How to avoid burnout and find your joy

How to avoid burnout and find your joy, by the “Join up dots” host David Ralph.

David Ralph is living life on his own terms. Doing the things he loves & avoiding those he don’t. But it wasn’t always this way. David like many of us has gone through the motions of life, often neglecting his health. Spinning his wheels for things that don’t light him up, fill him up with joy and just to get a pay cheque. But this all changed when David took a plunge and jumped into the entrepreneurial space.

Managing his own online businesses and running and hosting the successful Join Up Dots podcast, with over 2,000 episodes of GOLD, David now works on his own terms.. at least for the majority of the week.

We discuss the 4 hour week and how books can change your life, minimalism, finding your joy and just enjoying the process along the way. So often we spend too long on the noise of the world, and we must instead look at the things that keep us thriving and wanting to put those long hours in.

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I am just nothing I come in I she say what it is he’s not doing this is not doing that and just being free from it and so up there with everything but I do around baseball and I think if if any entrepreneurs haven’t read base then I should do welcome to an episode of find your voice a movement led by yours truly Aren Deu a guy who’s overcome crippling anxiety adversity and difficulty like so many of you in life whose main goal now is to help you combat your excuses take control of your life write your own story and most importantly find your voice so now without further ado I welcome the host of the show himself Mr Aren Deu what’s going on people thank you for tuning in to another episode of find your voice my name is iron iron is always I am the host of the show so today I’m delighted to be up to bring to you a guest to you I’ve been listening to you for at least three years now and I’ve listened to so many of these episodes and I remember actually I’ve got a client of imposter syndrome type symptoms listening to because I love podcasting I love connecting with amazing people I love that the listeners get value from these episodes but when I hit somebody who’s this charismatic and soul great on the Mike I used to think mmhm I’m really up for this I’m I really good enough to share my voice but as I always say we will have our own gifts to be one of our own styles and perspectives so it’s been great because of the I bring on this guest David Ralph who has his own podcast which I absolutely recommend you always seem to be where he interviews entrepreneurs and although this isn’t necessarily an entrepreneurial podcasts one of the things and less is that he was able to teach us in this episode I think it’s very important and it’s about a Cuban act and it’s about high sometimes we’re just spinning our wheels and we just like a hamster stuck in a low we %HESITATION doing the wrong things over and over again so I guess it’s a bit of self awareness but also putting things into perspective in terms of recognizing are we doing the right things for ourselves or the things to be this forward and again the whole premise behind find your voice is to help you do exactly that to find your voice and write your own story in the best possible way learning from the mistakes of others overcoming the investees the others have been true to know that you still have the power in your hands to control your future so without further ado let’s get this amazing interview on the way okay I’m delighted to be up to welcome David Ralph onto today’s episode I’ll find your voice David how would it be doing very well he is an absolute delight to be with you because I know %HESITATION gently I had you on my show recently and we have a good time to buy a sub I’m looking for at least as good old back to us so we raised the gun absolutely I’m gonna try my best to obviously raise the game today so David is somebody who I’ve actually listened to you for the best policy for five years I wouldn’t necessarily I’m so sorry I’m so I’m sorry you’ve got nothing better to do in your life at the same time I find a lot of value is %HESITATION which is one of the reasons I wanted to bring you on to the show and I thought your story kind of it’s interesting because join up dots you interview entrepreneurs and you look at the business side of it and even yourself your story which we’re gonna discuss very shortly it’s one of those breaking from the norm breaking from the nine to five to do something for yourself and find your voice although we kind of look at the advanced decide of what people go through on the day to day basis the underlying theme is still the same so I’m very eager to you obviously have your perspective in terms of the lessons that you’ve learned how you’ve come about finding your own voice so David tell us a little bit about yourself tell us why you gave it that nine to five and tell us about the life that you do not because your life right now I know this is going to be listening to this and they’re gonna think I want that life I want to just be sat behind a bike entertaining people making them smile throughout the rest of my days and then I can not worry about money and I can do all the things that you mentioned on your podcast one idea I have no idea looking back %HESITATION I was in a very comfortable job I don’t think so many of us get to that point in a job where it’s kinda too comfortable and I used to be a trainer and I used to spend up doing %HESITATION insurance presentations and conferences and I use the site we need you to teach the office upside ins we need you to talk about richest locks bandits and security measures and all that kind of stuff and %HESITATION I I got very good at taking a subject of making it really really entertaining so that a stop light T. as