From Prison to Entrepreneurship: A True underdogs story #37

From Prison to Entrepreneurship: A True underdogs story #37

“They say you can’t but you did” #36 by Zachary Babcock. From prison to entrepreneurship.

From Prison to Entrepreneurship find your voice podcast aren deu zach babcock

Tagline: “You can be a former crack head or prisoner who did over 10 years plus and still design your life how you want it”

An amazing story of someone who has opened his life and story up for the world to see. Not ashamed to admit his flaws, past troubles and problems Zachary Babcock (Zach) tells a story of taking drugs, (crack), losing his sister and spending years of his life in prison. He also missed out on precious moments, he can never recover, such as the birth of his first child.

Victim mentality

But as with all of us, we have many opportunities in life where we have a choice to make. It is that choice that will dictate the rest of our existence, if we allow it too and make a change. Zach focuses on a victor mentality and ridicules and despises victim mentalities on the whole. He is a firm believer that our mindset and beliefs are more important than our current circumstances. But what is better than that, is that he practices what he preaches and executes from a victor mindset.

Since doing this, Zach has turned his life around. He had a moment, which he speaks about in this episode which started his turnaround into entrepreneurship. He has since become a top 200 iTunes rated podcast for his incredible show, the Underdog Empowerment. In true Rocky style, Zach continues to change his story, one chapter at a time. Leaving behind his non serving old habits and changing the lives not just for him, but his family and those who he comes in contact with.

Key talking points in this episode:

  1. The problem witha victim mentality
  2. The psychology behind wanting to fit in
  3. Finding happiness and peace in life
  4. Overcoming drugs and prison
  5. The importance of health as an area in our life

I sincerely hope this episode provides you genuine value. I also urge you to follow Zach’s journey if it resonated with you, or if you enjoyed this. From Prison to Entrepreneurship is possible, so what’s possible without prison?

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