How to achieve your dreams as a single parent #12

How to achieve your dreams as a single parent #12
achieve your dreams as a single parent donna marie pegg aren deu find your voice podcast

Click photo to listen to the episode as Donna shares her journey as a single parent. An inspiring lady who is only getting started.

Find your voice – Episode 12 – How to achieve your dreams as a single parent #12

Tagline: “Never give up and keep striving for what you deserve” Donna Marie Pegg


A lady with many skill sets

Donna is a single parent who has had to overcome depression. But depression isn’t the story that defines her. She is an entrepreneur, a property investor, a mother and a police officer during her day job too! These are things that fuel her and where she truly finds her joy.

You see she could have every excuse under the sun. She could complain about why she is unable to achieve financial freedom. Yet instead she strives to achieve all her dreams, despite being a single parent.

She chooses to make the best use of her time, eradicating her excuses and chasing what she truly desires. This is what Find Your Voice is all about. We can all tell ourselves 1000s of reasons why not. But how about we just give ourselves, 1-2 reasons why we can? Why not fuel that reason as to why we can more? Why not see the possible, rather than the impossible? This is definitely Donna’s approach.

Breakups from relationships

Furthermore, for anyone who may have suffered from break-ups or relationship problems then you will also find value from this episode. Donna can relate, as she is working 2-3 jobs with children, whilst overcoming past relationships. I hope you can take inspiration from Donna’s story as she is living breathing proof that with the right mindset and action anything is possible.

I urge you to follow her story and journey further as this wonderful lady is going places! She also has some incredible side businesses to that I have included in the show notes.

I also have a soft spot for Donna as she is one of my original YouTube Fitness channel subscribers!

For that I am eternally grateful. So let’s show Donna some love. Let’s follow her journey and take her inspiring story and mindset on board.

Let’s also put aside our own excuses and face our fears and achieve our dreams. We are the result of our decisions and thoughts, so let’s ensure they are good ones. Execution with the right mindset, over a period of time can give you so many results. I am proof of that, but so is Donna who is thriving.

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