much for basic content as what we actually learned so we did money laundering black who wants to be a media and them and and wait I was big on back pains I started enjoying myself massively as the present top box are using every part of my job away from it and so on a pullback try C. O. the people well what we try to embarrass and when I was reading about it is these days did Mister Harris I salute you I say and I’m going to do this and I go to page forty four and the energy just when his house because I knew my life was never gonna be the same again and that someone did and I became the poster boy for the four hour work week and if nobody knows what’s up now it’s pretty much about looking at your productivity looking at yeah I was and if it takes all right I was to do a job does he really need right now is all can you compress into pre and blah blah blah and I did buy and I St myself in the office and are used to just come in and do my presentations events last CLI two and I’ll be gone and my productivity went up and the management team %HESITATION it was wonderful and I think it was good to my well when the management same last I’m a new manager K. main who said not we’re having you at the tax eight o’clock I knew not leaving till five o’clock and by is when you think hang on I’ve seen a different way and so once I’d seen the different why it’s very difficult to have that taken away from you and so I said what screw you I’m leaving and I said not yet ultimately busted you what’s may not do and what’s out and then from then on I’ll be honest there was about three years absolute mad scramble where it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to pay %HESITATION and that’s where we are now on our end %HESITATION my whole business has has got me to a point where easy easy now I my lifestyle was easy now and the money I. ends amazing well I don’t think you can just go from bad to bad do you I think there’s got to be adults have to join up absolutely absolutely okay I’m gonna touch on that very very shortly so just a few things that you mentioned there so fast that you were in a position where you find it too comfortable Nye listeners listen to the suburban thinking is about the life isn’t that what we all want to kind of find are you being too comfortable but I echo your sentiments on that because there was a transition point in my career as a project manager when I was working in London where things are too comfortable I could let you go into an hour and a half a day the manager will be finding a working really really hard to get my paycheck at the end of the month and it was actually a book for myself as well and has the power of papers by Liz Bryant it’s always interesting you hi Tim Ferriss is broken and I had does brown’s book at the moment I read it things just were never the same again after that and I sometimes say it’s a gift and a curse because ignorance is a bliss before I knew this personal development Janet was fine just get an outside area getting drunk on a Friday night I used to get drunk on Friday nights we did we didn’t end up sleeping together or anything did way I just wanna might show up because I would I would pretty heady nights back on those Friday nights in the city yeah yeah let’s not talk about a private affairs that Dave because god knows what went on a few years ago but in terms of your transition and so these three year these are one of the things I wanted to be on for because you mentioned a cube van not so could you maybe tell us a little bit more about how that journey happened maybe some of the mistakes along the way and the true true side of actually get in the life that you’ve got not yeah he’s only business is bad we very simple I mean it is you’ve got something but you can offer and somebody comes along who maybe want spot I am you might the sale is is really a simple that’s why now we obviously we are the complicated and we are my email marketing cool season click on those and lead hi E. G. as in golf knows back until we had like a system that is operating bases going off automatically and that’s going up automatically and some big drops off and you don’t realize he’s dropped off and so yes I was go down %HESITATION and suddenly you realize any house are you went in to join up dots drinking back I had to create this kind of %HESITATION Lorraine empire where everything was automated and everybody was a system and I got to a point where I was just juggling too many things and R. A. was not only trying to support myself financially because I wasn’t earning back matching yet he doesn’t join up dots so obvious I was house sitting on we used to talk all the time about the our customer so when doing what you need to get all right I’m a great believer in that I still think about this a lot of people but you know it’s going to be easy and I can just you know transition and there’s a certain point well I say leave Diego behind you know I remember being this culprit guy standing in the offices of London stop doing these presentations and bang three months later delivering calories to people’s houses in the evening just to get a bit of cash through the door and I was so I’ll please please don’t open the door and it be somebody that I used to stand in front you know because I would go home your life will have a ticket have a tip because Alaskans I’ve pulled up when we look at it what we actually do we create a weld all misunderstanding we think tanks by %HESITATION took me around the job as an online business person is to appeal to at target demographic your niche and I may have gone through numerous niches and I have got one now which is extremely profitable so %HESITATION what I do is I punk cost and I say to people look I can teach you how to create an online business but doesn’t need %HESITATION beyond the stock marketing around bad we very simple we’ve been driving