone has to build confidence in the things that matter or are required for them.

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I’m finally number five know that you’re not alone this is probably the most important one because so often we feel our problems or (subscribe to find your voice and learn how to build confidence) issues or audit of confidence in certain areas is exclusive to us I promise you it’s not welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly fair and do a guy who’s overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning into another episode of find your voice my name is art and as always I am the host of the show so today I’m gonna be speaking to you about how to build your confidence and the reason I fail at least this episode is worth listening to is because I’m somebody who has suffered with confidence for a lot of my life to be honest but what I realized through going through this past (subscribe to find your voice and learn how to build confidence) development I’m professional development reaching record it is that many of us suffer with a lack of confidence I’m most lightly that is in areas that either we don’t have expertise in we don’t have the adequate skill set in we just never tried and I’m sure there’s other reasons as well but these are the main three reasons the I kind of kind of I kind of come up with during well I thought process I in terms of this podcast knives I actually have seventeen ways to build your confidence up one of the things I recognize is I don’t want to overwhelm people and when you get a list of sold big the chances of you actually execute on those tips and tricks is very very low so what I’ve done is I’ve made this a two part episode so hopefully your combat next week I’ll listen to the next five but for today I’m just gonna give you five ways that you can instantly start to build your confidence and obviously over an extensive period of time you’re gonna start to know is a massive change in yourself and more importantly your confidence all the fast one is get things done not my son really really simple but confidence is not just something that we can instantly wish I was there so (subscribe to find your voice and learn how to build confidence) sadly after this episode you’re not just going to be instantly confident you see it requires a bit of growth they require is uncomfortable moments and actually execute it on said things which is really really important something no I H. every single one of you to do just honestly whatever is in your heart and your mind that you feel you necessarily need to do you have to go out there and you have to just make yourself just a little bit uncomfortable but I promise you over time I just ought to take off stuff it becomes like an accomplishment and you start to feel better about yourself because you recognize that your head in the small milestones and if you’ve been following this podcast since its inception then you’re gonna recognize that it’s a JD finding your voice is a process and in order to find your voice in whatever arena is it takes time so for some of this it may take weeks for this month and then for those of us who just need a little bit more extra push it’s going to take years but that’s okay that’s absolutely okay listen it’s taken me seven or eight years to get my voice I on a podcast when I used to listen to podcasts I think why wouldn’t it just be awesome if I just have the confidence to do that and here I am now almost ninety episodes in I’ve been interviewed another podcast and this is just something I never thought I would do but he started by getting things done is start by me submit a podcast is tied Bobby release an episode one release in episode two and so forth so for whatever it is in your life that you need to do you have to write it down most lightly is the stuff that you need to do so for many of us we kind of believe that things are really really important to the last minute I’m the kind of I suppose procrastinate on those that’s the thing you need to be working on because that is what’s going to be V. forward in your life number two exercise now I wouldn’t be a find your voice podcast if I wasn’t preaching about something that’s going to help your mental health and also your physical health so exercise is massively massively important one of the things I love about exercise is the fact that if you look at exercising and we just take you on a very very basic scale when you first go to the gym for example nobody is a professional every single person through the hours and days and weeks and months of dedication start to build up those muscles and not technique I’m not enjoys about stamina and strength and it takes time and there’s nobody who I have yet met he was instantly got big overnight and there’s nobody who has lost weight overnight it’s a process so one of the things apart from using the analogy about exercise is that it’s also going to release some incredible endorphins which is going to help your mental health but more importantly than that as well well actually I don’t know if it’s more important but I feel it’s quite important at least for this podcast episode itself is not the more exercise you do the more you take care of your physical and mental well being you’re gonna start to look back to it now he doesn’t want to look sexy array I’m sure every single one of us wanna look that little bit sexier and there’s a thing that when you look good you feel good I’m the old one I feel good because confident people look good and they’re feel good at least from the outside anyway so if you can just have that external I look good I feel good feeling hopefully it’s gonna start to translate internally as well but if you do point one I always get things done and the next three points I’m about to tell you you’re gonna have internally even more so support number three stay true to your word now this is something that has massively increased my own personal confidence because staying true to your word not only helps other people recognize you as somebody who is a person of integrity somebody who they can trust they have confidence in and also somebody who just says what they do and does what they say okay that makes sense and more importantly actually if we just spin this back just ever so slightly the person who’s going to benefit the most from you staying true to your word is yourself the moment you start to have the internal dialogue with yourself and you know that when you say something you’re gonna do it not that person he says I’m gonna stop one died next week or I’m gonna start a new business venture next week no the person who says I am doing X. Y. Z. today even if it kills me I hope you don’t die but you get those things done I saw so important not in itself will build this internal confidence that if you hit point two with the exercise you’re gonna just be are you going to be using a confidence inside and outside number four don’t overwhelm yourself not it’s very easy to want to be confident today’s very easy to think I have import into next week or I want to get something done in the next month I need to show that confidence listen enjoy the process because there is no other way around to see you can either hate the process or you can enjoy it and if you ask me enjoyed it is so much better so for example the podcast I knew it was going to be really anxious and shy throughout most of my first few episodes however I stuck with it I start to enjoy outside to enjoy conversations with incredible people on the show I started to enjoy watching listening but to myself and thinking how many tons of us said the word today and I just used to make fun games out of it but this is one of the things I want you to do in this process is because I don’t want to feel overwhelmed or don’t want to start to think that is never gonna happen I promise you what happened because the more time you spend doing the things that you say you’re going to do is say the things that you’re going to do I consistently sticking to your word I’m being day execu in taking action you’re gonna start to recognize that you’re making changes so what I want to do is maybe just have to think about something that you’ll quite good at night for example maybe sure job maybe it’s something that you’re gonna be doing today maybe it’s a sport where you always that good the chances are you wasn’t so it took a bit of time to combat training it took a bit of this a development maybe so look at that look at that as a bit of a blueprint and then just take that forward in whatever other aspect you have that you want to start to build confidence in I’m finally number five know that you’re not alone this is for me the most important one because so often we feel our problems or (subscribe to find your voice and learn how to build confidence) issues or audit of confidence in certain areas is exclusive to us I promise you it’s not your hairy me now on a podcast maybe the two or three of you are watching me on YouTube here I need to be thinking this guy he’s pretty confident I promise you I’m not I have a nose for and have I’ve probably tried to record this a good number of times I struggle as well but we all have sent things that we are better doing than others I did just about that it’s about recognizing actually I might be good at this but maybe I’m not so good at this yet and I’m gonna try to improve that and at the same time one thing I would recommend is when you see somebody he’s confident maybe in a space that you think wow I wish I could do that this is going back to my on a pedestal episodes are released a few weeks ago I’m going to just stop for a second and be realistic with yourself be honest ask yourself the question is this person who maybe he’s confident as a public speaker confident in (subscribe to find your voice and learn how to build confidence) aspects of his life and I promise you if we were able to delve into that pace’s mind into the hall into this old we’re gonna recognize that they have the same lack of confidence in other areas that you may have in public speaking so that’s a very very important point because so often or not we feel that were broken (subscribe to find your voice and learn how to build confidence) we are unable to improve but I promise you over a long enough period of time you can improve in anything that you want to do so I’m gonna leave it there that’s the end of these five points I hope you find these useful please do let me know if you have any more or if you’ve even tried any of these because I’ve been really interested to hear your feedback and also stay tuned for next week because I’m going to be releasing another five tips on how you can build your confidence and obviously got their start to write your own story and more importantly find your voice thanks for listening and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

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