How to bring your thoughts to life

How to bring your thoughts to life

How to bring your thoughts to life with Dr Laura Cole #120

“Empower yourself”

Dr Laura Cole

The incredible Dr Laura Cole joins Aren Deu on this weeks Find Your Voice in an amazing interview. Dr Laura Cole is a certified sign language interpreter (BEI III and RID-CI) as well as holding an MSW degree from Gallaudet and a Doctorate of Spiritual Studies from Emerson Institute. She is a life coach, interpreter trainer, and CEO of Inspirational Outcomes.

Her new book is also out now too:

An interesting conversation navigating around spirituality, intuitive pulls from the universe, values and living out our passions and truly finding our purpose.

Some useful time stamps:

02:05 Who is Dr Laura Cole

08:50 Understanding the higher power in the universe

12:55 Listening to your intuition and gut

25:05 Reticular activation system

35:00 Gratitude explained

42:48 Fun part of the show

48:30 Legacy

I urge you to follow her journey and I thank you once more for tuning in:)

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