on the %HESITATION accurate customers to you and bang well I do right I talked to them just like this and I say hi I’m it’s nice to meet you how can I help you and I chat and I would say probably ninety percent sign up to my closest thirty percent so I yes I am going to sign up to my closest and best night disappearing you never hear from again I bet but you sense I know and it’s as simple as that and I make a bad week good living now whether it be the issues all is when you try to go with the telephone numbers because it has to be a flip side you can schedule because she comes down you can do things where multiple people are buying the same things I do that that works very well well I believe but the biggest value occupy these one to one and so at the beginning of the year I pretty much lighter how much do I want to be Shia and then be hockey box and if I managed to do that in three months and I’m going to take the rest of the year well you know I’m not constantly going after it going after it because something keeps I not being is your health and your understanding of hi I’m doing a lot yeah I’m having a good time here because you’re never happy with what you’ve got so long nonstop but pretty much how I do it I keep everything as simple as possible I just made at the beginning of each year what is my I said no I speak it to hide yeah I’m pretty much I always say if I owned more than I used to and coal provides Bain jumped up as far as I’m concerned about Bain I’ve got the free time to take weeks off months often B. Y. blog so just before I ask you an interesting question on not just playing a little bit of a devil’s advocate that’s three points I want to point out here for anyone listening so well I’ve taken from not from this journey here is this the hustle this is a difficult space to be and is not for the we call it in my opinion you need to have that great you need to have that level of working more I was especially more than probably we can unite to five the second is humility which I think is really really important in terms of leaving your ego at the door so I’ve got to do the same kind of stuff I’ve had jobs which I never thought it would have to do but how to do it just to kind of pave a way for the next month and at some stage about two or three jobs that you working back to back and it was difficult because I went from a corporate life where I had a brand new car on the drive even those in London but a caller north to the point where I had no car and I was the treats skimping in saving just to try to make my life me forward and then the final one is obviously if you have your niece and you have your business is to appeal to a particular target audience which is what you’re doing now so based on order that then having left a nine to five and design this life dot you’ve done not the way you do I can you’ve kind of connected the dots are you fulfilled and happy if for example you were three months a year when you did make that decision I only need to it this many months and then the rest of the month I can do what I want what are you doing that as as kind of a necessity in order to get that time freedom back I’m lazy I am and I was like walking through the country you know at the moment because of this %HESITATION coronavirus people are watching this in a hundred years time there was an issue well we were told to stay indoors me and my wife every day as soon as I finish space we’re gonna go for a walk across the country are are estimating from people you know I don’t I love the ability of I love the ability of going I have worked days and bodies but unknown negotiable now I do except you know reading between the lines what you’re saying is because my kind of business is I will teach you how to create a simple business bye I bet she got to meet the business you you you’ve got to live the lifestyle %HESITATION because then it becomes more powerful so certain things that appeal to my customers I I don’t do social media all I do is put costs and did not say I don’t go into I spoke with are going to try and think about them well I can just sat opposite link once I mean it just doesn’t matter I’m and so I do I do look for the opportunities %HESITATION restricting as much as possible the systems the things that people tell me that I have to do our marketing company well the to do email marketing when I’m done I’m not learning on that the first one goes out in the second one goes out about an hour later and then it says you know wait for three days and then you’re gonna get off blocks I bet it drips out it’s like you know just talk to people you know you can go to a shop you shop you go into a shop and you look around and somebody comes along and says you know how can I help you and you said oh no more at the moment %HESITATION yes and you got this in that size that’s how I think it should work on mine you know you wouldn’t get a shopkeeper come along and got what I’m gonna be back in ten minutes and bay in Oak on off the ball yet I’m so worried why do we do this kind of drip drip approach people only but what what you got or not and so I do I live my life looking for a life easy why and if it seeks to just turn off and turn off and so like most moms I let’s see which side about my computer is totally tied up and I don’t have a phone I don’t have a tablet I don’t have any ability to be connected to once I walk away from here and not some yeah I think you can leave it on your own I think you’ve got to save it because otherwise people see through that and I just known about your your somebody but was working in the office on a Monday and then go home and Instagram expelled Tuesday but but you know you know that’s interesting to hear and I think you’re right you do have to live there otherwise you will start seeing through the cracks of what people go online on their official day to day life so it’s great to