How to be unapologetically you

How to be unapologetically you

How to be unapologetically you with Tanya J Miller #110

How to be unapologetically you, in a world that expects us to be the complete opposite, is one of the most difficult things we are tasked with. But today we were joined with Tanya J Miller who is a speaker, coach and author who shows up daily, with a purpose and intent to be 100% authentically herself.

A fascinating conversation we had a few weeks ago which should have been released earlier. Sadly due to personal unforeseen circumstances, it was halted as the intro of the show stated.

But life will continue to test us and providing we still have the ability to sit the test, i.e. live and breathe we can live to fight another day. Tanya has been through immense adversity in her life and does not shy away from the necessary processes that we may sometimes need to fall on, such as trauma and doing deeper work.

I hope you enjoyed this episode and be sure to reach out if either of us can ever help.

Key time stamps:

09:25 Imposter syndrome

12:30 Somebody needs what you have

20:30 How to deal with loss / grief

27:50 Use the hard times

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