hear that you’re in a great place but also what I want to do is for anyone on this journey so since I’ve started this fifty months ago a lot of people have started their own thing so some people start podcasting some people have gone into public speaking for example which is for me I feel very very proud I’ve given somebody some element of hope and confidence that they’ve gone out and fulfill that purpose now for these entrepreneurs I can see that the the tide and I can see sometimes their energies and there and there was a skinny simple tips how do you do it so could you maybe tell people of your experience in relation to that in terms of the band I watch the happened are you what is a keep an eye on how could people maybe not for the to the same kind of potholed as yourself with Bennett a Cuban now is the worst thing that I’ve ever come across honestly I eat we hear the word along yes on almost on the edge of burn out over time and it’s got kind of like a badge of honor I don’t shipping is always talking about it but if you set aside for them you know okay well is better now tell me what is I can’t really answer is just kind of like well now I’ll give you a summary of what is by now is basically but your sorrow is it could be exhausted but you haven’t got enough energy in your body to operate so your body starts eating itself so it starts taking this energy out the sales arm I was given that if you see me three years ago now biz and tech right yeah about three years ago it is only when I started to join up dots by postal I was young fresh faced our head he can you know I was sexually attractive okay the same right nine yeah but I’ll tell you all right right I couldn’t look past Amira in those days I really couldn’t %HESITATION if you look at me three years ago people and saying to me now we were so worried about you we were so worried about you know what I didn’t say anything to make what I did was all right Sir who wanted it and so I could take on the big boys without realizing that the big boys I’ve got a team of Filipinos during all that promotion and stop and then not really doing much so I didn’t realize what whether competition was and so I was going at about twenty hours a day constantly comes up in the morning and as soon as I woke up I would like for you know I was not a good bill I was burning %HESITATION and brain wave things happens well I used to feel like I was busy with the adrenaline was pumping through me so much and then my head started to get really hot sun burn and I can go down to the boxes inside Hey it’s sore and he said you know well you know I I think you’re doing it now he should have said at that time what are your hours you know how long the you do it and actually broke it down but he just said you know I think you are doing it take a bath right now if you had a coupon out like ideas when my head dropped out %HESITATION I let should be was dropping down you know normally I’m about twelve and a half stone I went down to about ten %HESITATION so I’d lost quite a lot of white I looked grumpy I would have an idea and I I just couldn’t rest and I would meet you I went through a drink for example and I would sit there and I could hardly drink a drink because I think I’m wasting time I should be here you know I couldn’t just relax and it’s taken me three years to get out of it and I’m still not happy and the cholesterol went sky high the unique accede went sky high I had gal in my knees I had gal in my feet %HESITATION I still got a little bit gal in my being doesn’t stop it is truly truly dreadful I say to people now I would much rather have a heart attack I am bane be on my way back to recovery more than having this invisible enemy I suppose that’s inside of me I I don’t know is inside to meet us to bow and bend it gets hold of me and becomes me and that was very very difficult that was difficult to free myself from and %HESITATION yeah so it’s that’s basically what it is when you’re so tired you so run down but your body starts eating itself five so just on that then so thank you for this explaining that you mentioned something that I think is very very apparent which is wasting time and when you’re on the space because obviously you’re not adding a set salary and your kind of your results so you success is determined by how many hours you cannot you pour into it you feel like anything you’re doing the isn’t moving the needle forward is a waste of time and I could just let you be just sit in there and do nothing which I think many entrepreneurs will go through that’s one thing was there anything else that maybe somebody who could be doing right now I would not necessarily recognizing that this is going to lead them to obey not as always you look after your health was you just doing the things that you should have been doing that you probably are doing not just completely neglected them is there anything else that maybe people should be aware of I would say %HESITATION motions eight you know I I I I don’t cry at school I I’ve gone through a lot of issues recently my mom’s had a major stroke and stuff and my daughter keeps on saying that you don’t cry you don’t cry so and I I don’t show emotion %HESITATION I don’t know why but it’s something that’s going to just just a minute now I start to tell you know what you’re not gonna you know and I start to if you could say anything and I think you’re always going to be our well you know what what what did you just start off you know and you might not be saying anything I told you not I and I went out for a drink with a couple of friends and I said thank you really well with about yes you know you look terrible unit based and I I I I stick the Chiron’s of my wife and said I was a terrible not all they were doing was picking on me all the time and she said they were trying to be cleaned I would try to become so when you emotions and the way that you react to things is so contratado BR when normally nothing really bothers me and it just so price on what it was like a three comment in a three bit of energy just cut it and by is one of the best things I would say if you find yourself just not being yourself bane start to take a break just take a break sent now I sleep more than anyone on our I still get up early this morning I was up on the clock well I wake up and I looked out and I get out I could go to bed at home seven at night you know and how by I let my kids put me to bed now you know because I just think sleep is not wasted time sleep is accidentally be the armor every entrepreneur so if anyone says to me I’ll I’ll be I can operate three hours a night outside of your immediate because you might be able to at the moment well in the future you will not get you sleep get your rest and if you sit in the garden in an afternoon not doing anything but resting that’s not even time to build your business that that’s not wasted time and that’s when the ideas will come to you and you’ll come up yeah I should be doing that I could think about it in the hospital all the time you you you don’t do the right stuff absolutely I I love the answer so being aware of your emotions I think that is so so crucial as well as recognizing that we need that time as well I think we’re in this area not which you briefly mentioned I either corona period which is probably going to be famous for many years to come where many of us caught do you much especially for a people who normally go to nine to five job for example one of the things I’ve done after the last week or so is completely shut off let’s see other than record a podcast nine it’s the first time occur remember since I was twenty five to eight years ago I’ve actually had a weekend off and it’s really weird because I’ll put Netflix on for the whole day I’ve even dusted off the PlayStation which I have a paper like god knows how long Alex you buoy for light blue ray discs which lasted about a year I think I’m and I’ve just been paying the PlayStation just completely unwinding but the same time I’m happy I’m I’m not stressed I’m not anxious throughout the day I’m also very very grave is also dropped the Dow be making tea for example just sit with the wife and I’ve got a great idea have been with us in the could jot down I’m thinking not I’ve got this kind of book is such a behind here where there’s at least fifteen sixteen hour days on like a callback to implement a but for now while we’re stuck in this period of isolation I’m just gonna embrace and I’m just going to enjoy it so I think for many of us who may have been on this journey maybe this is called my right time for some of us obviously avoid the better not coming forward can I just jump jump absolutely absolutely is there it is always by the side of my desk and I’ll put in the four hour work week this is a book I read three or four times I need to basically get you to look at your life and think what’s essential to me and so for me I realised essential is freedom family I am just nothing I come in I she say what it is he’s not doing this is not doing that and just being free from it and so on everything I do around baseball and I think if if any entrepreneurs haven’t read base then I should do because I think that’s a great one absolutely absolutely what I will do that you put on a show notes as well if anyone is interested in getting that so that the book is that essentialism untested book already I think about three or four years ago as well and you can see what you lived as all because previously you were mentioning hive you kind of take yourself away from the whole social media citing you just focus on the stuff that is important to you and that’s kind of what I want from the listeners I want people to call out the noise and focus in on themselves not what people expect from you are you looking your hot find out who you are as a person and what towards gay and not thank you a conundrum in an existing list miss Alabama I would say no mean gene five percent of the noise what people are doing because I think they need to all posting Instagram images and I spoke and going all I’m doing is to try I’m doing that today does not bring any results into your business until now when I decided because of by now I was running the I spoke I was doing Facebook live upstream base I was doing back and when they decided to shut down people said to me well you know you should you be doing this you know your business will stop might not difference not made nothing over a guide me knowing that I was free every day because of you know creating the seat simple images so I don’t think but but Norway’s actually will bring anything because it wants now if you can get noisy in front of the right people and that’s great well most of the time it by spoken social media and Twitter and all that you don’t you don’t you just lost our hope for the best request to talk that’s so true I think I’m going to do that myself and it’s almost become a hobbit nothing if one day I’ll sit back and reflect on the mediums all use IT to get my word out this probably at least I’d say four or five hours a week which %HESITATION I’m just wasting them so many of us %HESITATION or doing that yeah interesting stuff about eight eight old pretty much is the sign is old you know that the learnings you know you know when your twenty percent is coming in your investment from eighty percent any employees overtime I know I I I’m a podcaster I do better reading if we pop constraining because I used to but now people kind of thing I can do it themselves yeah because they can make him a microphone up in the cold and put it out to the web my efforts we must be group what’s in my business goals that’s the one bye I just focus in on %HESITATION and I don’t worry about yep you know because I know it was the point that’s hard slow just go with the easy stuff absolutely superb though I’m I just wanna say we’re ever so slightly back then David if I may so just before you mentioned your charger can I put you to bed a hall seven or eight o’clock I want to know what your day to day life is like that just for the listening just to kind of put it into perspective that if with the right way doing the essential things that you need to do in order to move yourself forward you could be living a life similar to what you’re living today yeah based weeks being a bit strange because I actually applicable to business as well okay I don’t actually operated but with the corona I’ve had to look at certain government funding and we close down the business because the stock were at risk and stops are is being a bit problematic normally doesn’t come into my world so %HESITATION so if we take back away so I. thing Sunday Monday and Tuesday I don’t do anything I want me bye bye is I don’t allow people to restrict my time if I want to come up to my office and to stop our come up and I do trip yeah I was and I’m I’m I’m Wednesday is my preparation for my podcast so I get up about eight o’clock in the morning and I would normally do to research and I I do quite long introductions so I squeal around looking at links in the websites and try to weave them into some kind of science I’m going to talk about those days my podcast day three days a month I’m vain Friday but dumb at least my coaching %HESITATION and I I would you try to have three clients at any one time because once again I just like the ability to go I was a lucky day let’s go and certainly in the past few years I can do about my my wife and family regarding %HESITATION a snowing let’s go sledging all calm because about to do is about to do but that isn’t how life should be life should be about you are present in the moment to experience what the moment is giving you so as you said all right just being so it out my house and doing stuff because with this %HESITATION corona virus I think they the home depot places and then you know that decorating businesses I got Mike approach to this whole tractor home thinking how we should do that job and we should do we should do that %HESITATION and I said to my wife just before we come up here because I haven’t been up to my office for about a week and a half that I say I’m looking forward to this listing views as into my business because there’s so much of a step backward and see doing you know I’m I’m not swell up being back you you have to look out because once the motivation goes it’s quite difficult to get it back well I think that’s a better way of operating because when you do come back into the office you go I’m ready for this this is different from what I’ve been doing and called instead about constant you know %HESITATION every day every day no I can’t do this because about these persons to which about that connection to Mike and stuff you know I’m such it’s a baby lazy structured life as I say Wednesdays you can speak to me first place you can speak to me if I’m not doing anything %HESITATION bought pretty much all the other days of restricted I absolutely love that so it’s funny because I am the isolation knives I think we’re a couple of days in the world seems to be a panic in and everyone’s on board of quite a few to do I mean the wife laughing because we’re naturally introverted people anyway and I was like oh my life hasn’t changed at all and %HESITATION another thing is I don’t not have T. they were like I need to be in same places IT network tool to connect with people I’ve kind of gotten it skis for the next three weeks %HESITATION for somebody like myself it’s fantastic and that’s probably the life that I suppose me in the one for trying to work towards as well because again we would need to achieve a certain level of finance to you live the life that we want to live in for me it’s always kind of been I would draw the and a little bit less but get those days back I’d rather eat a lot less I really would you know if isolated I say to people if I complete all my bills and have a carry every not every time up and see it you know and in the countryside I’m not stressing you know well I right I just spend a ton of money is when a couple numbers I and my my family always log off the site thank you so much all right hello but when you go away is coming on holiday this dubious Mr back because that’s important you know I can’t think of anything worse than going by cation I’ve been not doing anything because you bet if trying to save cash you know %HESITATION I’m just about to my students and we’ve been you know less than four weeks I’m my using place already in place you know it was so expensive RT yeah you know because you’re on holiday you come think about those kind of things I’m sorry while I’m here I always say you know as long as I’ve got enough to keep the roof over my head that’s good enough for me I mean it’s it’s a mindset it’s a mindset that means that you’re not chasing you know what comes into your weld comes into what I want you all about relaxed %HESITATION without being law of attraction we will and stuff generally the good things happen anyway you know generally backs when you look at your email and somebody says well I want to work with you I want to do something you know is when you’re trying to grow %HESITATION you know %HESITATION I need something I need something I need something you’re not gonna get it okay David so what we’re gonna do now is segue into what I like to call the phone part of the show so going to put you through your paces now and ask you the most random questions for the best part of sixty to ninety seconds so are you ready I’m focused and focused okay we’re gonna go in three to one okay David what is your favorite hobby %HESITATION doing nothing your biggest mistake last year I invested in something that I had no reason to invest in I just what I was gonna make a big money stupid your privacy G. met my family your favorite motivational speaker I’m not a Steve Jobs quote but I plan my show every single day I never get bored if you had an extra hour day how would you spend in bed the best less than anyone has ever taught you do less do less but do it better I think that’s what she needs okay I’m actually on there not wasting any time yet do less but what you do but do it better yeah I love that if you can get the listeners to do one thing after the show what would it be going enjoy the sunshine if you could abolish one thing in the world what would it be Donald Trump respond to watch as well as yeah I suppose he’s entertaining yet and other than that book that you got in your hand now what is your favorite book I think the four hour work week really well I just started reading the power of now why I call totally totally yeah about being closely present and not worrying about the house in the future and stuff %HESITATION so that could well be my best how you find it how far are you into that book the two pages I’m just I just started it okay okay I will often cause died about six years ago and all and all for the sleep of this into the %HESITATION double vision yeah but I think I need to be the right frame of mind right so might give it a shot yeah okay other than podcasting why you secretly good at that nobody knows I can I can play the piano Hey the ability to read minds or predict the future read minds would be good especially in a house full of women that would be brilliant absolutely who’s your biggest role model my dad’s I think my dad’s eighty two east it is a page %HESITATION is out may over time I think yeah if I could be like him yeah it’s good David what would you like to be remembered for just being a nice person who’s tried his best your favorite color yellow my sunny color if you could sit with one person dead or alive for an hour who would it be you I don’t sit and sit with you thank you yeah I’d sit with you in a bit be a place and get out silly social distancing but %HESITATION yeah I would sit with you in a moment thank you thank you to to me is on death they would have a good time yeah absolutely the ability to fly or be invisible %HESITATION invisible I’m like really quick you know so you can go out let’s go to New York %HESITATION my number yeah that would be brilliant but if it’s the same speed as well wrapping now I’m not the number one thing that annoys you time wasters I think this is it my wife spends all the time saying oh I haven’t got time I would say you’ve got something to do what you want but you haven’t got time to do what you don’t want so you can always find time to go out with my seven to drink but she yes some time wise I’m finally David what song best describes your life happy really you know yeah I’m so something that’s just you know go with the flow just just do that I think that’s the biggest thing about right learn through everything to summarize the whole episode is the more you push against something you pushing against the wrong thing you know if you’re trying to make a doorknob and arming the door has already been made and we’ll prove it and I think that’s where I struggle I was just trying to push against things where actually I should just walk away from a boat this is too much wise words while we are at the end of the phone Polish also now just two more questions if I may David just as we kind of closed on the show yeah so the next question is about reflection so I’m a firm believer the hindsight teaches this amazing things we can learn ways to get to a real quick at easy out over less heartache but at the same time I’m a fan believe that the journey also teaches us a lot as well so I wouldn’t always if you could maybe go back to a young David I whisper something in his is now with everything that you know now what would you say don’t get involved with that Spanish gal she turned out to be made and any serious sense is a which is not really not that would be don’t that would be the one that that there was a relationship I was in and she was very very attractive on the equal level of attractiveness she was just mental and %HESITATION it caused a lot of issues such yeah I’m I know you want to do business all about is the one thing that I wish I could go back in time and just like I’m sure in the seven billion people in the world does probably won’t pass in about to get into relation with the crazy Spanish lady so if you are listening please the huge obviously stay away and then finally David and the last question is about legacy so if in a hundred fifty S. time signs about to save a soul and all that exists is a book and this book is about you it’s written about your life and all of the amazing a wonderful things that you’ve done and achieved first of all want to know is what would the title of the book B. and secondly what with the summer at the back tell us about you I think the summit deterrent which is B. join up the dots you know I’m an absolute believe remiss when I started my pope cost I just kind of had this idea come to me I don’t remember sitting with my money and scientifically shown join up does he so what does she mean I said well is that Steve Jobs kind of speech you know basic school connect the dots and I said yeah but come back you are welcome to the call to join up dots instead of a blank the life I’m now I actually believe that I’m a believer in you doesn’t create a life you live a life and all the experiences good or bad give you the tools to move forward to the next stage so that would be it I I would call it join up the dots %HESITATION and a summary on the back would pretty much say you know if you’re reading this book put it down and go in lives lost I love the I love dot they’ll target that you just said that that we don’t create a life we did no good for marketing to be honest because people would pick that I got a guy just that but yeah who cares not solidify its a great message for the listeners of this podcast and I think it’s a lesson that we should %HESITATION maybe just take on it a bit more seriously as well because we often be spent so many hours I mean we spoke about on this episode just gone doing the things that really are moving us forward to offer fitness or making this happen if you can just cut a strip that diet I just think the world would just be a lot happier so thank you for the insight and join up dots would be I’m sure a great salad so I’m sure he’s probably resonate with many many people and it is something that every single one of us can look back I mean it was a question on reflection I just mentioned when you look back knowing everything that you know not things only makes sense obviously would switch you join up the dots and you know I’ve never pull an apple device in my life I’ve been away sides mail your house must be full of our apple and so well I need to do absolutely %HESITATION and that’s about it yeah I’ve never won I don’t think I’ll be stepped into an apple store I will you save yourself a lot of money they go after the allies this is an absolutely okay David so just before I give you a chance to connect with the audience are there any questions that you may have wished I’d asked you today or anything else when they leave the listeners with how can you be so attractive that your rights that would be a good one %HESITATION why is your microphone semi smolder than mine that would be another one I’ll be doing a lot of time no need to do number one question that people ask me you touched on and that’s that’s the the less is more how can you run a business that seems like it’s not a business get your lifestyle and I always come back as we say if you speak the right language to the right people you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles you will be done and also just jumping on with older social media stop %HESITATION I have missed the point and this is a big lesson but we business people out there your website isn’t isn’t your how to cite how sexy you are it’s your ability to ban traffic so that you can buy and speak to them okay so people are building Instagram and building basin building back and it just kind of allowing the traffic to six over bail or %HESITATION the veil over the fence it’s got to be on you know how it’s going to be a fruit so but if you do send an email now you can speak to the people if you do do a podcast you can speak to people that’s where I think people struggling whether building up over the summer I lose some of those are actually getting back his old wood social speaking and when I have something to say people don’t hear it because they’re in the wrong place plus obviously something for myself as well because I think I design a website about five six years ago just bored on a weekend and it makes no sense I mean I’m never really going out on a date to be honest I’ve got to find your voice podcast website just which %HESITATION does his stuff and I’ve taken your advice that you kindly gave me as well at the end of our last discussion but it’s something that I need to think about as well because it literally is just random falls of just kind of merge together a bit of this and that and what we need to do is almost think from a consumer’s perspective or from a listener from a customer what do they want to see nobody just wants to see a fall for example of me to sit in there with my ABS out for example which I thought I thought time was the most genius idea but you live and then and this is something I’m sure many of us are going to one day look back and think that yeah that was a stupid doctor place there but again it’s life and it’s something not I think that’s invaluable information given that so thank you for that I need to ensure that people don’t do this and maybe there’s some people out there that just need somebody to hold their hand and I know you can help them with this what’s the best place people can connect with you maybe learn from you more business tips %HESITATION maybe even work with you on a one to one basis it’s gonna be strangers on so based on what I’ve just said join up dots dot com that’s where everyone can connect you can book a time to speak to me it’s a simple as that and I will speak to you one to one and you don’t have to buy anything from me I’m just here to help and I know that the more people about my help the more money I make anyway but you don’t have to give me a penny and I will still give you upset absolutely what David has been an absolute pleasure it’s been great to finally have you on the show again as an avid listener and also thank you for all this you have me on your show as well yeah I I do every single person to go out this is listen to the podcast you’re gonna be there for ages I’m not sure how many episodes you got two thousand one hundred or something well two thousand episodes and every single one it’s a different perspective from a passer by gave the same kind of principles especially the more recent ones apply are you less is more I really try to design that life and just finding the avatar as you use it so well throughout your show so thank you once again from the bottom a hot probably spending time today I’m sure you had many other things to be doing during this isolation impaired and for everyone else to hold thank you so much for listening please do check out join up dots dot com after this which I will put in the show notes as well thanks for listening I thanks guys thank you and remember this podcast is absolutely free so all we ask in return is for you to share this with a friend and drop us a five star review over on iTunes have an awesome day

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